News Update 4th November 

All Updates are now on the Club Facebook group and Emailed out

ABC Canter Horsforth.
Matt Livesey - 38:20 (4th)
Mark Orbell – 47:42
Darren Keighley – 50:25
Brad Strutt – 53:29
Lynne Barrett – 62:32
Paul Dewhirst – 65:39
Ralph McDermott – 67:01
Paul Mortimer – 67:57
Sara Potter – 67:57
Amber Reid – 69:45
Lindsay Johnson – 75:37
Nic Anness – 78:53

Bradford 10k.
Tony Lambert -52:35
Ralph McDermott - 64:11
Joy Good – 68:49

Bradford 5k.
Mandy Boole -38:26

News Update 24th October

Saturday 23rd October
Punk Panther Nidderdale Way Challenge 55 miles
Andy and Sarah Norman joint 20th, Sarah 5th lady in 14 hours 39 minutes

Sunday 24th October
Abbey Dash 10k
Darren Keighley 00:41:11 (PB)
Christophe Martyn 00:41:32
Morven Wallace 00:41:34
Mark Orbell 00:42:41
David Brooks 00:43:16
Brad Strutt 00:47:17
Matthew Hunt 00:55:00
Ian Robinson 00:55:38
Natalie Ward 00:58:37
Janet Ashton 00:56:59
Rodney Tordoff 00:59:42
Nicola Cartwright 00:58:51
Hilary Taylor 01:00:03
Becki Johnson 01:00:38
Jenifer Kong 01:00:12
Kezzie Medford 01:01:51
Joy Good 01:07:16
Debbie Foy 01:10:06
Karen Fawcett 01:11:41
Cheryl Murphy 01:14:33

Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool
Adrian Martin 2:02:53
Cathy Martin 2:29:10
Sara Potter 2:41:52
Juliette Ward 2:41:53
Paul Mortimer 2:41:53
Julie Haddon 1:51:39
Michelle Dare 2:53:14
Lynne Barrett 00:26:41

Lynne Barrett 01:07:23


News Update 14th October.

Some major races took place this weekend. Firstly at the Manchester Marathon. Matt Livesey finished in a fantastic time of 2:41:43. (We may need to check club records to see if this is the fastest time achieved by a Pudsey Pacer). Martin Bennett-Stanley completed in 3:34:08, Darran Ward 3:51:23 and Andrew Duffy 5:25:11. There were also relays taking place at Manchester and we had 2 teams of 4 competing. Crazy Pacers consisting of Lois Ferraby, Kate Smithson, Tony Lambert and Paul Mortimer completed in 3:38:32 and Pudsey Dinos an all ladies team of Robyn Southall, Samantha Dean, Rach Clayforth and Sara Potter completed in 4:37:19.

The 3 Peaks race was well attended by Pudsey Pacers who made up a large contingent of marshals and organisers. So our sole pacer running in the event Andrew Allan was not short of support. Sadly Andrew was timed out at the Hill Inn stage after completing PenyGhent and Whernside in a time of 4:12:46. A gallant attempt at one of the toughest events on the race calendar. Surely Andrew will be back to have another go next April.

A shorter fell race took place on Sunday at Withens Skyline. Richard Allen finished in 58:01 closely pursued by Darren Barham in 58:25.


Pudsey Pacers News Update to Sunday 3rd October

Saturday 2nd October - Kielder 10K
Rob Butler 52:36
Steve Clayson 56:56

Sunday 3rd October
Kielder Half marathon
Rob Butler 2:02:16
Steve Clayson 2:14:36

Paul Merv Gaile 03:43:34
Mark Pawson 03:56:08
Kezzie Medford 05:26:27
Gemma Benson 05:31:06

Chester Metric Marathon
Adrian Martin 02:29:43
Cathy Martin 03:09:12
Lindsay Johnson 03:12:26
Ralph McDermott 03:20:27

Rochdale Half Marathon
Al Chapman 1:30:35 in blustery conditions

News Update 26th Sept.

Elaine Rushworth reports from the Marathon du Malton, 19th September
Elaine 01:47:24
Peter 02:49:43
Not actually a marathon- a 10K actually, but in the spirit of the marathon du Medoc.
Held on Sunday 19 September. There were 3 options;
A straight 10K (the winner completed in around 43 minutes)
The "Classic" which I entered. Same route, but included 10 refreshment stops of Yorkshire food and drink. This included local spiced gins, Filey single malt whiskey, ciders, red and white wines, cheese, braised venison, Yorkshire pudding and roast beef, paper cones full of scampi, raspberry Bakewell tarts, maccarons ....I could go on!
Prizes for best fancy dress.
Peter and our dog Hogey entered The "Escargot" same thing but walking.
All finishers got medals, T shirts and etched wine glass.
All this plus live music all day long. Brilliant!!
A breath of fresh air from the usual competitive events. I would definitely recommend.

SUNDAY 26th September
Nicola Cartwright - Sheffield 10k in 59.45

And Calderdale Relay, captains report to follow. Think there were a few changes to who ran each leg, sorry if I've got any names wrong
Name Leg Time Leg Position Overall Time Overall Pos
22nd PUDSEY PACERS A. Team no. 66. Overall Time 08:07:48
Richard Allen
Rogan Stuart Ashton 1 01:51:34 40 01:51:34 42
Tom Keighley , Christophe Martyn 2 01:21:48 20 03:13:22 36
Mark Orbell , Steve Woods 3 00:51:12 20 04:04:34 33
Jon Greenwood , Steve Boom 4 01:36:33 27 05:41:07 31
Martin Bennett Stanley , Robert Samuels 5 01:05:01 5 06:46:08 27
Daz Burnley , Nigel Armitage 6 01:21:40 11 08:07:48 22
46th. PUDSEY PACERS MIXED Team no. 68. Overall Time 09:55:35
Shaun Denham , Garry Leedham 1 01:54:00 44 01:54:00 46
David Booth David Brooks 2 01:36:54 47 03:30:54 48
Lynne Barrett , Sarah Norman 3 01:09:20 53 04:40:14 48
Martin Bullock Kate Smithson 4 02:09:11 56 06:49:25 52
Diane Wood , Lois Ferraby 5 01:26:44 41 08:16:09 51
Beth Light , Claire Moss 6 01:39:26 28 09:55:35 47
55th. PUDSEY PACERS B. Team no. 67. Overall Time 10:47:06
Stephen Pattison , Andy Norman 1 01:53:21 43 01:53:21 45
Robyn Southall , Rachael Newton 2 01:52:11 60 03:45:32 53
Clare Greenwood , Janet Ashton 3 01:12:36 56 04:58:08 53
William Overton , Paul Dewhirst 4 02:22:57 58 07:21:05 57
Alan Mahony , Andrew Allan 5 01:39:43 58 09:00:48 58
Philip Lonsdale , Darren Barham 6 01:46:18 38 10:47:06 56


News Update 21st September 2021.

In the Kirkstall Abbey 7 on Sunday 19th September we had a number of Pacers competing. A successful day for the ladies team who took first prize (Faye Birkby/Claire Moss/Kate Smithson). Some individual prizes as well for Faye Birkby (2nd lady), Robert Greaves (Jnr) 1st Vet 50 and Claire Moss who was 1st Female Vet 40.
Full results were as follows: -
Faye Birkby 44:21,
Robert Greaves (Jnr) 46:55,
Claire Moss 52:26,
David Booth 53:13,
Phil Lonsdale 56:55,
Tony Lambert 59:06,
Kate Smithson 1:04:40,
Paul Dewhirst 1:08:23,
Robert Greaves (Snr) 1:13:09,
Simon Pollard 1:14:09,
Claire Greenwood 1:15:43.



News Update 12th September 2021

11th Saturday - Lost Shepherd
Heading out from Mytholmroyd and climbing up to Stoodley Pike twice!
Only Pacers was Andrew Allan in 03:15:34.

12th Sunday, a busy day of running
Yorkshireman half marathon
8th Jack Cooper 1:55:19
12th Darren Burnley 1:58:41
23rd Tom Keighley 2:06:45
41st Steve Boom 2:15:39
90th Stephen Pattison 2:33:31
152nd Lois Ferraby 2:55:53
193rd Shaun Denham 3:15:50
197th Alan Mahony 3:17:03
200th Martin Bullock 3:17:43
Yorkshireman off road marathon
Darren Barham and Richard Allen 04:45:12
Sarah and Andy Norman 05:39:23
Report from Martin Bullock
Probably the biggest turn out from the club at this years Yorkshireman? A great atmosphere at the start with many past and present club members having a chat and a pint or two after. I ran with Ollie who I haven't seen for two years (ex club member) and his partner along with Shaun Denham, Caroline Clarke Was going to run with us too but she soon disappeared after the first 2 mile, chasing the FV60 win! We decided we weren't racing and had a really relaxed chatty run and it really struck home how much I've missed scenic social long runs. If you've not done this one before then please consider for next year, you'll not be disappointed!
Rumour has it that the Lancashireman is even better, I doubt it but Gemma Benson may disagree.
Some excellent results for the ones that decided they were going for it!
Noticeable achievements among many were Jack Cooper coming in a very impressive 8th overall in the 15 mile half, Darren Barham and Rich Allen who finished 2nd in the open full marathon . Sarah & Andy Norman (obviously a recovery run) who finished 5th mixed pair in the full. Alan Mahoney completing his longest ever run, think that's what he muttered at mile 13.3

Great North Run - fantastic turn out as usual
Tony Lambert 01:52:41
Pankil Desai 01:56:27
ralph mcdermott 02:23:11
Louise Barber 02:24:38
Sara Potter 02:31:12
Amanda Shaw 02:33:56
Elaine Rushworth 02:36:43
Juliette Ward 02:50:28
Annette Clark 03:39:25

News Update – 9th September 2021.

On Aug 22nd Robert Greaves completed the Norland Moor Trail Race in a time of 45:47. He was 4th overall and 1st V50.

On the weekend of Aug 28th/29th Sarah and Andy Norman completed the Great Lakeland 3 days. Sarah provided the following commentary on the event. : -

Great Lakeland 3 Days, choose your own route but you have to pass control points in the correct order, there were a few bridges or junctions as well.
4 routes to choose from we chose the 2nd hardest each day the Wainwright Long Course.
Day 1 24.44 miles and 2,349m of ascent. 9:24:07.
58th joint of 82nd.
Nab Scar, Fairfield, Steel Fell, Harrison Stickle, Pike of Stickle, Great Crag, Grange Fell

Day 2, 27.29 miles and 2,936m of ascent. 11:48:08.
34th joint of 35.
Castle Crag, Hindscarth, Red Pike, Haystacks, Lingmell.

Day 3, 16.44 miles and 1,848m of ascent. 6:56:14
38th joint of 44. 2nd of 3 FV ladies
Glaramara, Pike of Blisco, Lingmoor Fell.

68.17miles, 7,133m of ascent in 28:07:33
26th of 27 who completed the long course each day.

A busy weekend on 4th/5th September with the eagerly awaited return of the Leeds Half Marathon and Leeds 10k. Due to the Covid situation these races had been rearranged and they included some slight route alterations which by all accounts made the events somewhat tougher.

Results were as follows: -
Leeds Half Marathon.
Cristophe Martin 1:34:58,
David Brooks 1:44:00,
Philip Lonsdale 1:46:18,
Steven Clayson 2:14:47,
Jennifer Kong 2:19:30,
Ian Robinson 2:22:03,
Janet Ashton 2:24:53,
Ralph McDermott 2:30:44,
Benjamin Ottaway 2:32:00,
Cathy Martin 2:34:03,
Kezzie Medford 2:35:59, (1st FV70)
Becki Johnson 2:37:00
Elaine Rushworth 2:37:20,
Lindsay Johnson 2:40:28,
David Owen 2:44:50,
Karen Fawcett 2:51:28.

Leeds 10K
Mark Orbell 45:43,
Joy Good 1:09:08,
Ailis Brown 1:10:44,
Michelle Dare 1:11:37,
Mandy Boole 1:13:02.

Finally in the Wetherby 10k. Matt Livesey ran a superb 34:36 to finish 4th overall. Brad Strutt was also racing and completed in 49:38.

 News Update 22nd August 2021

Sunday 8th August
Round Hill Fell Race - 8.5 miles of bog hopping round Otley so finest Moorland
Jack Cooper    01:06:30
Andrew Alan    01:33:49
Friday 13th August
Andrew Smithhurst - I took on the challenge of the Sucina 7K race around the local village in Spain. It was very strange to have an 8.45pm start and finish in the dark but this is due to the very high temperatures in Spain at this time of year. My finish time was 38:48 and not surprisingly I was the first and only Pudsey Pacer running.
Saturday 14th August
Run The Lights Blackpool Illuminations 
Tony Lambert  51:32
Adrian Martin 54:38
Paul Dewhirst 1:00:24
Sarah Potter 1:01:06
Paul Mortimer 1:01:06
Cathy Martin 1:05:30
Juliette Ward 1:10:08
Mandy Boole 1:13:51
Suzanne Scott 1:18:14
Martin Scott 1:18:15
Sally Corbin Smith  24:05
Alan Mahony 25:42
Sunday 22nd August 
Golden Ball 10 miles
Ralph McDermot 1:43:53

 Pacers News Update 10/08/21

  Thursday 29th July Dick Hudson's Fell Race.

3 of our members enjoyed good results at this evening race near Baildon. Jack Cooper finished in 53:23 closely followed by Darran Ward 53:26 and Tom Keighley 54:09.

Sunday 1st August Pontefract 10k.
Andrew Bishop completed in 1:04:24 and Stacie Ashworth 1:09:14.

Thursday 5th August Eshton Moor.
This was a fell race of about 5.3 miles and Robert Samuels was 1st Vet 60 with a time of 41:25. He was accompanied by club skipper Darren Barham who completed in 43:58.

Friday 6th August Lotherton Hall Trail Race (8k)
Ian Robinson 52:10, Paul Mortimer 55:29, Sara Potter 55:29, Lindsay Johnson 1:03:15, Becki Johnson 1:03:16.

Sunday 8th August Good to see the number of races are building up again and we had representatives at 3 of these, namely Norton 9 mile, Firefighters 5 mile and Roundhill Fell Race.
We are still awaiting confirmation of the Roundhill results but there is photographic evidence that at least one of our members (Jack Cooper) took part, more on that when the results are known.
Meanwhile Andrew Bishop completed Norton 9 miles in a time of 1:37:01.

A heathy turnout of Pacers at the Firefighters 5 mile race with the following results.
James Clark 31:15,
Nigel Armitage 31:28,
Steve Woods 36:57,
Lois Ferraby 39:42,
Tony Lambert 43:02,
Alan Mahoney 44:37,
Adrian Martin 46:31,
Paul Dewhirst 46:54,
John Woodhead 49:08,
Katie Jones 49:55,
Cathy Martin 54:04,
Mandy Boole 59:06.

News Update – Wed 14th July 2021.
There have been a few races to update on this week.
Firstly at The Golden Acre Relays Tuesday 6th July we had 3 teams competing on the night. Individual results were as follows: -
Wesley Southall 17:32
Martin Bennett Stanley 17:41
Cristophe Martin 18:23
Lois Ferraby 21:10
Robyn Southall 24:29
Alan Mahoney 24:45
Janet Ashton 25:40
Victoria Wilkinson 25:46
On Saturday 10th July Matt Livesey was the winner at the tough Wharfedale Half Marathon. Congratulations to Matt who completed in a time of 1:32:57.
Other Pacers running the race were
Jack Cooper (12th) -1:43:41
Dianne Wood 2:21:35
Lois Ferraby 2:29:07
Alan Mahoney 2:54:00
Cathy Martin 3:15:00
Ralph McDermott 3:15:03
Two races that took place on Sunday 11th July were Ilkley Half Marathon and the Cookridge Community Run a 10k following trail paths around the Golden Acre Park area. Results were as follows: -
Ilkley Half
Ian Robinson 2:29:40
Lindsay Johnson 2:44:40
Cookridge Community Run
Jon Holah 44:32 (1st V60)
Paul Mortimer 1:02:30
Sara Potter 1:02:32
Victoria Dickinson 1:05:59
Amanda Shaw 1:08:34.
Finally the results are out for The Virtual Pudsey Legal 10k
Congratulations to young Harry Stead running for Ilkley Harriers who achieved the quickest time of 43:22. Harry is the son of Darryl and Melissa and obviously carrying on the great running tradition of the Stead family. Grandad Don would have been very proud.
Pacers involved in the event were
Cristophe Martin (4th) – 47:02
David Brooks 53:37
Steve Pattison 53:53
Lucy Winder 65:52
Janet Ashton 66:28
Melissa Stead 69:50
Kezzie Medford 76:36
Natalie Ward 82:56
Joy Good 84:12
Ralph McDermott 84:52
Sara Potter 85:49
Paul Mortimer 93:40.

