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YVAA AGM details 4 years 3 months ago #1

Hi please see details from AGM that was held after the race at Honley.
If anyone is interested in helping on the committee please reply to Rob, email at the end of details.
To all clubs affiliated to YVAA.
The first race in the Multi-terrain GP series took place on Sunday and attracted 242 runners to the tough Holme Valley course. This is the first (2nd on list as first was cancelled due to waterlogging) race of 10 and the next race is at Roundhay Park on Tuesday 8th May at 7.30pm. All details on www.yvaa.org

After the race we held the YVAA AGM where a number of important issues were raised.
1. YVAA is run by a small group of volunteers who sit on the Committee to oversee the organisation of the events held throughout the year.
Four members of this Committee are now over 70 and while still very active both physically and mentally, we desperately need new Committee Members to ensure the continued viability of YVAA in the future.
We need:
· A new person who would be willing, after a lead in period, to take over the role of Fixtures Secretary from Linda McCormick. Linda is staying on the Committee and would offer help and advice in the first year.
· Someone to take on the overseeing of the YVAA Road Relays, working with an affiliated club, to put on this event. This could be their own club but does not have to be. In the past it has not generally been the case. Again there would be plenty of help in the first year from Rob Kersey who organised this event for a number of years in the past.
· A new organiser for the Awards Dinner is also needed. This person books venue, promotes and handles ticket sales.

Committee Members meet about 4 times a year, usually in a pub, taking turns with the location in members local areas.
Other duties include helping out at races, both GP’s and Championships, the load being spread by the members.
2. YVAA Road Relays. This previously well supported event has not taken place for the last 2 years and we desperately need a new venue and club to organise this for us. YVAA CM will help with coordination. Ideally we need an off road, hard surface course as traffic on normal roads makes holding such events almost impossible. Parks are a possibility, provided they are not too crowded with pedestrians, dog walkers, cyclists etc. Other possible sites might include college campuses, unused airfields, YW roads around reservoirs etc. have you got a suitable site in your area?
3. YVAA Cross Country Championships. I am now looking for a venue for our CC Champs for 2019 and beyond. We would like to hold it during the first weekend of March as this has been identified as largely free of competing events. That would be 2nd or 3rd March 2019. The next week end 9th / 10th would be second choice. If you think there is any chance of hosting this event, please approach if your club. Don’t think someone else will do it. They won’t. YVAA is only as strong as its affiliated clubs. For more details contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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