Club Training

The Club meets for training every Tuesday and Thursday from Pudsey Leisure Centre, meet from 6.40pm for a 7pm start. Track is at John Charles Centre for Sport, see below.

Tuesday:  Structured as set out in the main table below.  The groups are organised by minutes per mile and 10k times (based on a flat 10k such as Leeds Abbey Dash).  If you're in any doubt as to which group to run in speak with one of the coaches or run leaders (identified by the Bibs they wear).

Thursday: There is a variety of runs at different paces.  Our aim is to have sufficient groups to provide runs for new runners, 12 minutes per mile group through to 7 minutes per mile.

Track Sessions:  Next session in January 2018  - at 7pm. Groups for all abilities, based on groups below. There will be a group for 11/12 minute runners and those new to the track.  Meet at John Charles Centre for Sport, LS11 5DJ.  The Centre charges £3.10



Tuesday Structured Training Schedule 2017

 Date  New Runners

 Miles - 12 minutes per mile

Coach: Sarah Turner

 Endurance - 11 minutes per mile

Leader: Trish Popiolek

10 minute per mile (Sub 60 min 10k)

Coach: Paul Mortimer

9 min per mile (Sub 55 min 10k)

Coach: John Marshall

8 min group (Sub 50 min 10k)

Coach: Dave Burdon

7 min group (Sub 45 min 10k)

Coach: Andrew Hardaker

14th Nov  David Elliot  Timed 1/4 mile efforts on Westroyd    Efforts around Pudsey St Lawrence.  Efforts 1/3 mile  Hillwork. Hare Lane.  Jon Prideaux
21st Nov Ralph Mcdermott  Chinese relay chapeltown/Fartown area      6 miles with efforts  10k Tempo  Jon Prideaux
22nd Nov  Track  Track  Track  Track  Track



28th Nov Karen Fawcett Hills - Fartown area Hills Hills- various hills of Pudsey. Hills -the Gib area.


Spring Valleys


Coal Hill

 5th Dec  David Elliott  31/29  31/29  31/29  31/29  31/29  31/29
 12th Dec  Fiona Harrison            
 19th Dec  Lisa Heath  Christmas Light run      Christmas Light Run (with efforts between the extravagant displays!)    


 Thursday New Runners

ThursdayNew runners
 28.09.17 Andy Hall
 05.10.17 Sarah Norman
 12.10.17 Sarah Norman
 19.10.17 Martin Scott
 26.10.17 KarenFawcett
 02.11.17 Andy Hardaker


Michelle Dare
16.11.17 Sarah Norman
23.11.17 Arthur Wood
30.11.17 Jon Prideaux
07.12.17 Sarah Turner
14.12.17 Paul Kaye
 21.12.17  David Harrison

 Results for the 2014 three Time Trials on Queens Park - click  here.



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