Pacers News Update 8/7/21

27th June ECCUP 10
27 Pacers took part, results show overall position then position in age category
38th Nigel Armitage 4/76 1:03:34
82nd Robert Greaves 5/54 1:07:10
126th Morven Wallace 21/76 1:10:26
157th Christophe Martyn 14/54 1:12:13
300th Philip Lonsdale 19/41 1:20:33
302nd Stephen Pattison 9/30 1:20:58
308th Chris Campion 48/77 1:21:20
373rd Tony Lambert 56/76 1:25:29
375th Lois Ferraby 28/57 1:25:43 1st Pacer lady
438th Alan Mahony 20/57 1:29:01
473rd William Overton 7/13 1:30:51
499th Lisa Jamieson 25/57 1:32:48
559th Robert Greaves 10/13 1:37:02
571st Paul Dewhirst 34/41 1:37:55
579th Janet Ashton 23/38 1:38:26
619th Lucy Winder 51/66 1:42:01
622nd Melissa Stead 38/57 1:42:29
640th Adrian Martin 75/76 1:44:19
648th Sam Garside 42/57 1:45:07
666th Simon Pollard 52/54 1:48:04
691st Cathy Martin 54/57 1:52:41
696th Elaine Rushworth 19/20 1:54:26
697th Gemma Benson 60/66 1:54:26
723rd Stacie Ashworth 49/50 2:04:34
729th Juliette Ward 50/50 2:08:19
732nd Michelle Dare 20/21 2:09:44
735th Andrew Bishop 69/69 2:16:24

3rd July Endure 24
Sara Potter 30 miles (6x 5 mile laps) in 5 hours and 41 minutes, part of team Its grim up north running canal canterers.
Annette Clark 30 miles (6x 5 mile laps) in 7 hours and 40 minutes, part of team Its grim up north running slawit sloggers
A slight pause in the evening due to the storm but their team managed to finish when racing resumed in the early hours of Sunday. A tough event both physically and mentally to recover between each lap and then be motivated enough to get back out there.

4th July Harrogate 10k
29th Tom Keighley 5/51 40:59
48th Robert Greaves 6/57 43:05
398th Sarah Norman 9/60 58:47
555th Robert Greaves 10/14 1:04:37
Mixed road and trail race, hampered only by the heat of the day, lovely undulating course. A very well run event.


Pacers News Update – Friday June 25 2021. 

With races recommencing recently there are a few events to catch up on: -

 Sunday 13th June Bradford Millenium Way.

 There were 4 teams representing the Pacers which meant 40 of our runners were involved and ably backed up by some noisy Pacers support along the route which is a circuit of the Bradford Millenium Way. Starting at Bingley and running through checkpoints at Penistone Country Park, Laycock Village, Silsden, Ilkley White Wells before returning to Bingley.  Success for our A team who as well as finishing 6th overall in a total time of 6:24:55 won the Vets Trophy. Our B team was 19th in a team of 7:23:04, the C team 40th in 8:12:10 and the D team 40th in a time of 10:02:01. Well done to all our runners a great achievement and excellent teamwork throughout.

 Saturday 19th June to 122.5 hours later Montane Spine Race

 Martin Scott (Ultra Runner Extraordinaire) completed a fantastic achievement by navigating the Montane Spine Race (Pennine Way) He completed the 272 miles and 41,555 feet of elevation in a time of 122 hours 38 minutes.

 Andy Norman provided this commentary as Martin was approaching the end of his mammoth challenge:

 Pudsey Pacers' very own Martin Scott will soon be arriving at Kirk Yetholm having completed the extremely gruelling Montane Spine Race, along the full length of the Pennine Way. He left Edale, 268 miles away, at 6pm on Saturday evening and has been travelling northwards ever since. He's been averaging about 54 miles per day, mostly on his own and only stopping for short rest breaks. It's an amazing display of his strength, grit and determination and also his fantastic preparation & training. We are in awe of his achievement. You can watch his dot as it approaches the finish (sometime between 8pm - 9pm tonight) via this link

  He's No 737.

 Come on Martin, you've smashed this!

 Well done Martin, time for some well-earned rest and recouperation I would say.

 Sunday 20th June Sunderland 10k.

 Martin Bennett Stanley completed the 10k in a time of 42:26, Martin believes this will be a PB as although he ran the Abbey Dash quicker that race was later adjudged to have been short of the official 10k distance.

 Monday 21st June Solstice Saunter.

 A total of 12 Pacers for this race. Results as follows: - Paul Dewhirst 49:52, Adrian Martin 51:22, Ian Robinson 52:59, Paul Mortimer 54:04, Sara Potter54:06, Victoria Wilkinson 54:41, Joy Good 1:00:21, Lindsay Johnson 1:04:24, Cathy Martin 1:04:25,Stacey Ashworth 1:09:27, Juliette Wood 1:09:45, Michelle Dare 1:09:52.

 Wednesday 23rd June  Otley 10mile.

 Steve Pattison led a trio of Pacers home in this race with a time of 1:22:51, followed by Andrew Allan 1:29:39 and Melissa Stead 1:40:41.

 Weekly News w/e 16th Feb 2020


Weekly News Updates for w/e 1st Mar and 8th March 2020 Results -w/e 1/3 Norton 9 Pirjo Johnson 1:23:01 Ilkley Moor Fell Race Steve Pattison 66:07 Paul Dewhirst 95:33 Warwick Half Marathon Martin Bennett Stanley 1:33:48 Hayley Bennett Stanley 1:59:05 Results -w/e 8/3 Cambridge Half Marathon Rachael Newton 1:46:43 (PB) Andy Hardaker 1:46:44 Yorkshire Vets XC Championship (Longley Park Sheffield) Individual Prizes: Kezzie Medford 1st F70 Pete Covey 1st M80 Darren Burnley 2nd M55 Team Prizes: F65-69 (1st 3 to count) – 2nd M50-59 (1st 3 to count) – 3rd M50-M59 (All to count) – 3rd M60-69 (1st 3 to count) – 2nd M60-69 (All to count) – 2nd M35-49 (All to count) – 1st Reports The Ilkley Moor Fell race proved a sell out probably due to the late cancellation of the PECO race. Some of our runners missed out when hoping to enter on the day. Steve Pattison and Paul Dewhirst did get in recording times of 66:07 and 95:33 respectively. The Bennett -Stanley’s travelled to the Midlands recording good times in the Warwick Half Marathon whilst Pirjo Johnson enjoyed her outing at the rural and hilly Norton 9. Rachael Newton scored a PB at the Cambridge Half Marathon ably supported by Pacer Andy Hardaker. Finally, a very successful day for the Pacers teams who entered the Yorkshire Veterans XC championship at the hilly Longley Park in Sheffield. Individual success for Kezzie Medford, Peter Covey, and Darren Burnley and some great running by the 20 + Pacers that attended meant we were able to compete and win a few team prizes. A brilliant team day for the club. Great running everybody. Saturday 22nd February High Cup Nick Fell Race Dveirel Kovalsky 15:02:32 Ben Mason 14:42:25 Antony Mawson 14:45:45 Sunday 23rd February The Snake Lane 10 Al Chapman 01:02:27 Philip Lonsdale 01:17:38 Steven Clayson 01:24:16 Deborah Mcdermott 01:29:17 Ralph Mcdermott 01:33:06 Simon Pollard 01:35:06 Paul Dewhirst 01:51:13 WYWL Race 5 Stainland 378 runners 32 Pudsey Pacers 22 Men 10 Ladies On the day team results. Men 2nd Ladies 4th Vets 4th Super Vets 2nd Overall 3rd Reports Stainland the 5th and final West Yorkshire Winter League series race didn’t disappoint with the mud. There was no river crossing but an amazing log flume to run up. Again a great turn out for the club. There is still the WYWL v PECO relay on the 29th March at 11am if you are keen to compete again and the presentation night on the 27th. End of season results we are 2nd overall. Men’s 2nd, Vets 2nd, Super Vets 2nd and Woman 4th. Well done everyone. Congratulations to Faye Birkby for being ladies overall winner.

Gt North West Half Marathon (Blackpool)

Beth Light 1:48:19

Andrew Hardaker 1:48;21

Liversedge Half Marathon

Kate Smithson 1:55:00

Andrew Allan 2:08:41

Barcelona Half Marathon

Andrew Wood 2:03:41


Just the 3 races to report on this week, all half marathons. The Gt North West and Liversedge "enjoyed" some challenging conditions with storm Dennis following up the previous week's horrendous weather and  more gale force winds and rain adding to the mix. Good results from our 4 runners (see results above). Meanwhile Andrew Wood was pleased to complete his first overseas half marathon and finished Barcelona in a time of 2:03:41.  

Race Results

Sunday 2nd February
Dewsbury 10k
Matt Livesey 34:43
Ryan Turnbull 35:54
Faye Birkby 36:40
Al Chapman 37:17
Darran Ward 37:28
Rich Allen 37:31
Tom Keighley 38:23
Mark Orbell 40:26
Paul Gaile 40:37
James Pickles 42:19
John Halliwell 44:11
Natasha Cook 44:44
Beth Light 44:37
Andrew Hardaker 44:38
Anthony Fedzin 45:46
Matthew Pinnock 49:42
Lois Ferraby 49:33
Ross Booth 49:28 PB
Anthony Lambert 52:12
Alan Mahony 52:12
Ian Robinson 52:47
Paul Dewhirst 53:08
Pirjo Johnson 56:20
Julie Tipper 56:39
Nicola Cartwright 56:50
Robert Greaves 58:39
Joy Good 1:02:09
Michelle Dare 1:05:45
Lindsay Johnson 1:06:29 PB
Stacie Ashworth 1:06:55
Juliette Ward 1:06:56
Karen Fawcett 1:11:35
Deborah Wilson 1:12:18
Kuljit Lall 1:12:25
Mandy Boole 1:14:24
Laurence Wood 1:16:21
Saturday 8th Feb
Anglezarke Amble - Martin and Suzanne Scott 2 miles in 9 hours 10.
Martin says the Anglezarke Amble was Great day, sunshine, but a bit windy. Some mud. Lots of runners. Very runnable event.


Weekly News w/e  26th Jan 2020


Parky Up North 10 mile.

Nicola Cartwright 1:35:30 

Matthew Hunt 1:35:30

Dorothy Hyman Winter Track Series 3000 metre.

Andrew Bishop 14:02

St Aidans Winter Beast

Peter Enever 51:24

Alan Mahoney 1:04:40

Lisa Jamieson 1:05:38 


A quiet week on the race front with just the 3 races to report on results as seen above. The St Aidans Winter beast apparently lived up to its name with 6.66 miles of mud, hills and trails to contend with. Great running everyone. 

Weekly News  w/e 19th Jan 2020.


27k trail race, Monte Ponoig, Polop.
Sue Ransome 03:51:18. 2nd in age

WYWL Race 4 Queensbury
523 runners
45 Pudsey Pacers
34 Men
11 Ladies

On the day team results.
Men 1st
Ladies 4th
Vets 3rd
Super Vets 2nd
Overall 2nd

Queensbury gave us another mud fest at the 4th West Yorkshire Winter League series. Again a great turn out for the club with some high placing Pacers meaning the men again were placed first and ladies and supervets both improved their finishing places. Waiting for the overall team standings to be published.
Over in Alicante Sue Ranson ran the 27k trail race, Monte Ponoig, Polop in 3hrs 35mins ish with 1269 mtr gain, (4120ft) and was 2nd Master Clasificada. She says 'I think I will call that a good result.'

Weekly News W/e 12th Jan 2020


Brass Monkey Half Marathon
Al Chapman 1:21:49
Judith Marshall 2:06:59

Stanbury Splash
Jack Cooper 58:52
Darren Barham 68:52
Andy Walker 68;58
Tony Mawson 72:00
Brad Strutt 76:32
Mark Dixson 79:54
Arthur Creek 82:58
Dev Kovalsky 88:56
Andrew Allan Unknown
Lois Ferraby 101:08

Temple Newsam 10 (TNT)
Faye Birkby 1:06:37 (2nd lady)
Tom Keighley 1:11:26
Robert Greaves (Jnr) 1:17;40
Natasha Cook 1:20:18
Chris Campion 1:21:07
David Booth 1:21:38
Dave Burdon 1:22:25 (3rd M60)
Adam Gallagher 1:36:18
William Overton 1:37:37 (3rd M65)
Tony Lambert 1:39;02
Kate Smithson 1:40:58
Linda Bullock 1:42:24
Andrew Bishop 1:45;28
Robert Greaves (Snr) 1:47:46
Victoria Dickinson 2:04:10
Michelle Dare 2:04:12
Joy Good 2:04:16

Coley Canter
Rich Allen 1:00:06
Johnny Scott 1:11:44
Kate Smithson 1:26:01
Tony Lambert 1:30:27
Andrew Allan 1:32:26


Club Skipper and seasoned (or is that seasonal) fell runner Darren Barham reported on the famous Stanbury Splash this weekend -  10 Pacers from Pudsey's premier fell running club  competed in the Stanbury Splash, there was great running from Jack Cooper finishing 40th and well done to Lois Ferraby completing her first venture into fell running and being the only one brave enough to start the race with no jacket or undertop. Meanwhile The Temple Newsam Ten Mile Trail Race (TNT) had splash conditions of its own particularly at mile 4 where a kind photographer was able to get some great action shots from the knee deep puddle nicknamed the "Lagoon of Doom". A very wet and muddy race this year but there were 17 Pacers competing and Faye Birkby was amongst the prizes with a great time of 1:06 :37 making her 2nd lady to finish. 

Al Chapman ran his fastest half marathon for 3 years at the Brass Monkey in York, a speedy time of 1:21:49. Judith Marshall was pleased to record 2:06;59 only a few weeks after her injury.

Finally some late results from the Coley Canter (see results above) held the previous week with 5 pacers competing.

Some excellent running in quite challenging conditions well done to all our runners.   


Weekly News Week Ending 5th January 2020
WYWL Race 3 Pudsey
551 runners
57 Pudsey Pacers
45 Men
12 Ladies

On the day team results.
Men 1st
Ladies 6th
Vets 4th
Super Vets 2nd
Overall 2nd

Team Standings after 3 races (3 more to go).
Men 2nd
Ladies 4th
Vets 2nd
Super Vets 2nd
Overall 2nd

Central Lancashire Half Marathon
Al Chapman 1:24:02
Morven Wallace 1:32:57

Giants Tooth
Paul Dewhirst 30:33

Hard Moors 30
Andy/Sarah Norman 5hrs 54mins (PB)

Auld Lang Syne
Richard Allen 52:56
Andy Walker 1:00:14

Chevin Chase
Matt Livesey 44:07
Jon Greenwood 46;52
Tom Keighley 49:29
Gareth Millard 53:07
Robert Samuels 54:51
James Pickles 56:04
David Booth 56:14
John Halliwell 57:18
Natasha Cook 58;16
Mark Dixson 58:42
Tom Martin 59:30
Neil Lawrence 1:01:06
Rob Butler 1:05:37
Kate Smithson 1:07:05
Simon Beverley 1:08:39
Paul Dewhirst 1:11:02
Paul Mortimer 1;11;45
Tony Lambert 1:12;16

Firstly, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Pacers and their families.
Sunday saw the 3rd in the West Yorkshire Winter League series where our club hosted the event at Parkwood. As expected, this was an absolute mud fest but it wasn't enough to stop over 550 runners competing. There was a massive turnout of 57 Pacers running for the club and given we provided the marshals as well it was a fantastic showing. Our men finished in 1st place, ladies were 6th and overall the club were pleased to pick up 2nd place.
The club is 2nd overall in the competition after 3 races. Many thanks to Steve Pattison and his team for the great job they did in getting the race on and to all the runners, helpers and spectators who all played their part in making it a good morning's sport.
Al Chapman and Morven Wallace were in Lancashire for the Central Lancashire Half Marathon and both were very pleased with their times of 1:24 and 1:32. Al following up his 1st place finish at Armley park run the previous day although he assured us he was taking it easy in order not to spoil Sunday's performance.
A few races over the festive period, New Years Day saw Paul Dewhirst adding the Giants Tooth fell race to the 2 Parkruns he had completed earlier in the morning.
Fancy Dress was in order at the popular Auld Lang Syne fell race on New Years Eve. Richard Allen looking great in his Gathering Winters Fools outfit and Andy Walker? – well let's just say Andy wasn't amongst the prizes for fancy dress.
Andy and Sarah Norman achieved a PB on the Hard Moors 30.
On Boxing Day there was a great turnout of Pudsey Pacers for the annual Chevin Chase event and some great times posted (see results above).
Many congratulations to all our members involved in these events.


