THE Pudsey 10k will return on Sunday June 19th 2022


Pudsey Legal 10k June 2021 results below

To qualify for a prize you have a "Y" in your row - this shows a minimum elevation gain of 750 feet.

Once again well done to all runners and thank you for participating. All excess funds from the race will go to the Charities below. We will update our Pudsey 10k facebook page.


Position Time Elevation  Category Name Running Club
1 43.22 Y M Open Harry Stead Ilkley Harriers AC
2 44.14 M50 Steve Head  Rothwell Harriers & AC
3 46.36 M45 Jonathan Ogle Handsworth Roadhogs
4 47.02 Y M50 Christophe Martyn Pudsey Pacers RC
5 47.45 M45 Duncan Skeet Vegan Runners UK
6 47.52 M60 Michael Robins Valley Striders AC
7 48.23 M45 Steve Lee Skyrac Athletic Club
8 48.34 Y M45 Rob Grant Otley AC
9 49.29 Y M45 Anthony Weston Bramley Breezers
10 50.32 M40 Les Cook
11 52.52 Y F60 Sue Sunderland Valley Striders AC
12 52.57 Y M Open Barney Plummer Horsforth Harriers
13 53.37 Y M55 David Brooks Pudsey Pacers RC
14 53.39 M Open Paul  Wade 
15 53.53 Y M60 Stephen Pattison Pudsey Pacers RC
16 54.16 M50 Adam Bull
17 55.17 Y M40 Maris Basko Bramley Breezers
18 55.17 Y M Open Andrew Tame Bramley Breezers
19 55.49 Y F40 Vicky McCreadie Bramley Breezers
20 55.51 Y M40 Tom Bysouth Abbey Runners
21 56.26 F60 Janet Hartley Rothwell Harriers & AC
22 56.47 M70 Adrian Barton
23 57.02 M35 Robert Woodward
24 57.11 M45 Lee Goodridge 
25 57.38 M45 Steve Pickering
26 58.05 Y M45 John Daniels
27 58.18 F40 Suzanne Rhodes
28 58.49 Y M Open Bradley Wright
29 58.59 Y M45 Steven Clayton Farsley Flyers
30 59.33 Y F Open Claire Ryan
31 60.36 Y F50 Paula Johnston Bramley Breezers
32 61.15 F40 Nicola Massey
33 61.46 M45 Philip Townend
34 61.50 Y M65 David  Dutton Horsforth Harriers
35 62.33 Y F35 Rachel Balbontin Dewsbury Road Runners
36 63.15 Y M50 Russ Missett Morley Running Club
37 64.02 Y F45 Karen Patterson Dewsbury Road Runners
38 65.19 Y M Open James Butters
39 65.36 Y M70 David Leslie Abbey Runners
40 65.43 Y F45 Karen Head Rothwell Harriers & AC
41 65.52 Y F40 Lucy Winder Pudsey Pacers RC
42 66.28 Y F50 Janet Ashton Pudsey Pacers RC
43 66.37 M50 Ady Murphy
44 67.00 M50 Mick Barker Farsley Flyers
45 67.05 Y F45 Suzanne Waterhouse  Bramley Breezers
46 67.09 M50 Patrick Bean Farsley Flyers
47 68.00 Y M55 Michael  Wrigglesworth 
48 69.27 Y F45 Emma Howson
49 69.50 Y F45 Melissa Stead Pudsey Pacers RC
50 69.54 M40 Jonathan Parkinson
51 71.23 Y F40 Kelly Wood
52 71.53 Y F35 Julie  Wilkinson Bramley Breezers
53 72.16 Y F Open Wendy Moor 
54 72.53 Y F45 Nicole Bushby Bramley Breezers
55 73.05 M40 Chris Ecclestone Wolds Veteran RC
56 74.00 Y F45 Liz Gribbin Bramley Breezers
57 74.00 M Open Shaheed Hassan
58 74.42 M35 David Greenwood
59 74.49 Y M Open Robert Dickinson St Theresa's A.C.
60 75.18 Y M35 Bryan Ross Horsforth Harriers
61 75.41 F35 Leigh Rainford
62 76.00 Y F45 Clayre Hughes Pudsey Runners
63 76.36 Y F70 Kezzie Medford Pudsey Pacers RC
64 77.28 Y M50 Neil Sedgley Valley Striders AC
65 79.57 Y M60 Stephen Ellis
66 80.29 M45 David Nelson
67 82.22 F50 Carol Bull
68 82.56 Y F45 Natalie  Ward Pudsey Pacers RC
69 84.12 Y F65 Joy Good Pudsey Pacers RC
70 84.52 Y M50 Ralph  McDermott Pudsey Pacers RC
71 85.49 Y F40 Sara Potter Pudsey Pacers RC
72 91.00 Y F50 Louise Gardham Hyde Park Harriers
73 93.40 Y M50 Paul Mortimer Pudsey Pacers RC
74 105.51 Y F65 Anastasia Lincoln Idle AC
75 105.59 F60 Anne Akers Kirkstall Harriers
76 122.50 Y F50 Lesley Jackson
77 140.05 F45 Amanda Murray-Hind Bramley Breezers
78 141.55 Y F45 Lynne  Oxley  Lonely Goat RC










Entries are open for the Virtual 10k in June 2021 (Close on Friday 25th June)


 (Select Month: June 2021 and Select Region: Yorkshire)


We are inclusive of all members of the LGBT+ community and we welcome entrants as female, male or non-binary 

All Surplus proceeds will go to the Charities listed below. 