Results w/e 15th December 2019 

The Stoop Fell Race

Matt Livesey 38:06

Jack Cooper 45:52

Gathering Winter Fools Relay  

Pixies 5:19:52

Bah Humbugs 6:38:29


Results w/e 8th December 2019

Grim Christmas Cracker Marathon

Rachel Newman 6:23:05

Bah Humbug 10k
Andrew Bishop 1:03:10
Tony Lambert 1:05:43
Joy Good 1:14:19
Michelle Dare 1:19:53

Mytholmroyd fell race
Matt Livesey 0:51:36 4th
Wesley Southall 1:03:31
Laurence Martin 1:13:55
Mark Doyle 1:26:53
7th team. Matt Livesey, Wesley Southall, Laurence Martin

Results w/e 1st December 2019

WYWL Race 2 Dewsbury
513 runners
43 Pudsey Pacers - 31 Men/12 Ladies
On the day - Ladies 3rd, Men 2nd, Vets 2nd, Supervets 2nd. Overall 2nd
After 2 races - ladies 3rd, Men 3rd, Vets 2nd, Supervets 2nd, Overall 2nd.
On the day -
Matt Livesey 5th overall and 2nd M35,
Neil Armitage 1st M45,
Nigel Armitage 3rd M45,
Jon Holah 1st M55,
Mark Orbell 2nd M55
Joy Good 2nd F65,
Kezzie Medford 3rd F70.

Race report

The WYWL Race 2 proved to be a muddy affair but was again well attended with over 500 runners many dressed in festive outfits competing. Pacers had another good contingent with 31 men and 12 Ladies. it was a good team performance with the men coming 2nd on the day and the Ladies 3rd. We were also well placed in the Vets and Supervets races meaning that Overall after 2 races we are very handily placed in 2nd place. Our home venue at Parkwood is the next race on 5th January.

Last Saturday, our very own Peter Covey completed his 80th parkrun on his 80th birthday at Bramley parkrun. it was a great turnout for Peter with friends from previous running clubs and also fellow YVAA runners. Over 60 Pudsey Pacers were also in attendance to help Peter celebrate yet another legendary milestone. Congratulations Peter and here is to many more. 

24th November.

Hardwolds 80
Andy Norman 21:24:16, 39th
Doncaster 10k 
John Marshall 00:40:19
Mary Liversidge 01:02:01
Clowne Half Marathon
Tom Keighley 01:31:55
Natasha Cook 01:39:18
Rachael Newton 01:48:06
Adrian Martin 02:00:34
Tony Lambert 02:01:08
Paul Mortimer 02:02:19
Paul Dewhirst 02:05:55
Gemma Storr 02:10:34
Andrew Duffy 02:26:04
Cathy Martin 02:33:52
Benidorm 10k 
Sue Ransome 48.49 (1st in her age category)
Andrew Smithurst 1.01.56
Skipton Santa Fun Run 5k no times as it was a fun run.
Tracey Gallagher 1st lady
Adam Gallagher.
Congratulations to all our runners on this week’s achievements

Weekly News 20th November 2019
Latest results
Tour of Pendle
Results awaited.

Tadcaster 10 Miie
Steve Clayson 1:22:50
Paul Dewhirst 1:31:03

WYWL Race 1 Baildon.
577 runners (New Record)
55 Pudsey Pacers 41 men/14 ladies
Ladies 2nd, Men 3rd, Vets 2nd, Supervets 1st Overall 3rd.
Category Leaders.
Matt Livesey 7th overall
Faye Birkby 1st lady overall
Nigel Armitage 2nd M45
Jon Holah 1st M55
Paul Gaille 2nd M50
Mark Orbell 2nd M55
Tracey Gallagher 3rd F35
Dianne Wood 3rd F50
Joy Good 2nd F65
Kezzie Medford 3rd F70

Race reports
Caroline Clarke was the sole pacer in the tough but popular Tour of Pendle. Results are not yet available so we will update on this next week.

Steve Clayson and Paul Dewhirst were racing in Tadcaster 10 mile race, see results above.

The first race of the West Yorkshire Winter league series took place this Sunday and there was a massive turnout to witness and take part in what was a real mudfest. A total of 577 runners which is a record attendance and Pudsey had 55 of its members competing with 41 men and 14 ladies. A successful day to start the league campaign with all our teams very handily placed. The women had a great day finishing in 2nd place with Faye Birkby leading the team home by finishing as first lady by some margin. The men finished 3rd on the day and there was a top 10 finish for Matt Livesey who was 7th overall. Our vets team finished 2nd and our Supervets were 1st placed team meaning that overall Pudsey Pacers are in 3rd position.
Within the age category positions, Nigel Armitage was 2nd M45, Jon Holah was 1st M55, Paul Gaille 2nd M50, Mark Orbell 2nd M55, Tracey Gallagher 3rd F35, Dianne Wood 3rd F50, Joy Good 2nd F65 and Kezzie Medford 3rd F70. Next race is Sunday 1st Dec Venue – Dewsbury.

Well done to all our runners over the weekend.

Weekly News 12th November 2019
Latest Results
Saturday 9th
Post Hill
Matt Livesey 3rd 20:30
Daren Ward 23:18
Rich Allen 23:19
Mark Orbell 25:24
Robert Greaves 26:40
Tracey Gallagher 28:17
Matthew Hunt 30:56
Francis Fowler's 32:26
Martin Scott 33:14
Adam Gallagher 34:07

Sunday 10th
Run Bolton Abbey 10k
Joy Good 1:28:35

The Post Hill 5k was a great success thanks to Steve Pattinson and team. Thanks to everyone who turned up on the day to make it a great event in the clubs calendar with more entries than we've seen before. Full results on our Website.

Weekly News 5th November 2019

 Guy Fawkes 10 miles
Faye Birkby 1:06:12 (1st Lady & NEW COURSE RECORD)
Tom Keighley 1:12:01
David Brooks 1:15:50
Natasha Cook 1:18:41
Philip Lonsdale 1:22:03
Anthony Fedzin1:29:30
Paul Mortimer 1:31:58
Nick Greenwood 1:33:14
Alan Mahoney 1:34:56
David Booth 1:35:41
Pirjo Johnson 1:36:26
Tony Lambert 1;37:48
Julie Tipper 1;39:03
Clare Greenwood 1:43;23
Robert Greaves 1:44:15
Elaine Rushworth 1:45:41
David Owen 1:46;38
Paul Dewhirst 1;46:47
Lucy Winder 1:46;48
Mary Liversidge 1;49:42
Joy Good 1:49;44
Michelle Dare 1:53:13

Shepherds Skyline
Rich Allen 60:04
Laurence Martin 64:05
Darren Barham 65:08
Andrew Allan 85:49

Gunpowder Plot 10k (York)
Julie Parsons 1:19:25

Bradford City Runs
Lois Ferraby 24:16

Mandy Boole 1:17:17
Mark Crawshaw 1:22:42

Half Marathon
Mark Orbell 1:32:29
Rachel Newman 2:23:58

Quite a bit of activity from the Pacers this weekend. Over in Todmorden 4 hardy Pacers tackled the Shepherds Skyline Fell Race. Richard Allen was first Pacer home and there was even a rare appearence from our Club Captain albeit using one of his many alias names, this time posing as Darren Barman. Darren reported that it was a good outing for the 4 Pacers who took part and he even managed to blag one of the team prizes for us by convincing the organiser that first team home in Yellow must be worth something.   June Parsons did the Gunpowder Plot 10k in York, June reported as follows: -

"Today I completed my 2nd 10k race.
It was the Gunpowder Plot 10k in York organised by See York Run York.

2 very boggy laps around the Knavesmire. A medal, goody bag, cake and free entry to the York Dungeon for all race finishers.

I was hoping to complete near my Abbey Dash time of 01:14:56 but the boggy track proved to be tricky and I finished in 01:19:25. 4 minutes 29 seconds longer, and placed 230 out of 257. I'm happy with that.

Looking for the next event"

Meanwhile in Bradford, there were several options at the Bradford City Runs with 5k, 10k, 10mile and Half Marathon races to choose from. See results for details.

Finally, we had 22 runners at Ripley for the Guy Fawkes 10 Mile some excellent times recorded on this tough, hilly course. Faye Birkby was 1st lady home, in a superb time of 1:06:12 which was also a new course record. Faye's time was 36 seconds faster than the previous ladies record set in 2018.   

Well done to all our runners on their achievements this week.

Weekly News 21st Oct

Latest Results

Yorkshire Marathon
Mark Orbell 3:15:51
Chris Campion 3:39:18
Pirjo Johnson 4:17:24

Andrew Bishop 4:46:31
Tony Lambert 4:53:41
Deborah McDermott 4:54:59
Paul Mortimer 4:57:30
Melissa Stead 5:06:51
Kezzie Medford 5:29;26
Ralph McDermott 5:33:09

Yorkshire 10 miles
Rachael Newton 1;20:35
Anthony Fedzin 1:25:10
Kate Smithson 1:30:05
Alan mahoney 1:30:34
Victoria Wilkinson 1:35;20
Samantha Dean 1:47:54
Michaela Ajayi 1;48:19
Louise Barber 1;48;31
Michelle Dare 1:50:06
Stacie Ashworth 1:50:08
Ruth Duffy 1:50;12
Michelle Craighan 1:50:35
Rachel Clayforth 1:56:04
Sara Potter 1:56:05
Carolyn Merrygold 1:56:05
Juliette Ward 1:56:07
LIndsay Dixon 1:56:07
Annette Clark 2:20:55

Bramley 10k
Rich Allen 40:58
Andrew Wood 56:37

British FRA Relay Championship
Pudsey Pacers 127th (224 teams)

Bournemouth Marathon
Paul Kaye 4:41;19

Race reports 21st Oct

Some fine times recorded in York this weeked with a heavy contingent of Pacers running in both the 10 mile or the Full Marathon. Meanwhile Rich Allen and Andrew Wood opted for the more local Bramley 10k hosted by Grim Up North. Rich recorded 5th place in his time of 40:58.

Saturday saw a team of Pacers competing in the British Fell Relay Championships held in The Peak District National Park. Some great running and navigation saw our team finish a creditable 127th out of the 224 teams that finished.

Paul Kaye was busy with another marathon the previous weekend finishing the Bournemouth Marathon in a time of 4:41:19, Paul reported that it was fantastic weather although he was running half the course in a headwind, he enjoyed the course and said it was a brilliant atmosphere.

Congratulations to all our runners on this weeks achievements. 

Weekly news 14th October

Sunday 6th October
Tickhill 10 mile trail race
Fiona Harrison 1:58:20
Mary Liversidge 1:58:40

Saturday 12th October
The Twilight 10k
Tracey Gallagher 00:42:50
Adam Gallagher 00:54:07
Katie Jones 00:55:01
Hilary Taylor 00:58:00

Gruesome Twosome Half marathon
Pace Makers Al Chapman and Donna Edmondson 1:37:32 2nd mixed pair

Sunday 13th October
Run For Wildlife 5k - Autumn
Michelle Dare 00:30:12

Manchester half marathon
John Marshall 1:30:46
Mary Liversidge 2:17:22

Withins Skyline
Nick Greenwood 1:19:32

Weekly News 7th Oct

Dates for your Diary
Saturday 12th October - Final Off Road techniques training with Dave Burdon - all abilities - meet at 9am Bankhouse pub, Fulneck - more details on facebook
Wednesday 16th October - Track session at John Charles - all abilities - meet in reception from 6.45pm for a 7pm start. The session is free.
Thursday 31st October - Halloween Club run - prizes for best costumes, social at Pudsey St Lawrence Cricket Club, more details to follow
Friday 6th December - Christmas Party at Pudsey St Lawrence
Here is an update of recent race results

This weeks race results: Sun 6th Oct.

Bridlington Half Marathon

Suzanne Scott 2:50:25

Martin Scott 2:50:25.

St Aidans Half Marathon Trail

Anna Keys 1:45:31 (3rd FSEN)

Chester Metric Marathon

Nicola Cartwright 2:56:04

Weekly News 30th Sept

Here is an update of recent race results
Sunday 22nd September
Hull Marathon
Al Chapman 03:12:19
Paul Kaye 04:41:19 
Marathon relay teams
Humber Wumbers, Sam Garside, Lia De Faveri, Fiona Harrison and Elaine Rushworth 4.27.42.
Pudsey Posse, Lindsay Johnson, Rach Clayforth, Ruth Duffy and Michelle Dare 4.52.48.
Saturday 28th September
Salisbury half marathon 
Lucy Winder 02:23:03
Pontefract half 
Tony Lambert 02:01:32
Sunday 29th September
Roundhay 10k
Andrew Wood 01:00:12 3rd M 40-44.
Oulton Park Autumn Duathlon
Ralph McDermott in 01:51:34
Yorkshire Coast 10k
Rob Butler 00:44:50
Mandy Boole 01:11:51
Liz Hargrave did the in 1:12:58 (a PB) after taking it steady since tearing her calf earlier in the year.  
Rombald’s Romp
Martin Lawrence 01:18:56
Allan Andrew 01:51:25
Tissington Trail half
Adrian Martin 01:57:18
Cathy Martin 02:17:48
Ryan Turnbull 44:06 1st M40
Faye Birkby 45:28 1st Lady
Jack Cooper 47:03
Robert Samuels 48:00
Mark Orbell 48:21
James Pickles 48:26
David Brooks 50:18
Steve Woods 50:58
Peter Enever 51:42
Anna Keys 53:43
Christophe Martyn 54:09
Philip Lonsdale 54:24
William Overton 1:02:01
Lisa Jamieson 1:05:05
Ian Robinson 1:07:35
Alan Mahony 1:08:05
Clare Greenwood 1:08:43
Victoria Dickinson 1:10:13
Paul Mortimer 1:12:41
Rachel Newman 1:12:42
Joy Good 1:15:56 1st F65
Janet Ashton 1:20:42
Lindsay Johnson 1:22:52
Sara Potter 1:43:03
Sam Hunter 1:43:04
Annette Clark 1:43:05
Paul Kaye completed the Hull Marathon on Sunday 22/9.
‘A different course to last year as this time we started on the Humber Bridge instead of hitting it at mile 18/ 19.
Amazing weather, extremely hot and at one water station it had nearly run out. Terrific support from the locals, as well as the Pudsey Pacer Relay Teams who couldn’t miss the yellow vest. Finished in 04:41:22 which was well happy with. Decent course overall, even if the last mile in the park did seem to last forever.
Next one up is Bournemouth Marathon on 6 October.’
Well done to all our runners on their recent achievements, don’t forget if you want to ensure you are included in reports please send details in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Updated News 23rd Sept

Here is an update of recent race results and forthcoming events.

Vale of York Half Marathon.
Darran Ward 1;29:33
James Pickles 1:35:01
Natasha Cook 1:39:33
Chris Campion 1:39:40
Paul Dewhirst 2:04:50
Anthony Fedzin 2:09:16
Alan Mahoney 2:12:40
Rachel Newman 2:20:38
Nicola Cartwright 2:21:22
Gemma Benson 2:24:56
Michelle Dare 2:28:44

Hardmoors 60 (Ultra)
Sarah Norman 15hrs 59mins
Andy Norman 15hrs 59 mins

Meanwood Valley Trail (7 miles)
Jack Cooper 50:33
Robert Samuels 52:02 (1st M55)
Mark Orbell 53:45 (2nd M55)
Steve Pattison 60:27 (3rd M60)
Robert Kilner 70:05
Kate Smithson 78:03

Lost Shepherd Fell Race.
Linda Bullock 3:33:10
Martin Bullock 3:33:12

Embsay Fell Race
Laurence Martin 27:04

Great North Run
Pankil Desai 2:01:16 (PB)
Tony Lambert 2:06:56
Elaine Rushworth 2;10;12
Amber Reid 2;13;07 (PB)
Deborah McDermott 2:13:55
Ralph Mcdermott 2;22:52
Louise Barber 2:23:13
Samantha Garside 2:23:13
Andrew Bishop 2:24;01
Joy Good 2;40:38
Amanda Shaw 2:52:34
Lindsay Dixon 3:10:41
Helen Hargrave 3:20:52
Annette Clark 3:24:00 (PB)

Yorkshireman Off Road Marathon
Nigel Armitage (running in Pairs race with Nathan Crossley (Horsforth) 4:05:23 (3rd overall)
Anna Keys 4:20:20 (3rd lady)
Simon Beverley/Mark Nolan (Pairs race - Mark retired injured) 5:04:13
Martin Bullock 5:04:22

Yorkshireman Off Road Half Marathon.
Garry Leedham 2:19:32
Andrew Allan 3:03:32
Kate Smithson 3;11;58

Budapest Half Marathon.
John Marshall 1:33:34
Rich Allen 1:34:33
William Overton 1:54:08
Adrian Martin 2:03:36
Ian Robinson 2;12;13
Fiona Harrison 2;28:39
David Harrison 2:28;39
Cathy Martin 2:37:17
Mary Liversidge 2:37:19
Lindsay Johnson 2;37:26

MarMR -Marathon
Pirjo Johnson 6:18:48

Leeds Golden Mile
Andrew Bishop 6:41 (PB)

Leeds Country Way Relay.
A team 5th 7:36:26
B team 20th 8:45:57
C team 47th 10:28:21.
Rob Dixon/Beth Light won 1st Mixed pairing on Leg 6 in time of 1:11.

Gilberdyke 10 mile
Ralph McDermott 1:41:25
Paul Dewhirst 1:43:33
Debbie McDermott 1:43:52

Belper 18 mile Off Road
Anna Keys 2:38:38 (3rd lady)
Garry Leedham 2:40:19

Dales Ultra Way
Sarah Norman 22:06:09 (1st FV50/5th lady overall)
Andy Norman 22:06:09
Martin Scott 23:37:48
Bill Overton 27:05:29

Askern 10 mile
Pirjo Johnson 1:32:46

Turner Landscape Fell Race (AM)
Caroliine Clarke 2:44

Lots to catch up on with this update
Details of the race results up to 15th September are listed above.
Some of the highlights to report on, a good turnout for the Pacers at Vale of York Half Marathon and also at the Meanwood Valley Trail where 3 of our runners were amongst the prizes with Rob Samuels, Mark Orbell and Steve Pattison all picking up top 3 positions in their respective age categories. The Great North Run proved popular with some of our runners and PB's were recorded by Pankil Desai, Amber Reid and Annette Clark.
Andy and Sarah Norman completed another Hardmoors Ultra no less than 62 miles from Guisborough to Filey along the Cleveland way. Sarah reported that it was a very hot day but they completed in 15 hours 59 and have now both completed over 2000 Hardmoor miles!

Some fine running in the notoriously tough Yorkshireman races and prizes for Nigel Armitage and Anna Keys who both completed the full marathon race. Others opted for the Half marathon.

There was another great team event at Leeds Country Way Relay where Pudsey had 3 teams. The A team finished 5th with Rob Dixon and Beth Light picking up fastest mixed pairing on the Glory leg from Scarcroft to Garforth. Meanwhile the B and C teams finished 20th and 47th respectively.

Anna Keys finished 3rd lady in another tough off-road race Belper which comes in at about 18 miles long.

In the Dales Ultra Way we had 4 of our own tackling this long classic route.
Sarah and Andy Norman 33rd. 22:06:09. Sarah first FV50 and 5th overall.
Martin Scott 47th in 23:37:48
Bill Overton 78th in 27:05:29. An awesome achievement for his longest ever run having completed a 30 mile race previously. Looks like he's a natural born ultra runner.
109 finished out of 130 starters.
A stunning 83 mile run from Bowness on Windermere to Ilkley. Over boggy moorland on a warm August day turning to a cool night run. This was Punk Panthers very successful inaugural running of this well organised event to mark 50 years of the Dales Way.

Forthcoming Events.
Track Session John Charles Centre 7:00pm Wednesday 25th September (Admission Free to Pudsey Pacer members) All running abilities are catered for.
Club Social run followed by Social evening at St Lawrence Cricket Club, we will be presenting the cheques to our chosen charities at this event. This was money we raised from our 10k race.
Well done to all our runners on their recent achievements, don't forget if you want to ensure you are included in reports please send details in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Update 12th August 2019
YVAA GP Race 8 - Halifax
Nigel Armitage 37:02 (1st M45)
Darran Ward 37:35
Tom Keighley 37;41
Leigh Hinchliffe 37;50 (3rd M45) 
Richard Allen 37:55 (2nd M40)
Paul Gaille 38:58
Robert Samuels 40;30 
David Brooks 41:50
Steve Woods 41;57 (2nd M60)
Gareth Millard 42;12 
Phil Lonsdale 43:54
Dave Burdon 44:51
Andy Norman 45;05
Mark Pawson 45;23
Steve Pattison 45;32
William Overton 48:10
Sarah Norman 49:25
Richards Hayes 50;28
Susan Ransome 50:40 (3rd F60)
Francis Fowles 51:07
Paul Dewhirst 52:41
Nick Greenwood 54:39
Peter Covey 55:41 (3rd M75)
David Owen 56:26
Hilary Taylor 56;27
Rodney Tordoff 56:52
Alan Mahoney 57:35
Nicola Cartwright 57:53 
Lucy Winder 58:17
Robert Greaves (Snr) 59:34
Michelle Dare 60:44
Kezzie Medford 61:38 (1st F70)
Joy Good 62;19
Juliette Ward tbc  
York 10k
Christophe Martyn 47;21
Janet Ashton 1;13:59
Roundhill Fell Race
Leigh Hinchliffe 1;06:50
Robert Samuels 1;10:10
Richard Allen 1:15:08
Andrew Walker 1;19:28
Tony Mawson 1;19:29
Andrew Allan 1:42;50
Linda Bullock 1:44:11
Paul Dewhirst 1:48:30
Clare Greenwood 1:49:36
Firefighters 5
John Marshall 34:56 (1st M50)
Tracey Gallagher 37;20 (2nd F35)
Peter Enever 39:38
Adam Gallagher 44:19
Richard Hayes 44:49
Lois Ferraby 45:25
Andrew Bishop 46;31
David Owen 48:02
Anthony Fedzin 48:24
Alan Mahoney 53:08
Samantha Dean 1:00:54
Mandy Boole 1:00:55 
South Shields Trail 10 miles.
Sara Potter 2:06:28
Amanda Shaw 2:06:28
Annette Clark 2:42:12.
Hardmoors 26 Farndale 
Sarah Norman 5:51 (3rd lady)
Saddleworth Round Fell Race
Garry Leedham (result awaited)                                       
Garry Leedham was the sole pacer at the Saddleworth Round Fell Race, we don’t have Garry’s result as yet but we do know he enjoyed it even though it proved to be a tough course.
Meanwhile Sarah and Andy Norman were back on the Hardmoor 26 Series this time at Farndale where Sarah completed a course 0f 29.6 miles with 1632 metres of ascent in a time of 5 hours 51mins and was 3rd lady to finish.
Andy was on tail walker duties on the 8mile course and was out for 4hrs 14 mins, there were mitigating circumstances apparently, due to Kipper having an injury to a paw and them stopping to take a break on what proved to be a scorcher of a day.
3 Pacers travelled to the North East to do the South Shields Trail race a 10 mile course (sounds like a good one for the diary), they were Sara Potter, Amanda Shaw and Annette Clark – results listed above).
The Firefighters 5 proved popular with several of our members, quite a tough little race this but good results all round and John Marshall was 1st M50 and Tracey Gallagher 2nd F35.
We also had a good turnout at the Roundhill Fell Race up on Blubberhouses Moor. This is seen as a good introductory race for those keen to try out fell running. See results above. 
At the York 10k Christophe Martyn and Janet Ashcroft posted times of 47:21 and 1;13:59.
Finally, for this update another sizeable turnout from Pudsey at the 8th GP race for the Yorkshire Vets this time at Halifax.  We have had a great season and we now go to the last race (Spenborough Nov 10th) very well placed for the men to win all 3 league’s that is 4 to count, All to Count and Rest to Count. Meanwhile the Ladies hold 3rd place in the 4 to count and 2nd in All to Count and Rest to Count. 
 At Halifax we had 25 men and 9 ladies and there were prizes for Nigel Armatage (1st M45), Leigh Hinchliffe (3rd M45), Richard Allen (2nd M40), Steve Woods (2nd M60), Peter Covey (3rd M70), Susan Ransome (3rd F60) and Kezzie Medford (1st F70)


Weekly News  Update 31st July.

Here is an update of recent race results and forthcoming events.
Glasgow 3k
Andrew Bishop 13;50

YVAA GP Race 7 Bingley
Darran Ward 39:48
Richard Allen 40:02 (2nd M40)
Jon Holah 40:30 (2nd M55)
Leigh Hinchliffe 40:44 (3rd M45)
Robert Samuels 41:46
Tom Keighley 42:30
Mark Orbell 44:28
Steve Woods 44:53 (2nd M60)
David Brooks 46:43
Gareth Millard 47:56
Andy Norman 48;54
Mark Pawson 49;29
Philip Lonsdale 50:47
Dianne Wood 50:56 (2nd F50)
Lisa Heath 51:50
Sarah Norman 54:13
Susan Ransome 54;59 (2nd F60)
Peter Covey 60:11 (2nd M75)
Hilary Taylor 61:34
Nicola Cartwright 62:30
Paul Dewhirst 63:40
Rodney Tordoff 65:16 (3rd M75)
Alan Mahoney 69:38
Joy Good 70:51 (2nd F65)
Kezzie Medford 71:02 (1st F70)

Grim Up North - Sir Titus Summer Trot - 10 miles
Christophe Martin 1:19:38
Janet Ashton 2:05:09

Grim Up North - Sir Titus Summer Trot - 20 miles
Amber Reid - 3:45:03

Northumberland Coastal Run.
David Brooks 1:46:36
Steve Pattison 1:50;31
Dave Burdon 1:55:06
Lisa Heath 1:56:31 (3rd F50)
Andy Hardaker 2:00:25
William Overton 2:08:40
Adrian Martin 2:14;36
Lisa Jamieson 2;17:35
Andrew Bishop 2;20:17
Kate Smithson 2:27:55
Claire Greenwood 2;31:44
Nick Greenwood 2;31:44
Victoria Dickinson 2:37:06
Cathy Martin 2:42:16

Washburn Valley Relays
Pudsey Pacers Team 4 - 1:10:51 (21st)
Pudsey Pacers Team 1 - 1:19:00 (36th)
Pudsey Pacers Team 3 - 1;26:01 (45th)
Pudsey Pacers Team 2 - 1:27:46 (53rd)

Nostell Priory 10k
Lucy Winder 1:03:22
Lindsey Johnson 1;09:45

Nab Fell Race (3 miles 1350ft ascent)
Lawrence Martin 40:15

Ilkley Half Marathon
Garry Leedham 1:42:19
Pirjo Johnson 1:57:01
Tony Lambert 1:58:11
Ian Robinson 2:10:29
Melissa Stead 2:18:39
Amber Reid 2:35:09
Lindsey Johnson 2;44:23

A handful of Pacers entered and ran in the inaugural Ilkley Half Marathon (see above for results)
Lawrence Martin did the Nab Fell Race a 3 mile route with 1350ft of ascent. Laurence finished in 19th place in a time of 40:15.
Two Pacers, Lindsey Johnson and Lucy Winder did Nostell Priory 10k on the Wednesday evening, a warm evening that turned into quite a wet soggy one. The course proved to be a tough but enjoyable run in a lovely national trust setting. A course PB for Lucy Winder.
Pacers had a great turnout on another very wet evening at Washburn Valley Relays. We had our maximum allowance of 4 teams entered.
Pudsey Pacers 4 finished in 21st position. 1:10:51 Pudsey Pacers 1 finished 36th. 1:19:00 Pudsey Pacers 3 finished 45th 1:26:01 Pudsey Pacers 2 finished 53rd 1:27:46 All individual leg times available on Otley AC website.

The annual pilgrimage to Alnmouth for the Northumberland Coastal Run took place on Sunday 21st with another sizeable contingent (14) of our Pacers enjoying the point to point race from Beadnell to Alnmouth. Conditions were much more favourable than last year. Lisa Heath was 3rd F50 with a time of 1:56:31

The Grim Up North Sir Titus Summer Trot offered 2 options with a 10 mile or a 20 mile race available. Christophe Martin and Janet Ashton opted for the 10 mile option whilst Amber Reid opted for 20 miles (see results above).

The latest Yorkshire Vets GP race was held at Bingley and the conditions were absolutely scorching. Despite the heat there was a brilliant turnout for the Pacers with 17 men and 8 ladies turning out. Our first 4 men finished within the first 14 places which ensured that we maintain our lead at the top of all 3 league tables. The ladies are currently in 3rd place for 1st 4 to count and are 2nd in All to Count and rest to Count. Just 2 races left now at Halifax and Spenborough and several runners are in with a shout for annual awards. Meanwhile on the night at Bingley there were individual prizes for Richard Allen (2nd M40), Jon Holah (2nd M55), Leigh Hinchliffe (3rd M45), Steve Woods (2nd M60), Dianne Wood (2nd F50), Susan Ransome (2nd F60), Peter Covey (2nd M75), Rodney Tordoff (3rd M75), Joy Good 2nd F65) and Kezzie Medford (1st F70)

Finally, for this update Andrew Bishop completed the Glasgow 3k in a time of 13:50.

Weekly News Update  - 17th July 

Here is an update of recent race results and forthcoming events.
Firstly, here is a summary of recent results: -
Golden Acre Relays (7 teams from Pudsey entered)
Pudsey Pacers All mixed up 14th (1st mixed team)
Pudsey Thumbs Up 20th
Pudsey Pacemakers 24th
Pudsey Pacers Got the runs 39th
Pudsey Blister Sisters 60th
Pudsey Pegasus 102nd
Pudsey Pacers Smoking Laces 112th
(143 teams in the race)
Viking Chase 4 Peaks Fell Race (8 miles 1877ft ascent)
Dev Kovalsky 1:35:26 (2nd F40)
YVAA GP Race 6 Roundhay.
Nigel Armitage 31:51 (2nd M45)
Rich Allen 31:58 (2nd M40)
Leigh Hinchliffe 32:05 (3rd M45)
Tom Keighley 32:18
Paul Gaille 32:35 (2nd M50)
Rob Samuels 33:28 (3rd M55)
Mark Orbell 34:07
David Booth 34;44
Tracey Gallagher 36;16
David Brooks 36:53
Mark Pawson 37:14
Dianne Wood 38:10
Lisa Heath 38:55
Sally Corbin Smith 40:29
Simon Pollard 42:51
Susan Ransome 43:01 (2nd F60)
Richard Hayes 43;36
Ian Robinson 45:18
Victoria Dickinson 46;46
Hilary Taylor 47;30
Rodney Tordoff 49;31 (2nd M75)
Alan Mahoney 52:01
Michelle Dare 52:52
Lindsay Johnson 55:54
Sara Potter 58:03 
Juliette Ward 58;38
Leeds 10k
Chris Campion 43;15
Johnny Scott 44:47
Adrian Martin 53:19
David Owen 58:23
Julie Tipper 59:07
Andrew Wood 59:41
Amber Reid 59:55  
Michaela Ajayi 1:01:05 
Geoffrey Harrison 1:01:10
Andrew Smithurst 1:01:25
Joy Good 1:01:29
Victoria Benson 1:04:34
Michelle Dare 1:05:26 
Georgina Saul 1:11:18
Sara Potter 1:12;31
Rachel Clayforth 1:12:31
Mandy Boole 1:15:48
Allerthorpe Triatholon (Sprint)
Lisa Jamieson 1:38:07
Burn Valley Half Marathon
Kate Smithson 2:10:08
Leigh Hinchliffe 1:41:39
Caroline Clarke   2:10:17
St Aiden 10k
Paul Dewhirst 56:07
There was a great turnout of Pacers at the popular Golden Acre Relay Races where we were able to field 7 teams.
Our mixed team of Faye Birkby, Matt Pinnock and Al Chapman were successful in picking up first prize for the mixed team. Checkout the Pudsey Pacers Facebook page for some excellent photos of all our runners.
Dev Kovalsky was also amongst the prizes at the Viking Chase Fell race organised by Esk Valley Fell Runners in order to raise funds for the Cleveland Mountain rescue team. Dev was 2nd F40 on the day.
Another great turnout and performance at the Yorkshire Vets GP race, the 6th in the series this time at Roundhay Park. Our contingent of 15 men and 11 ladies did enough to ensure our men maintain 1st position in all 3 tables whilst our ladies continue to hold on to 2nd place in all 3 tables. Amongst the individual prizes on the night were Nigel Armitage 2nd M45, Rich Allen 2nd M40, Leigh Hinchliffe 3rd M45, Paul Gaille 2nd M50, Rob Samuels 3rd M55, Sue Ransome 2nd F60, and Rodney Tordoff 2nd M75.
The previous Sunday we had runners in The Leeds 10K (Apologies for any runners I have missed in the results but unfortunately the race results fail to show the club name for many runners, hopefully I have picked most of our runners out).
Kate Smithson improved on her previous time at the very tough Burn Valley Half Marathon.
Lisa Jamieson did the Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon in a time of 1:38:07
Leigh Hinchliffe and Caroline Clarke competed in the Blackfell Fell Race.
Finally for this week Paul Dewhirst was sole pacer at St Aiden 10k and completed this in 56:07.  
Please see the results section above for more detail on all our runners.
Upcoming events: 
- Tuesday 23rd July – YVAA GP Race 7 – Bingley, please see YVAA home page for details or contact Judith Marshall.
- Wednesday 24th July – Track session@ John Charles Stadium. These sessions are free of charge to members and are entirely suitable for all of our members regardless of ability and experience rest assured we can cater for you. Next week there is an opportunity for those runners who want to try and improve on their time for a measured mile.
- Thursday 25th July – July Social Run – Strawberry Stumble organised by Sarah Turner and John Marshal. Please see Sarah’s facebook post relating to this on The Pudsey Pacers RC group page.
- Thursday 29th August – August social run is an away run and held in Otley. Tim at Yorkshire Runner has kindly agreed to host this event for us.
There will be the opportunity to try out some trail shoes (HOKA) on the night and with discounted purchases.
There will be a selection of clothing on offer too.
There will be runs out to accommodate all abilities starting from the shop and then food and drinks after wards at the Junction pub.
More details nearer the time but please get the date in your diaries.
Well done to all our runners on their recent achievements, don’t forget if you want to be included in reports please send details in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Weekly News and update. w/e Sat 6th July

There are lots of events and results to catch up with this week.