"Trees not Tees" 

This year instead of having a 10k t-shirt you can donate the cost towards planting trees in the local area. This has been agreed by Pudsey Pacers with Leeds City Council. The Club are liaising with the Council to find suitable locations and to be involved in the planting.

You can select this option when entering the race on-line.

You will have between the 1st to 28th June 2021 to complete a "Virtual" 10k of your choice and submit your result to the club - full details will follow and our website, facebook page "Pudsey 10k" and twitter account will be updated as we release news. We will be giving out prizes (first three runners and age/vets categories) provided your route has a minimum elevation gain of 750 feet (to match the elevation of our 10k route) and a start to finish point with no more than 50 feet elevation loss. All finishers will receive a Pudsey Legal 10k medal and either a t-shirt, or donate to “Plant a Tree”.



Unfortunately, due to the present Government plan to get out of lockdown we have taken the decision to make the Pudsey Legal 10k this year race a "Virtual" event and to cancel the Park run and Family Fun run.

We understand that this will be very disappointing for you but as our event uses local amenities, parks and roads it is difficult for us to plan, in order to make sure everything is safe and protect you as a runner.

All entries are carried over to the Virtual 10k above

Details have been emailed out in March to all those who had previously entered the 10k, Family fun run and Park run.






  In 2019 you helped raise over £3,000 between the Charities





 2021 Schedule Of Events

9.30am Park Fun Run - Unders 8's (cancelled)
10.00am Family Fun Run (cancelled)
A 2.75k run on roads finishing in Pudsey Park (Map)
Pudsey Legal 10K - Virtual - to be run from 1st June to 28th June


Further Information



 Any questions email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

***Course records***

Male: 34:02 - Female: 38:45


2020 no results, race cancelled
Pudsey Legal 10 2019 Results - click 

2018 10k results available on the following link

Family Fun Run results 2018 Click here

201710K results here Fun Run finish times here
2016 Pudsey 10K Results Here (PDF Format Here)
Fun Run Finish Times Here 
Click here to See a Short Video of the 2015 Edition of the Race

 Previous Results

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2014 fun run 

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Race Route and times 

Road Closures are in place to cover the period of the races for the safety of runners, supporters and other users.

Our intention is to minimise any road closure and allow a flow of traffic and local access, however it will be necessary to close roads for periods. If possible please find an alternative route.

The details below give approximate times that runners will be on the race route and where closures may be required for some or all of the time.

Family Fun Run Starts at 10am

 Route: Start 10am Pudsey Cenotaph on Carlisle Road / South Parade, along Carlisle Road, left turn on to Fartown, Roker Lane, left turn on Littlemoor Road, along to left turn on Radcliffe Lane and up to Park entrance.

 Road Closures approximate time periods:

 Carlisle Road, Cenotaph area, top of South Parade will be closed at 9.45am until the start, Carlisle Road will remain closed until the last runners have turned left on to Fartown at 10.10am

 Fartown, from Carlisle Road to junction of Roker Lane and Littlemoor Road will be closed from 9.55am to 10.30am

 Littlemoor Road from Roker Lane along to Radcliffe Lane will be closed from 10am to 10.30am

 Radcliffe Lane 10.10am to 10.30am

Pudsey Legal 10k starts at 10.45am

 Route: Start 10.45am Pudsey Cenotaph, South Parade to Littlemoor Road. Left turn on to Littlemoor Road, left turn on to Radcliffe Lane, left turn on to Chapletown, left turn on to Carlisle Road, right turn on to Fartown, left turn on to Bankhouse Lane and into the Valley.

 Returning from Tyersal Lane, Smalewell Road, right turn Green Lane, left turn Greentop, proceed on to Fartown, Roker Lane, left turn on to Littlemoor Road, along to left turn on Radcliffe Lane and up to Park entrance.

 Road Closures approximate periods:

 Cenotaph area, and top of South Parade from 10.30am to 11.05am

 South Parade to Littlemoor Road, Radcliffe Lane to junction with Church Lane / Chapletown, 10.40am to 11am

 Church Lane / Chapeltown, Carlisle Road to Fartown 10.45am to 11.05am

 Fartown from Carlisle Road junction to Bankhouse Lane junction and Bankhouse Lane to Bankhouse / Fulneck (Bankhouse Public House) 10.50am to 11.15am

Tyersal Lane, Smalewell Road to Green Lane, Greentop from 11.00am to 11.45am

 Runners cross Fartown at Carlisle Road junction 11am to 11.50am

 Fartown, to Roker Lane 11.05am to 12pm

Littlemoor Road from Roker Lane junction to Radcliffe Lane, Radcliffe Lane to Park 11.10am to 12.15pm.

 Junctions leading on to these roads will be closed as necessary. Roads that will be closed for a longer period are New Street junction with Littlemoor Road, South Parade with Littlemoor Road and Radcliffe Lane junction with Littlemoor Road from 11.10am to 12.15pm.





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