Firstly, here is a summary of recent results: -

Helen Windsor 10k

Rodney Tordoff 59:45 (1st M75)


Danefield Relay

7 Pudsey teams entered: -

The Birkby Sandwich - 12th -1:04:16

Thumbs Up Pudsey - 20th - 1:05:23

Pudsey Pacers Supervets 179 – 45th -1;15;37

Pudsey Pacers Rejects – 49th   - 1:16:08
Pudsey Pacers Reserves – 57th – 1:17:46

Pudsey Plodders – 74th – 1:26;26

Pudsey 2 Team – 84th -1:39:58


Eccup 10

James Boxall 59;19

Matt Pinnock 1:02;55

Nigel Armitage 1;03:03

Faye Birkby 1:06:47 (3rd lady)

John Marshall 1;11:33

Mark Orbell 1;11;39

Robert Greaves (Jnr) 1;13:06

Tom Murphy 1:13:44

James Pickles 1:14;23 

Chris Campion 1:15:31

Dave Burdon 1:16:02

Natasha Cook 1;16;34

Steve Pattison 1:18:52

Johnny Scott 1:19;11 

Christophe Martyn 1:20:17

Phil Lonsdale 1:20:23

William Overton 1;28:32

Katy Ralph 1;29:15

Tony Lambert 1:29:27 

Adrian Martin 1:30:15

Pirjo Johnson 1:30:57

Hilary Taylor 1:34:42

Paul Dewhirst 1:35:29

Andrew Allan 1;37:09 

David Owen 1:37;25

Gemma Storr 1:38:40

Ian Robinson 1:39:00

Sara Wilmot 1:39:11

Natalie Ward 1:39:36

Andrew Bishop 1:39:40

John Woodhead 1;40:57 

Rodney Tordoff 1:40:53 (2nd M75)

Robert Greaves (Snr) 1:41:23

Amber Reid 1:41:42

Claire Greenwood 1:43:09

Emma Wiltshire 1:43:45

Sarah Turner 1:49:09

Cathy Martin 1:51;16 

Gemma Benson 1:52:46

Kezzie Medford 1:52:48 (1st F70)

Nic Anness 1;54;10

Joy Good 1;55:44

Rachel Newman 2:03;19

Lindsay Johnson 2:03:56

Susan Cunnington 2:03:59

Janet Ashton 2:04:08

Lindsay Dixon 2:28;39

Annette Clark 2:31:30


Humber Bridge Half Marathon

Debbie Mcdermott 2:27:27

Ralph Mcdermott 2:27:28


Penistone 10k 

Nicola Cartwright 1:02:26


Hilly Halifax Half Marathon 

Kate Smithson 2:17:04


Cross Fell Race

Gary Leedham 2:26:38


Round Sheffield Run (Multi Stage Trail)

David Booth 1:57 


Hyde Park Summer Mile

Andrew Bishop 7:03


YVAA GP Race 5 Stainland

Darran Ward 37;44

Leigh Hinchliffe 37:54 (2nd M45)

Rich Allen 38:37 (2nd M40)

Tom Keighley 38:49

Paul Gaille 38:56 (2nd M50)

Mark Orbell 40:50 (3rd M55)

Robert Samuels 41:06

David Booth 42:38

David Brooks 43:46 

Steve Woods 43;51 (3rd M60)

Dave Burdon 43:53

Steve Pattison 44:29

Mark Pawson 44:57

Tracey Gallagher 45:08 (3rd F35)

Diane Wood 46;11 (2nd F50)

Phil Lonsdale 47:49

Lisa Heath 48:23 (3rd F50)

William Overton 52:26

Adam Gallagher 53;37

Simon Pollard 54;12

Peter Covey 54;36 (1st M75)

Sue Ransome 55:10 (2nd F60)

Richard Hayes 56:47

Paul Dewhirst 57;11

Hilary Taylor 59:19

Nick Greenwood 60:14

Nicola Cartwright 60:18

David Owen 60:33

Sara Wilmot 61:35

Rodney Tordoff 66;50 (2nd M75)

Kezzie Medford 67:58 (1st F70)

Joy Good 69:17 (3rd F65)

Lindsay Johnson 72:27


Rush around the Rhubarb.

Leigh Hinchliffe 23:36

Jack Cooper 24:10

Jake Birkby 24:56

Peter Enever 25;46

Natasha Cook 27;35

Rob Butler 28;47

Lisa Heath 29:11

Steve Clayson 30:08

Adrian Martin 31:00

Katy Ralph 31:40

David Harper 31:44

Lisa Jamieson 32:34

Tony Lambert 33;16

Lois Ferraby 33;39

Ralph Mcdermott 33;53

Hilary Taylor 34;21

Andrew Allan 34:35

Claire Greenwood 35;34

Cathy Martin 40:03


Kettlewell Fell Race

Caroline Clark 57;31

Martin Bullock 58;20


Previous result 27th May Ilkley Trail

Tony Mawson 56:14

Dev Kovalsky 1:02:46

Melissa Stead 1:13;09


A result awaited and then overlooked was the Ilkley Trail Race back on 27th May, 3 of our runners were there and Dev Kovalsky reported – “A 7mile 800ft involving a 3mile climb at the start over the Wharfe Valley and across to Ilkley Moor when we hit the moorland on the top, undulating  for a very fast second half of the race, a fast smashing downhill. Loads of known faces from other clubs and a cracking race back for me after the 3peaks, still in love with it” 

Caroline Clark and Martin Bullock attended the Kettlewell Fell Race. Caroline was first of the 2 back in a time of 57:31 closely followed by Martin in 58:20.

Rush around the Rhubarb continues to be a popular race with the Pacers and there were 19 in attendance on the night.

The 5th of the YVAA GP series took place at West Vale and was hosted by Stainland Lions. There was a great turnout of Pacers with 23 men and 10 ladies. Prizes on the night for Leigh Hinchliffe, Rich Allen, Paul Gaille, Mark Orbell, Steve Woods, Peter Covey, Tracey Gallagher, Diane Wood, Lisa Heath, Susan Ransome, Rodney Tordoff, Kezzie Medford, and Joy Good. Our teams are very well placed in the overall league the men are 1st in 4 to count, All to count and rest to count, whilst the ladies are in 2nd in all 3 league tables.

Andrew Bishop competed in the Hyde Park Summer Mile, David Booth was in Sheffield doing the Multi Stage Trail race Round Sheffield. Meanwhile, Kate Smithson did the Hilly Halifax Half, and Nicola Cartwright the Penistone 10k. Ralph Mcdermott and Debbie Mcdermott were in Hull tackling the Humber Bridge Half Marathon. Garry Leedham opted for the fell’s and was sole pacer at Cross Fell. Please see above for the results.

There was a massive turnout of 48 Pacers at the Eccup 10 mile road race. Conditions this year proved much more bearable than previous years. Amongst the notable performances were Faye Birkby 3rd lady, Rodney Tordoff (2nd M75) and Kezzie Medford (1st F70).

The first of the short relays took place this week at Otley Chevin. There were 6 Pacers teams on the night. See above for the results Danefield Relay. Look out for the next 2 at Golden Acre Park and Washburn Valley.

Finally this week Rodney Tordoff was sole pacer at Helen Winsor 10k finishing in a time of 59:45 and finishing as 1st M75. Rodney was rounding off a busy week of racing and supplied the following report of his week. –

“With a YVAA Grand Prix and two Championship races I formulated a plan! I would run all three but not train, just rest between the races. Things at West Vale didn't get off to a flying start. Well they did actually, because attempting to get over a fallen tree on the course, I fell injuring my right leg and sustained cuts to my left arm. (A plan to be a 110 metre hurdler was shelved immediately). I finished the race 2nd in my age category, well done to fellow 'Pacer' Peter Covey who beat me.

Sunday was the Hollybank Eccup 10, which was the YVAA 10 mile Championship. I found myself in the company of Robert Greaves who wanted to use me as a pacer. As I was not in good form I thought a time of around 1.40 was possible. My time was 1.40.53, with Robert just behind me in 1.41.23. Again I finished 2nd in my age category.Also many thanks to all the 'Pacers' who came to support the runners in this event 

Wednesday was the Helen Windsor 10k at Greetland. This being the 10k YVAA Championship, although I was the only 'Pacer'. This was a tough course either going up hill or down there was very little flat sections. However I did manage to just break the hour with 0.59.45. I received a £15 Gift Voucher and a Plaque from the YVAA for 1st place in my age category”.


Well done to all our runners, don’t forget if you want to be included in reports please send details in to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Weekly News 24 June 2019


A mid week fell race was first up this week. At the latest in house counter at Beamsley Beacon (5m 1100’) Leigh Hinchcliffe reports “we had 5 pacers attend on a beautiful sunny evening, the results are as follows Leigh Hinchliffe 39:51, Martin Bullock 51:04, Nick Greenwood 58:56, Andy Allen 1:02:38 and Claire Greenwood 1:04:00”


On Saturday 20th June we had members taking part in the It’s Grim up North Summer Extravaganza 10 mile. Annette Clark reports “Both Lindsay Dixon and I did the it’s grim up north summer extravaganza 10 mile race at the weekend. Due to incorrect positioning of one of the marshals it actually turned out to be an unexpected 12 miles. Which we completed together in a time of 2:57”




The highlight of the weekend, was the Bradford Millennium Relay, a brilliant annual relay event which involved 40 of our members in 4 teams of 10 runners, each pairing of runners completing one of the 5 legs, which ranged between 8 and 12 miles totalling 47.5 miles and involving 6,300ft of climbing, starting  in Bingley and taking in Penistone Hill Country park near Haworth, Laycock, Silsden, Ilkley Moor and finally returning to Bingley.




Our club captain, Darren Barham reports “Another cracking day at BMW relay. Well done all! Results are in. A team finished a few places behind our 5th position last year. However, overall our time was 6 minutes quicker. A team finished in 9th. The Vets did superb finishing 16th Overall and 3rd vets team. Women's team even after a few runners picking up injuries and cuts along the way were 7th Female team and 33rd overall.


Some newcomers to relays and some putting some previous ghosts to bed for our B team coming in at 48th.


To have four teams out today is superb. Only matched by Saltaire and Keighley with the routes on their doorstep We are getting stronger each year and I am sure we will continue to do so!


Superb Pacers! “


A team -        6:25:24


Vets team     7:02:28


Ladies team  7:59:28


B team          9:07:20


Well done everyone!


If you are racing and want to be included in the race report then please let us know which race and details of your results and we will include. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Weekly News 17th June


First and foremost this week, a massive thanks to all club members who contributed in making our Annual 10k race another huge success. It was a great day for Pudsey Pacers club and hopefully we provided a fantastic community event for the town of Pudsey.

It was a busy week of racing for our runner’s but we start with a few catch ups from last week.

ABC Canter.

12 runners from Pudsey Pacers and a nice letter of appreciation received from Horsforth Harriers, thanking our club for supporting the race and helping the organisers to raise £360 from cake sales which will go towards helping the Motor Neurone Disease Association. Jack Cooper was 1st Pacer home in 42:27, followed by Mark Orbell 43:07 (3rd M55), Andrew Walker 44:52 (3rd M50), Brad Strutt 48:52, Pirjo Johnson 59:44, Ian Robinson 1:00:04, Amber Reid 1:03:15, Robert Greaves (snr) 1:05;79, Lucy Winder 1:06:40, Nic Anness 1:07:59, Joy Good 1:08:15 and Lindsay Johnson 1:13:42.

In the World Tri Series at Leeds. 2 of our members completed this event. David Booth in a time of 3:02:06 and Robert Greaves in 3:18:04.

Sarah Norman did the Hardmoors White Horse 10k in a time of 1:47:08 and reports as follows: -

Kipper and I completed the rather warm Hardmoors White Horse 10k on Sunday 9th in 1:47:08 we were 89th out of 108, 2nd dog! Stunning views across the escarpment. Kipper kept trying to round people up and wanted to eat grass rather than run at times. This suited my tired legs. It was 7 miles and 323m of elevation!”

Meanwhile Andrew Bishop attended the Sproatley 7 and reported as follows: -

“On 11th June I popped over to Sproatley to take part in the Sproatley 7, the continuation of the EHH Summer League. Only 156 turned out for this one, a marked drop from the previous races in the league, presumably put off by the weather.  Luckily by the evening of the race the rain had subsided to an inconvenient drizzle, but the torrential downpour was instead replaced with hammering winds which rendered some of the long open paths beside country fields a chore. The course was mostly flat, with some slight inclines, and I finished happy with 61:06”.

Peter Enever has been busy over the last week firstly completing the Stafford Half Ironman in a time of 6:28:31. He then followed this up by running the Grim Up North Summer Canal Canter in a time of 43:06 and picked up 1st prize.

Leigh Hinchliffe was at the Great Lakes Fell Race and told us –

This year it was a British and English fell champs counter.

 In typical lakes weather (heavy clag for first half of race, and a nice hail storm over Scafell before brightening nicely at the end).

 I completed what can only be described as a beast of a race(7000’ of climb over 13 miles and over some of the most technical ground I’ve come across) in 4hrs 4minutes.

 Definitely one for the bucket list ???? (We will maybe take a rain check on that if you don’t mind Leigh)


There was a fantastic turnout from Pudsey Pacers at the 4th race in the GP Series, this one hosted by Abbey Runners at a very wet and muddy West Park. 26 men and 13 ladies were there and some magnificent running leading to many individual prizes on the night and in the current league tables our men now lead in all 3 tables whilst our ladies have hauled us up to 2nd place in all 3 tables.

Individual performances (sorry no times provided yet) were as follows: -

Ladies : -

Tracey Gallagher 3rd (2nd F35)

Anna Keys 5th (3rd F35)

Diane Wood 11th (2nd F50)

Lisa Heath 21st

Sally Corbin-Smith 24th

Judith Marshall 38th

Sue Ransome 42nd (2nd F60)

Hilary Taylor 49th

Nicola Cartwright 54th

Sara Wilmot  62nd

Michelle Dare 63rd

Kezzie Medford 68th (1st F70)

Sara Potter 69th


Men: -    

Nigel Armitage 6th (1st M45)

Jon Holah 8th (1st M55)

Darran Ward 10th

Tom Keighley 11th

Leigh Hinchliffe 12th (2nd M45)

Rich Allen 18th (3rd M40)

Paul Gaille 20th

Tom Murphy 26th

Mark Orbell  33rd (2nd M55)

David Booth 37th (3rd M55)

Steve Woods 38th (1st M60)

David Brooks 53rd

Steve Pattison 55th (3rd M60)

Andy Norman 63rd

Johnny Scott 70th

Phil Lonsdale 91st

William Overton 116th

Adam Gallagher 117th

Simon Pollard 119th

Nick Greenwood 123rd

Francis Fowles 124th

Richard Hayes 129th

David Owen 141st

Robert Greaves (Snr) 144th

Rodney Tordoff 145th (2nd M75)


Brad Strutt (Guest) 

Finally for this weeks report its back to Pudsey 10k and we had the following Pacers running the race posting the following times: - Paul Gaille 43:10 (1st M50), Faye Birkby 43:11 (2nd lady) Mark Orbell 45:02 (1st M55), Robert Greaves (jnr) 46;44, Simon Beverley 48;10, Steve Woods 48:26, (2nd M60), Natasha Cook 49:02, Martin Scott 59:36, Ralph McDermott 1:03:27, Robert Greaves (Snr) 1;07;17, David Byrom 1:08;24.

Good running everyone and congratulations for all your achievements.


Weekly News 10 June 2019


With Pudsey 10k preparation, I have had limited time to go searching around for people’s results over the last couple of weeks, so here’s a quick round up of the races that members have notified me of at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Martin Scott reports “I completed the LDWA Hadrian’s Hundred (actually 105.5 miles) in 30hrs 7 min, coming 25th out of 474 starters.


Weather was bad, with poor visibility and heavy rain / strong wind for over 12 hours, making night navigation on the Saturday challenging (Cross Fell and High Cup Nick).


Now completed 13 annual hundred mile events” 


At the Austwick Amble on  27 May 2019, an 8.1 mile race with 1197ft ascent Andrew Allan finished in 1:25:36. Andrew reports “Low key and very friendly, all the climb comes in the first 2 miles and then a good flat race through the dales.”


Official times for Charlesworth Chase , Appletreewick to Simons Seat and back, 5.2 Miles , 1200ft of climb -Elaine Allan , First Place V50 Female , 01:03:54 and Andrew Allan , 01:13:29


At the Wharfdale off-road half marathon, the club had a good presence with  Morven Wallace first pacer over the line in 1:56:35, followed by Steve Pattison 2:00:19, Garry Leedham 2:02:48, Martin Bullock 2:09:08, Dev Kovalsky 2:16:39, Lisa Heath 2:18:45,


Katy Ralph 2:18:58, Andrew Allan 2:26:21 (PB), Linda Bullock 2:36:36, Pam Birchenall 2:44:23 and Melissa Stead 2:46:51.


At the Hull Half Marathon Michelle Dare was the sole pacer finishing in 2:23:25. Another lone runner was Andrew Bishop has been busy racing. He completed the Leven 10k in 52:23 and New Marske Everyone Active 10k in 55:41.


At the Duddon fell race Leigh Hinchcliffe reportedInteresting day out on the fells Saturday with heavy clag on the hills. This caused some bizarre route choices by many, even the elites. Quite a few failed to finish in both races. Caroline Clarke completed the short (10m 3000’) in 2:45 and picked up the prize for first V60. I completed the long (18m 6000’) in 4:16. A new pb even though I took a tumble and picked up a nice war wound to my eyebrow as a nice reminder. See fb for the gory details


Also on the fells, Dan Graham reports  “ I ran a very wet and windy Scafell Sky Race on Saturday 8 June. Due to bad weather the race bypassed Scafell Pike - so in the end was just over 21 mile and 8000ft climbing. Finished 87th in 6:48:38

Well done everyone!


Weekly News 27th May 2019

A couple of big city events to report on first and so to Edinburgh where we had runners contesting in both the Marathon and Half Marathon. In the marathon, Paul Kaye added to his impressive list of marathons by completing in a time of 4:49:54.  Paul was followed by David Harriison in a time of 4:57:41 and also inside the 5 hour threshold was Kate Smithson  in a time of 4:59:56. Opting for the Half Marathon were John Woodhead finishing in a time of 1:58:18, Fiona Harrison 2:08:56 and Mary Liversidge 2:11;35.

Liverpool was a busy city at the weekend with the Rock and Roll running festival and again we had runners competing in both the Marathon and the Half Marathon. Competing in the marathon were Chris Campion who completed in 3:43:16, Tony Lambert 4:38:04, Andy Duffy 5:27:07, and Michaela Ajay 5;34;54. meanwhile in the Half Marathon Adrian Martin was first Pacer home 1:57:15 followed by Michelle Dare 2;14:24,Cathy Martin 2:21:11, Ralph McDermott 2:28:10 and Debbie Mcdermott 2:28;11.

Andy Norman was at one of the Hardmoor 110 events this time running the length of The Cleveland Way which he completed in 31hrs and 43 minutes achieving a negative split by  20 minutes. this was a PB and also meant that Andy entered the Hardmoors 2000 mile hall of Fame Club.

Nearer to home there was the Ilkley Trail race involving 4 of our  runners but results are still awaited and there was also The Calverley School Run a 10k race organised by Grim Up North. Rob Butler completed in a time of 46:39 and Katy Ralph 51:50.

Some great achievements by our runners, Congratulations and well done to all of you.,       



Weekly News 20 May 2019

Apologies for the delayed news from last weekend.


The highlight of the weekend was the first race in summer relay season with the Calderdale Way Relay, 50 or so miles up and down the Calderdale Valley, starting and finishing at West Vale near Halifax. Run in pairs and divided into six legs, Captain Darren Barham, did a grand job on matching his pairings, and was challenged in the 11th hour to find some last minute stand-ins. Well done to the reserves who stepped up to that mark at short notice. Our A team finished in 21st position in a very strong field of 100 teams from some prominent fell running clubs in a time of 7:15:04, followed by the B team in 49th in 8:10:49 and C team 83rd in 9:46:07.  Your Captain comments:  

Thanks to all those that helped today, drove people between legs, organised taxis, gave out water etc. Lots of thanks Carrie Waddingham, who had to endure the ups and downs of the Calder Vally while 38 weeks pregnant to get photos. Thanks to Jake Birkby for the company and his self -titled 'Social Media Department' role wearing full Pacer Kit. And a massive thanks to all those that run. Great Day Pacers! Will try and get a full report up soon,”


At the more low key local first running of the Cookridge Community 10k, Rich Allen crossed the line in 40:49, followed by Ian Robinson 56:46, Lucy Winder 1:06:44, Sara Potter 1:06:42, Lia de Faveri 1:09:08, Lindsay Johnson 1:11:01 (making it onto the front page of YEP), Amanda Shaw 1:17:52 and Annette Clark 1:35:51. 


Weekly News 13th May 2019.

This week saw one of the highlights of our calendar year with the Leeds Half Marathon. We had over 50 members running the race. The weather was very warm but there were some great performances with 3 of our runners amongst the prizes and a couple of half marathon PB’s to report as well.

Al Chapman 1:24;18

Faye Birkby 1:27:43

Darran Ward 1;28;34

Morven Wallace 1:31:38

John Marshall 1;32;26

Tom Keighley 1;33:30

James Pickles 1:33:49

Mark Orbell 1:34;58

Paula Bradshaw 1:36:40 (3rd F45)

David Brooks 1:39;45

Natasha Cook 1:41:37

Garry Leedham 1:44;21

Lucy Armstrong 1:46;11

Rachael Newton 1:48;11 (PB)

Andrew Hardaker 1:48;17

Paris Smith 1;51;24

Amjuli Parmar 1:55:00

Pirjo Johnson 1;55:42

Simon Pollard 1:57:23 (PB)

Judith Marshall 1:57;25

Hilary Taylor 1:59;25

Linda Bullock 2:01:26

David Owen 2:01:34

Nick Greenwood 2:02:37

Toby Meekings 2:03:24

Kate Smithson 2:05:24

Julie Tipper 2:06:48

Gemma Storr 2:08:55

John Woodhead 2:10:20

Fiona Harrison 2:10:30

Paul Dewhirst 2;11:23

Michelle Dare 2;12:14

Mary Liversidge 2:14:23

Nick Ljustina 2:14:30

Cathy Martin 2:15;24

Claire Greenwood 2;15:28

Sarah Turner 2:16:42

Amber Reid 2:16:49

Andrew Bishop 2:16:59

Robert Greaves 2:20:22

Michaela Ajayi 2:21:55

Gemma Benson 2:24:10

Kezzie Medford 2:29:05 (2nd F70)

Karina Leucht 2:31:09

Joy Good 2:31:13 (2nd F65)

Samantha Dean 2:31:37

Rachel Clayforth 2:57::48

Lia De Faveri 3:00:47

Lindsey Dixon 3:15:55

Annette Clark 3:16:45

Helen Hargrave 3:21:54  

Meanwhile Elaine Allan did the Charlesworth Chase, an unusual race from Appletreewick to Simons Seat and back involving a 5.2 mile and 1200 feet climb, however on reaching the finish line the runners must then down a pint of beer. Elaine was in the prizes finishing the race as 2nd lady.

Lisa Jamieson did a couple of events during the week and reported as follows: - First up on Wednesday evening (8th) I did the Cannon Dash one of the Grim up North events at Cannon Hall Country Park. You could do 5 or 10 miles and I chose the 10 mile distance. The course was 4 laps which is not my preferred type of race but it was a really pretty route on trail, fields, across stiles and pretty bridges, with a few hills , so I really enjoyed it. I came in at 1.35.48 19/44 and was 2nd lady.
This weekend I completed Driffield sprint Triathlon which is a great family event. This was my second time at this event and I managed to finish 4 mins faster than last year in 1.31.23”.

 An event we missed out on the report last week involved Andrew Wood who took on the Leeds Spring Challenge. Andrew reports – “I did last Sunday at Boddington Hall in Adel. It was a 2 hour lapped circuit event which I was the only one representing Pudsey Pacers. I managed to do 12 laps. Each lap was a mile so 12 miles”.


The Pudsey Pacers Annual Awards took place at Pudsey Congs Cricket Club on Friday 10th May. It was a great night and well attended by many of our members. The results of the votes were as follows: -

RunTogether - Male Runner – Christophe Martyn

RunTogether – Female Runner – Julie Crook/Janet Waite

Male Newcomer – Jake Birkby

Female Newcomer – Faye Birkby

Most Improved Male Runner – Andrew Bishop

Most Improved Female Runner – Michelle Dare

Best Male Runner – Matt Livesey

Best Female Runner – Faye Birkby

Andy Barrett Trophy - Faye Birkby 

 Many Congratulations to all our runners for all their efforts in this week’s races and to all those successful in picking up a trophy at the awards.


 Weekly News 6 May 2019

A few races to report this week. Starting midweek up at Ilkley at the Dick Hudson Fell Race, 7 miles 1100 ft climb starting near White wells, and then up over the moor touching the gate near Dick Hudsons pub before returning and retracing the route back to Ilkley. Steve Pattison was first pacer in 1:05:14, followed by Andrew Allan 1:19:34, Lisa Heath 1:37:04 and Elaine Allan 1:37:07.


Bitten by the fellrunning bug, a busy weekend for Andrew Alllan, who then headed up to the Lakes to take part in the Coniston fell race on Saturday 4th May, completing the 8.7mile route with 3494 ft of climbing in 3:08:18. In Andrew’s words “A serious challenge but delighted to finish”.


More racing too this weekend as Steve Pattison tackled the Bluebell 10 mile race over near Halifax in 1:32:33. Steve reports Lovely Trail race with a surprising amount of hard surface cobbles, tarmac, tow path etc with a nice bit through the woods all runnable, except Trooper Lane although I gave it my best effort.” 


PBs galore at the North Lincolnshire half marathon, with 1:55 for Lois Ferraby and a massive Pb by over 23 minutes to finish in 2:13:02.


It was well worth the solo trip to Hawkworth for Matt Livesey, who finished in 3rd place overall in the Up the Odda in 39:10, a very tough hilly 10k. 


Finally, at Tadcaster Tri, Martin Robson completed all 3 disciplines overall in 1:11:56, Andy Norman 1:11:57, Sarah Norman 1:19:14 and Loretta Robson 1:25:19.


Well done everyone

Weekly News 30th April 2019.

This was a huge weekend in the race calendar, the culmination of hours of intense training and discipline all coming down to big day’s at Horton in Ribblesdale, London and Blackpool.

Firstly, to Horton in Ribblesdale and Saturday brought some very challenging conditions for runners, race officials and supporters. Pudsey Pacers were out in force on all 3 fronts and Martin Bullock a leading light in the organisation of this terrific event had the following message -

"What a weekend! 
A huge well done to the runners @ the Three peaks race on Saturday, it was a testing one to say the least!
We had some experienced 3 peakers, some 2nd timers looking for a PB and some 1st timers, to top it off everyone got round!
I’ve not counted the number of PP (friends) marshals out on the route but I’m sure it was more than 40 of which at least half a dozen+ made it back to Leigh’s awning!
We had helpers at the set up from Wednesday through to Sunday mid afternoon on the take down - you know who you are and I owe you a drink or two! not forgetting the last minute injured that braved Ingleborough CP! + the stand by last minute if needed marshals.
Amazing weekend & one to remember!

Cheers all"


Results for our runners were as follows: - Jon Greenwood 4:29:30, Anna Keys 4:43:50, Simon Beverley 4;53;13, Laurence Martin 5:00:37, Ben Mason 5:04:47, Tony Mawson 5:04;55 and Dev Kovalsky 5:12:50, a marvellous achievement with all our runners safely completing this tricky course requiring 100% endurance, well done all.


Meanwhile the following day brought the London Marathon, conditions slightly more favourable for running but this represented an unknown quantity for a couple of our runners running marathon distance for the first time. Again, all our runners successfully completed the distance making all their hard work worthwhile. Some very respectable times to report as follows: - Natasha Cook 3:25:48, Judith Marshall 4;48:31, Elaine Rushworth 4:56;14, Nicola Cartwright 5:03:34, Paul Mortimer 5:05:02, Victoria Dickinson 5;12;21, and Nick Ljustina 5;24:15. Fantastic achievement from all our runners well done. Judging by the pictures of smiling faces after the race you all seem to have had a memorable experience.


Finally, congratulations and a well done to Matthew Pinnock who opted for Blackpool Marathon and finished in a time of 3:17:30

No doubt after a week’s reward and recognition all our fell and road marathon runners will be raring to go again.


Weekly News 23 April 2019

A missed result from last week before we report on this weekend’s activities Dev Kovalsky was over the moon with her result at the inaugural Peterborough Marathon, a PB by over a minute finishing 7th female over all (5th F40) in 3:50:24. Dev recommends the event, which was totally perfect for a fast flat PB marathon and will definitely be back to do it again, hopefully with more pacers to keep her company!

In contrast to her exploits pounding the streets of Peterborough, a change of scenery and terrain and elevation this week for Dev as she waltzed her way around the hills of the Lake District in the Newlands Memorial Fell Race Anniversary Waltz. Dev reports “a hard race, 11.5mi at 3,760ft at the Lake District. Newlands. Tough climbs; Robinson, Dale Head. This is totally a different challenge ,no rest between climbs plus dryness nearly killed me but happy to finish it and a new next year challenge to conquer the Cumbrias.” Dev finished this very warm race in 3:18:12. Also running was Tony Mawson, who finished in 2:48:29 and comments “Just two Pudsey Pacers entered this event on a very hot Easter Bank Holiday. The amount of climbing was tough in the midday heat and even some of the descents were difficult due to their technical nature. But on the highest points of the run we were rewarded with stunning views across the Lake District. Water was a problem (there are no water stations on a fell race) with some competitors taking advantage of the mountain streams at high level. The organisers were also “hosing down” competitors as they crossed the finish line!”

Andrew Bishop has been busy taking advantage of the Easter break and seeking out some midweek races. On Tuesday 16th April he ran the EHH Summer League New Ellerby 5M and finished in a time of 40:37, which was a PB and on Good Friday he ran the New Marske Mermaid 10K in 53:31.

Easter Sunday saw the traditional running of the more local Guiseley Gallop, a multi terrain 10K starting and finishing near West Side retail park in Guiseley. First pacer home was John Halliwell in 49:25, followed by Brad Strutt 52:06. Steve Pattison 54:34, Kate Smithson 64:39 and Andrew Wood 69:28.

More Bank Holiday running on Easter Monday at the Ackworth Half Marathon, Katy Ralph lead the pack home in 1:57:44, Adrian Martin 2:03:18, Rodney Tordoff 2:18:24, Cathy Martin 2:25:00 and Kezzie Medford 2:34:40. Well done to Rodney and Kezzie on winning their respective age categories (M75 and F70).

Well done everyone!

Weekly News 15th April 2019.

The 2nd grand prix vet’s race was at Honley, hosted by Holmfirth Harriers and we had 9 ladies and 19 men attend this enjoyable but tough 6 miles course. Our men excelled on the day taking the 1st 4 to count result and over 2 races they are now joint top of the 1st 4 to count table with Pudsey and Bramley. They also lead the tables in the All to count and Rest to Count tables. Meanwhile the ladies put up a good show and have now moved to 3rd in the 1st 4 to count table and 2nd in the Rest to Count and All to count tables.

Individual results were as follows. Nigel Armitage 41:14 (2nd M45), Jon Holah 41:51 (1st M55), Rich Allen 42:27 (2nd M40), Paul Gaille 43:35, Tony Mawson 47:04, David Booth 47:17, John Halliwell 48:00, Mark Dixson 48:35, Dave Burdon 49:03, Brad Strutt (Guest) 49:05, Tracey Gallagher 51:15, Andy Norman 51:22, Steve Pattison 52:25, Francis Fowles 52:58, William Overton 54:35, Lisa Heath 54:38 (2nd F50), Sarah Norman 57;07, Nick Greenwood 57;59, Adam Gallagher 59:12, Elaine Allan 59:45, Pam Birchenall 59:50, Hilary Taylor 60:42, Ian Robinson 61:30, David Owen 64:42, Rodney Tordoff 67:03 (2nd M75), Kezzie Medford 74:01 (1st F70), Lyndsay Johnson 79:04, Lynne Oxley 86:10.

We had 3 representatives at the Sheffield Half Marathon (another hilly course). Mark Orbell was 1st pacer home in a time of 1:29:45, followed by Kate Smithson in 2:03:42 and Andrew Bishop 2:04:00 (PB).

Moving to the flatter courses a good show from Pudsey Pacers at the Vale of York 10 mile, Al Chapman finished in 1:01:43, Chris Campion 1:11:01, Beth Light 1:14:08, Andrew Hardaker 1:14:17, Rachael Newton 1:20:38, Andrew Wood 1:30:10, Katie Jones 1;33;12, Sam Garside 1:37:41, Samantha Dean 1:42:07, Nic Anness 1:43:22, Susan Cunnington 1:56:20, Rachel Tiernan 1:56;22, Rachel Clayforth 2:15:32 and Annette Clark 2:21:07.

Finally, for this week’s report and to the Boston Marathon, no not that one, this one is in the UK and much more famous as it is advertised as the flattest marathon in Britain. Marathon man Paul Kaye completed in 4:34:01, also representing the Pacers in this event was Paul Dewhirst who completed in a time of 5:11:45.

Congratulations to all our runners this weekend, superb running.



Weekly News 8 April 2019

 A couple of missed results from last week before we report on this weekend’s activities. Joy Good reports: “Joy Good and Rachel Clayforth took part in the Keighley Big K 10k last Sunday, 31 March. Annette Clark also competed as part of the Farfield nurses team On a hilly course, taking in much of Keighley (scenic and not so scenic) and climbing up to Cliffe Castle, Joy completed the course in 1.02.17 and Rachel (coming back from injury) in 1.20.52.  Annette finished in 1.21.06. All received a goody bag which included out of date sandwich wraps but were also presented with red carnations for Mothering Sunday.  837 runners took part raising money for the Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice.”


Also on 31 March, Paul Kaye reports from the Conwy marathon “I did the Conwy Marathon which was a one lap course starting from Llandudno promenade, with an 8 mile return section taking you along the Rhos on Sea prom before a final climb up the Little Orme and then downhill to the finish. There was a fair climb up the toll road around the Great Orme in the opening 4 miles just to get the heart pumping. This was the first ever Conwy marathon so it was untested course. Encountered some strong headwinds in places, especially the stretch down to Rhos on Sea, but the weather stayed fine and dry which was fortunate for this time of year.   183 finished and my time was 04:43:29  and as my first one as a “super vet,  well happy with that. Definitely will do this again in a couple of years".


Turning to this week’s racing, there were on an off road options available. First of all, over the Pennines, we had a number of members pounding the streets of Manchester at the Manchester Marathon, starting and finishing near Old Trafford. An altered course this year gave many viewing and cheering opportunities for the pacer group of supporters who and travelled over to support spent the day running/walking and cycling all over the course to reach various vantage points. A well supported marathon with big crowds along the route, first pacer home was John Marshall in a speedy 3:21:18. John reports “surprisingly I enjoyed this race. Not my best marathon time but very plrased with it. I nearly, but not quite, managed to cling to the 3:15 pacer most of the way round (he was a 2.30 marathon, who paces the Manchester Marathon at 3.15 pace every year as his last long training run before London Marathon! My data is now with visiting coach Stuart, with a view to getting back to sub 3:15, which I feel is still within reach, on my next attempt! The support on the course was great and next year with route changes taking the course into the city centre this marathon and support can only get better!”  John was followed in by Francis Fowles running his first marathon in an excellent 3:55:55. Veteran marathon runner David Hudson was next in 4:16:22 and Andrew Allan a PB in 4:10:49. There was another PB on the cards for  Michelle Dare,by a massive 56 minutes with a time of 4:56:46 and Mary Liversidge in 5:08:32. Well done all!


Closer to home, a very established fixture in the Baildon Boundary Way was the choice of 11 of our members. A trail half marathon (slightly more) encompassing some challenging terrain, climbs (and some canal!). The results were excellent for the club, with our first 5 runners over the line earning a top 50 place. Matt Livesey had a storming run, finishing in 4th place in 1:25:44. He was supported by Al Chapman 25th in 1:34:01, just behind in 26th place Jon Holah (2nd M55) in 1:34:12, Jack Cooper 1:39:22 and in 50th place Mark Orbell in 1:40:40. Also running were Johnny Scott 1:57:26, Martin Bullock 2:03:29, Katy Ralph 2:14:18, Nick Greenwood 2:19:46, Linda Bullock 2:25:57 and Clare Greenwood 2:37:37.


In other races, Martin Scott took part in the Woldsman ultra marathon a mere 51 miles with 4500 ft ascent starting and finishing at Driffield show ground, completed in 11 hours and 33 mins.

At the Lincoln 10k, sole pacer Hilary Taylor was very pleased to finish in 54:05.



Weekly News 1st April 2019.

Last week’s Heptonstall results are now in and first home for the Pacers in 11th place overall was Matt Livesey 2:00:17, backed up by Laurence Martin 2:50:10, Ben Mason 2:50:10, Simon Beverley 2:54:32, Michael Hern 2:54:34, and Dev Kovalsky 3:00:26.

Also last week Sarah and Andy Norman completed the Lulworth Cove Marathon. Of course, when Andy and Sarah talk about marathons it usually entails more than 26 miles and is very rarely flat. So this one proved to be a typical marathon for the Normans and Sarah reports as follow’s  

“On Saturday 23rd Andy, Kipper and Sarah completed the Lulworth Cove marathon in 7 hours 9 minutes. A very hilly 29.5 miles climbing 1,826m along the stunning Dorset coastline. Perfect weather with a touch of drizzle and later some sun but not too warm for running. We were 51st of 80 finishers, Sarah was 8th lady of 24. Not a bad way to recover from the previous weekends adventures”.

A quieter weekend just completed for the rest of the Pacers with just the Coniston14 and the WYWL v Peco Relays to report on. Several of our runners went to Middleton again to compete in the WYWL v Peco relays some representing West Yorkshire others representing the Pacers. An enjoyable event and although WYWL battled hard Peco ran out 5-1 winners on the day to retain the honours for another year.

Meanwhile at the picturesque Coniston 14 we had David Booth finish in a time of 1:48 :05, followed up by Lisa Heath 1:55:37, Adrian Martin 1:57:54, William Overton 1:59:14 (3rd MV65), Martin Bullock 2:00:02, Kate Smithson 2:25:05 and Cathy Martin 2:27:01.  

Great running everybody, well done.

Weekly News 25th March 2019

A missed result from last week before we report on this weekend’s activities. David Booth reports I have just had a weekend away in Belfast doing Queens parkrun and the Belfast Craic 10k. 

The parkrun is based at Queens University sports facility which is excellent complex with a super friendly and welcoming parkrun volunteer team and the perfect place to pick up the Letter Q on the parkrun alphabet challenge.

On Sunday, the Belfast Craic 10k offered a potential PB opportunity with its reasonably flat course. Although it was cold and windy at the start it was dry, but two minutes into the race wind, rain and sleet challenged the St. Patrick’s day enthusiasm of the 1500 competitors. Judging by the smiles, fancy dress, amazing marshall’s and atmosphere at the finishing line, it failed.

Sitting on the plane on the flight back with a shiny new 10k PB (41:52) a huge thanks should go to the coaching team at the Pacers.”


A good start to the YVAA (vets league)this weekend with the first race taking place at Middleton. At the end of the 1st race the Men’s team are 1st in the All to Count and 2nd in the first 4 to count tables and our women’s team are 4th in the All to Count table. Individual performances as follows: Nigel Armitage 32:34 (3rd M45), John Holah 34:50 (1st M55),Rich Allen 35:59, Tom Keighley 36:05, Mark Orbell 36:32, Darran Ward 37:04, Gareth Millard 38:01, Brad Strutt 40:14, Tony Mawson 40:30, Dave Burdon 40:34, David Booth 40:44, Steve Pattison 41:15, Anna Keys 41.48, Tracey Gallagher 41:52, Francis Fowles 44:50, William Overton 44:53, Lisa Heath 45:20, Simon Pollard 46:01, Steve Woods 47:49, Adam Gallagher 48:28, Pete Covey 49:44 (1st M75), Nick Greenwood 49:51, Hilary Taylor 51:36, Rob Dixon 52:52, David Owen 53:55, Rodney Tordoff 54:48, Joy Good 58:44 (3rd F65) and Kezzie Medford 58:47(1st F70).


At the London Landmarks half marathon, Michaela Ajayi crossed the line in 2:22:33.


A quartet of pacers participated in the Wakefield 10k. Leading the merry band home was  Kate Smithson - 52:32, Andrew Wood - 57:43, Stacie Ashworth - 59:07 (PB) and Andrew Bishop - 59:09.


Trying his hand at a duathlon this weekend Dan Graham reports I did the Clumber Park Duathlon on Sat 23rd - which involves a couple of run sections. It was a 10k run followed by a 40k ride and finishing with a 5k run. The chip times for each section were 45:22, 1:10:43; 23:40... including transitions total time 2:23:19. Did a lot better than I thought I would!”


Judith Marshall as training for her big 10 marathons in 10 days in July did a double marathon this weekend at the Gin Pit marathon. She reports “In its 9th year this low key event run by Astley & Tyldesley Running  Club starting & finishing at miners welfare club takes on trails, canal & road. On Saturday I finished in 4:57:47 & Sunday 5:08:36 my total cumulative time was 10:06:23”


Results awaited for the Heptonstall Fell Race.


Weekly News and Catch Up 19th March 2019

A couple of weeks results and reports to catch up on.

Starting with last week Saturday 9th at Dentdale 14, Steve Pattison completed in 1.55.13 and Ralph Mcdermott in 2.50.52

Steve reported “It was a lovely scenic run in Dent Dale Cumbria figure of 8 with a 7 mile short course as well. Ralph and I opted for the long course (which is 14.2 mile approx) more for your money. Treated to a fine day with a breeze, cup of tea and pack- up for all runners”  

On the following day 2 Pacers tackled the tough Spen 20, Matthew Pinnock finished 17th in a time of 2:11:39 and Dev Kovalsky finished in 2:53:40 achieving a personal best. Dev reported as follows: - “Conditions were very challenging, only 2 Pacers, a fast track start, 2 laps in hilly shamrock loops and track finish. Strange weather, snow, rain, hail, bright sun and strong winds plus many hills made it very tough and hard to focus. 3 water stations and marshals to support, very fast runners made long gaps between us overtaking was hard with rd. traffic and visibility was difficult with rain& wind. I carry my basics FRA kit as I knew was going to be lonely up there. Excellent training for marathoners. I pass tighten behind in the last sprint track 200's Steph Wilson from P&B. Happy with my new PB but I finished very exhausted (chest)as pace had strong variations due to constant climbs so was difficult to maintain. Happy running everyone!”

Also, during the weekend of 9th/10th March, Brad Strutt completed the Rother Valley 10k in a time of 43:42.

Moving on to this week and several reports to get through.

Opting for the fells in North Yorkshire were Michael Dixon, Tony Mawson and Dev Kovalsky who tackled the tough sounding recently introduced Bilsdale Fell Race. As yet we don’t have any official results but Tony has provided a report of the day

3 Pacers (myself, Dveirel Kovalsky, & Michael Dixon) made it to the start line of the inaugural Bilsdale Fell Race, starting in the North Yorkshire village of Chop Gate.

Advertised at 14.5 miles and 4000ft of climbing it was certainly going to be tough.

Sure enough the first 2.5 miles were all uphill to reach the trig point at 1500ft.

We were treated to far reaching views across Teesside as we traversed part of the Cleveland Way, but from here the climbs got progressively harder and steeper (on one climb it was hands and knees clinging onto heather!)

Michael’s navigational skills enabled us to reach each of the 10 check points around the course. Checkpoint 8 proved difficult to locate as it was across open moorland with no defined path.

Considering Saturdays torrential rain, conditions were good, although in inclement weather this course would be very challenging.

No results posted as of 19/03/19 but Michael was first Pacer home closely followed by me & Dev”.

In the speedy Thirsk 10 mile race we had several of our runners competing, first home for us was Al Chapman who secured a PB with his time of 1:00:59, he was backed up by Morven Wallace 1:08:42, Lisa Jamieson 1:29:35, Linda Bullock 1:30:23, Julie Tripper 1:32:13, Lucy Adamson 1:32:24, Katie Jones 1:33:10, Pam Birchenall 1:34:41, and Debra Tomlinson 1:41:32

Also in the North East was Andrew Bishop who did the Locke Park 10/20. Andrew completed a 20 mile course in a time of 3:24:46 and reported “On Sunday morning I visited The Mighty Redcar™ to resolve some unfinished business by taking part in the Locke Park 10 / 20 race, a course consisting of a mile-long circuit taking in the sights of Locke Park. Entrants start off together and have a choice - finish after ten laps and claim the race as an official 10M time, but forever regret having missed some of the parks finer qualities that may not have been apparent on such a brief run, or commit to the full Locke Park Experience and envelop themselves in the beauty and blissfulness of the park by completing 20 laps, and bag an official 20M time in the process. Naturally, being an avid enthusiast of council parks, I committed to the 20 lap option. 74 eager park connoisseurs turned up on the day, with 25 opting for the 10 lap, and 49 opting for the 20 lap. A flat course, conditions were good to begin - if slightly chilly. As the day went on the park went a bit Jekyll and Hyde - half of the course was subject to tough winds rushing you head on, while the other basked in still sunlight. I managed to finish in 3:24:46, beating my previous years attempt, and setting a personal best in the process”.

Meanwhile back on the Hardmoors Andy and Sarah Norman were tackling a 53 miles route along the Cleveland Way. Displaying amazing endurance again they completed the challenge in 14Hrs 57 mins and 37 seconds. Sarah has provided a commentary on the day as follows: - “Hardmoors 50. Guisborough to Helmsley along the Cleveland Way.

53 miles in 14 hours 57 minutes and 37 secs

190th of 280 finishers, 438 started, 123 retired, 35 finished but over 16 hours. Sarah 36th of 64 ladies, Andy 155th of 216 men.

The double Roseberry Topping 'fun run'. It was an amazing day. I really struggled at the start with back and leg ache, just feeling shattered, Andy was stronger on the hills so I thought I was in trouble early on but he stayed with me and kept me going. I got stronger as the day went on and we were both really strong by the finish. A touch windy and wet at times making it muddy and slippy but not too bad, everyone was slower than expected”.

Rodney Tordoff opted for a 10 mile race in Lancashire and completed the Wigan 10 in a time of 1:36:07, he has commented as follows: - “ I decided that instead of running one of my favourite events the Thirsk 10, I would venture into Lancashire and run the Wigan 10 Miler. The 440 runners set off in the middle of Wigan and an interesting course ensued taking in Wigan Pier, the canal and Mesnes Park. We also ran around the outside of the DW Stadium the home of Wigan Athletic. Alright so it's not Elland Road but they did win the FA Cup in 2013 ( Leeds last and only win being in 1972) Anyway back to the pain of running I was disappointed with my time of 1.36.07 and also the fact that there wasn't an age group category for me. I was put in the the younger age group, which I won. I cannot report on the times of other Pacers as there were none! Keith Knott of Middleton Harriers with 56.18 won the race and the first woman home was Lindsay Murphy with 1.11.43”.

Finally, for this week’s report we had fantastic representation at the Bradford 10k. Oh how this race has grown in popularity since it started about 8 years ago. Conditions on the day were strange to say the least with a strong headwind and heavy showers interspersed with sunny periods, nearly 3000 runners registered for this race and over 2000 finished of which at least 40 were representing Pudsey Pacers. Please accept my apologies for anyone missing in the results but many of our runners for some reason did not have their club name shown in the results. So, the results we know about are as follows: -

Mark Orbell 40:14

Gareth Millard 41:18

James Pickles 43:31

Dave Burdon 44:37

Simon Pollard 49:25 (PB)

Pirjo Johnson 50:08 (1st F55)

Christophe Martin 50:44

Tony Lambert 51:18 (PB)

Adam Gallagher 54:07

Andrew Duffy 54:39

Natalie Ward 55:14

Kate Smithson 55:44

Sara Wilmot 56:13

Paul Dewhirst 58:31

Nicola Cartwright 59:12

Victoria Dickinson 59:18

Paul Mortimer 59:34

Kezzie Medford 59:53 (1st F70)

Joy Good 59:55

Stacey Ashworth 59:59

Julie Crook 1:00:20

Louise Barber 1:01:30

Karina Leucht 1:03:14

Janet Waite 1:03:52

Melissa Stead 1:03:54

Georgina Saul 1:04:07

Cheryl Murphy 1:05:58

Susan Cunnington 1:07;31

Juliette Ward 1:08:11

Arthur Wood 1:10:53

Howard Stead 1;11:10

Janet Ashton 1:12;03

Sharon Steel 1:12;49

Lindsay Dixon 1:16:18

Toni Heward 1:16:45

Amanda Thomas 1:16;45

Christine Stead 1:19:32

Annette Clark 1:21:33

Mandy Boole 1;22:42

Joanne Woodward 1:41:51



Weekly News 4th March 2019


This weekend saw the final race of the WYWL xc at Stainland. A revised route with a bonus river crossing. A great turnout during the season and some top performances. In the final standings our teams finished Men 2nd, Women 5th and Overall 3rd. Some great individual performances with newcomer to the club and the league Faye Birkby leading the women home on every occasion and finishing 1st Female overall in the entire league, winning 5 of the 6 races she ran. Anna Keys found some returning fitness and finished 3rd F35, with Sue Ransome 3rd F60 and Kezzie Medford 2nd F70. In the men’s league it was a particularly good season for Matt Livesey  finishing 3rd Male overall, Nigel Armitage 1st M45, Jon Holah 1st M55, Mark Orbell 2nd M55 and William Overton 2nd M65.




Meanwhile running round in circles on a 1 mile circuit of the cycle track at the Brownlee Centre, Rob Butler completed 6 or so laps in the Brownlee Centre 10k in 47:23.




Travelling further afield some solo pacers travelled to different places home and abroad to take part in a number of half marathons. The Beast from the East, which intervened and resulted in an aborted attempt last year for 25 or so of the club’s members as flights were cancelled, did not thwart Elaine Rushworth’s plans this year! Elaine flew the flag solo and finished the twilight Benidorm half marathon in 2:15:00. At the Cambridge half marathon Peter Enever crossed the line in 2:23:27 and closer to home Kate Smithson ran the Settle half marathon in 2:08:35.


Weekly News 25th February 2019


What a glorious warm sunny February weekend we have had resulting in some great racing for some of our members.


On Saturday a contingent headed to Dufton village to take part in High Cup Nick fell race, 9.3 miles, 1500’ climb, involving a figure of eight circuit taking runners to an amazing view point of High Cup before taking them up it to return along the Pennine Way . Martin Bullock has provided this short report High Cup Nick results not out as yet, here are the times though: Laurence Martin 1:30:56 Tony Mawson 1:34:30 Andrew Walker 1:37:21 and Martin Bullock 1:45:17 6min. It was a PB on this route for me. Tony had a very good run, must have saved some for the fast finish as he managed to stride out from the top. Very wet and boggy in the bottom compared to last year, beautiful day and amazing scenery made it worth the long drive.”


Also on Saturday at the Slaithwaite Slog Half Marathon it was double gold for Pacers Matt Pinnock and Anna Keys, who slogged away to achieve first male and female in times of 1:27:31 and 1:44:10 respectively.


Meanwhile closer to home at Harewood House we had teams entered in the English National Cross Country championship races. A top quality event attracting some top quality runners from all over the country! Steve Pattison reports “A brilliant day of watching and racing in untypical cross county weather but great for spectators. Junior races in morning followed by the Women's Senior Race 8k at 1.35pm with over 1,000 runners. Tracey Gallagher  39.53, Dveirel Kovalsky (Dev) 42.55, Caroline Clarke  44.05 and Kezzie Medford 55.16, the Women's Team finished in 95th . Mens race started at 3pm 12k with just over 2,000 runners -  Jon Holah 47.57, Jake Birkby  50.10, Tom Keighley 51.26,  Mark Orbell 52.00, Gareth Millard 53.37, Robert Greaves Jnr 53.40,  Steve Pattison 58.09, Jonny Scott 59.13. Men's Team finished 114th out of 144 teams. I would recommend to anyone who loves true cross country great event.”


On Sunday 24th February at Ilkley, 2 pacers headed up and over the moor in the Ilkley Fell Race – an 8km demanding race with 401m climb. Matt Livesey finished in a commendable 6th place in 41.27 and Paul Dewhirst in 76.02.


Finally, at Snake Lane 10 mile race at Pocklington, leading the pacers home was Ryan Turnbull 1.01.18, followed by Al Chapman 1:02:23, John Halliwell 1:12:20, Chris Campion 1:14:52, Victoria Wilkinson 1:27:38, Mary Liversidge 1:35:39, and Samantha Dean 1:37:46.




Weekly News and Catch Up 19th February 2019

A couple of weeks results to catch up on.

Firstly, it was the Rombalds Stride on 2nd February. This tough event organised by the Airedale scouts started life as a long distance walk but is now very popular with many runners particularly those who like long distance and fell running. Starting and finishing in Guiseley it takes in 23 miles of beautiful local moorland and includes some tough climbs up Baildon and Ilkley Moor as well as the steep Great Dib on Otley Chevin.

This year we had 2 entrants Caroline Clarke who completed in 4hours 26 minutes and Tim Ayres who unfortunately had to abandon due to a very painful achilles heel injury.

 On 10th February we had the 5th West Yorkshire Winter League race and this was hosted by Crossgates. This was the first event they had hosted but it proved very successful, they produced a fast course which took in part of The Leeds Country Way and Pendas Fields. Pudsey had another good turnout with 28 men and 9 ladies in attendance. Faye Birkby clinched the first lady award with 1 race to spare and on the day, our Men finished 2nd, Ladies 3rd, Vets 4th and Super-vets 3rd. Overall, we were 2nd team on the day. With 1 race to go at Stainland, there are a several of our runners still in with a chance of picking up an age group award.  

Not many races to report on this weekend. Andrew Bishop completed the Wombwell 5 mile race in a time of 36:44 although he was disappointed to find that the organisers had got their measurements wrong therefore taking the shine of what would have been a PB. Meanwhile at Harewood, David Brooks opted for the Half Marathon finishing in 1:39:52 ,whilst Lucy Winder completed the 10k in 1:09.

Finally, for this week at the Liversedge Half Marathon, Judith Marshall completed this tough road race in a time of 2;13:24

Weekly News 4th February 2019


We start this week’s report with news from the super quick Dewsbury 10k and many of our runners were able to post some of their fastest 10k times. First home for the Pacers was Al Chapman in a time of 38:27, also under the 40 minute radar were Darren Ward 39:14, and Mark Orbell 39:25. David Brooks finished in a time of 41:22 to be followed by Gareth Millard 41:30, William Overton 47:44. Elaine Allan checked in at just under 50 minutes with a time of 49:34 and was followed by Andrew Allan in 50:08, Paul Dewhirst 51:52, Robert Greaves 55;43,Amber Reid 57:12, Cheryl Murphy 1:04:44, Mandy Boole 1:09:33 and Kate Smithson in 1:22;38.

Over in Southport a good number of pacers tackled the Mad Dog 10k. Andrew Bishop ran this in 50:21, Tony Lambert 52;29, Samantha Dean 56:06, Paul Mortimer 58;36, Stacie Ashworth 1:02:30, Deborah McDermott 1:02:27, Ralph McDermott 1:02:28, Joy Good 1:03:45, Lindsay Dixon 1;20:46, Annette Clark 1;20:46 and Helen Hargrave 1:24:18

Peter Enever and Andrew Walker ran in The Pateley Pie and Pint 10 miler and achieved terrific results with Peter finishing 2nd and Andrew 6th overall. Peter reports as follows: -


Myself and Andrew Walker ran the Pateley Pie and Ppint 10 miler on Saturday 2nd Feb

I finished 2nd overall in a time of 1:19:09 missing out on first place by 1 second. Andrew came in 6th in 1:25:00

The race was run by grim up north and was two five laps with other distances also racing from 5 miles to 30 miles.

The route was mainly flat along the valley on snow covered grass and farm track so slippy in places with one very steep climb at the 2 mile point. Great support, cake, pie and beer”.

The Wadsworth Trog with 19 miles and 3650ft of ascent across some of Yorkshire’s more rugged terrain is a daunting event at the best of times, throw in some snow and ice and you have a very tough nut to crack, however that did not stop Steve Pattison and Martin Bullock who displayed great endurance to complete this testing course in times of 4:11:54 and 4:27:09.Steve provided this commentary on his day: -

“Great day for a long distance fell race over Wadsworth Moor, Haworth Moor and Midgley Moor clear as a bell snow on the ground and a frost in the air spectacular. Pleased to get around last few miles a bit of a slog who likes uphill finishes”. 

Meanwhile the following day Dev Kovolsky was sole pacer tackling yet another tough winter course in the form of Mickleden Straddle. Dev finished in 2:47:49 and reports as follows: -

Mickleden Straddle (BL)fell race, Sunday 3rd Feb. A 14.4mi 2,431ft at the Peak District in Langsett reservoir. A tough 2 climbs in the snowed moors with slushy bogs and layered iced streams, technical through narrow paths, downhills with loose stones steep climb part bright sun and winds in the back of the mountain. A tight cut off at 4.6mi.

Dveirel Kovalsky :I did the cut off in 42min finishing in 2:47:49 ,8thFV40 pos 158. Only Pacer, other Pacer M Dixon couldn’t come due to work. 

The organiser Ian Winterburn was a Pacer now living there and part of the Mountain Rescue team. He said had great memories from the club! 1st man Chris Holsworth from Ribble Valley H in 1:39:25 & 1st lady Sarah Hodgson 2:04:36 from Leeds City AC. Totally recommend a such inspirational landscape fell race full kit checked to detail and after race food totally amazing soup, cakes, sandwiches, buffet, plus a great bottle of beer for a £9 entry.

Rombalds Stride also took place this week but no results available yet, hopefully we can include information relating to that next week.

Great running by everybody this week particularly given the wintry conditions. Well done to all our runners.

Weekly News 28th January 2019


A seemingly quiet racing weekend as I have only been notified of one race.


On Saturday 26th January, several members took part in the inaugural running of a local race the Kirkstall Calverley Cutter, a 17km trail race taking in both river and canal paths.


Attracting 160 runners, despite a wrong turn Al Chapman managed to finish in 9th place in 1:13:21. He was followed by Mark Dixson 1:21:14 (1st M50), Morven Wallace 1:22:36, Steve Pattison 1:23:37 (1st M60), Anna Keys 1:23:58, Rob Butler 1:34:08 and Annette Clark 2:41:38. Annette reports  I ran the Kirkstall Calverley Cutter trail run yesterday. 17k along the canal and river Aire from Kirkstall to Apperley Bridge and then up the very steep Calverley Cutting before going back down the river and heading back along the same route.

My first big trail run and despite finishing way way behind everyone else I loved the course and atmosphere with some pacers running, spectating and marshalling to cheer me on. Even won a prize for being longest on the course.”


If you are racing and want to be included in the race report then please let us know which race and details of your results and we will include. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Weekly News 21st January 2019

Another excellent turnout for the 4th in the series of West Yorkshire Winter League races. This one was hosted by South Leeds Lakers who set up a great course using Middleton Clearings and the surrounding park and woodlands. On the day we had 32 men and 11 ladies don the yellow vest. Results on the day were Men 4th Ladies 5th (Faye Birkby winning the ladies race)  Vets were 4th, Supervets 2nd and Overall 3rd. Next race is hosted by Crossgates on 10th February.

Mary Liversidge travelled to Inskip to complete the Half Marathon in a time of 2:05:42, whilst Andrew and Elaine Allan opted for the 4 Villages Half Marathon and posted times of 1:55:09 and 1:58:22 respectively.

Rodney Tordoff did the Tatton Hall 10k and provided the following report: -

With no running club, camera club or 'disco' over Xmas and with an entry in the Tatton Park 10k the only thing to do was to get some miles in. Running LSD! (no it's not a drug it stands for long, slow, distance) I managed to pack 50 miles in the week. I had two aims for the 10k, that was to beat my last 10k time and win my aged category. I achieved both with my time being 57.34. I enquired if there was a prize presentation and was told there wasn't. I emailed the organiser and asked if there was any category prizes and was told there was none. So having gone over to Cheshire and been quite pleased with my run I kind of feel a bit disappointed. 

Weekly News 14th January 2019


Pacers took to the road, trails and fell this weekend.


On Sunday 13 January, a trio travelled to York to participate in the Brass Monkey half marathon, a race renowned over the years for its fast and furious pace, given the flat course. First home was Al Chapman 1:27:14, followed by David Brooks 1:34:02 and Elaine Rushworth 2:13:39.


At the tough not timid Temple Newsam 10 (TNT) there was a good turn out of pacers in this tough 10 miler. Jake Birkby led the crew home in 1:07:34, with Johnny Scott 1:24:30, Tony Lambert 1:37:09, Kate Smithson 1:37:30, Judith Marshall 1:39:11, Nick Greenwood 1:39:50, Paul Dewhirst 1:40:42, Michelle Dare 1:42:24 (knocking 20 mins of last years time!), Andrew Bishop 1:43:10, Clare Greenwood 1:47:09 and Samantha Garside 1:48:09.


However, winning the accolade of race with the highest number of pacer competitors attended race at the weekend is the  Stanbury Splash fell race. Tony Mawson reports “12 hardy pacers (would’ve been 13 but one Pacer turned round and went home after witnessing the conditions) braved the wind and horizontal rain to take part in the Stanbury Splash fell race (6.7 mile 1200ft) on Sunday. Conditions were very challenging, resulting in the outward leg being direct into the wind, there was much drafting of other runners as everybody tried to find any kind of shelter. The only bonus was the wind being directly behind on the way back, a welcome relief! Laurence Martin was first Pacer home, Dev Kovalsky made a return to the fells, after a recent injury, with Linda & Martin Bullock (Team B as they like to be known) completing the contingent of Pacers.”


 A full report from Andrew Walker on this race appears in the full version of this report which is on the website.

Provisional results - Laurence Martin: 65:13, Andrew Walker: 67:35, Brad Strutt: 69:09, Tony Mawson: 69:23, Gary Leedham: 70:05, Mark Dixson: 70:42, Steve Pattison: 71:26, Ben Mason 71:35, Dev Kovalsky: 83:31, Andrew Allan: 86:58, Linda Bullock: 89:07 and

Martin Bullock: 89:12.


Andrew Walker reports on the race A good turn out from Pudsey Pacers braving the slightly inclement weather at the Stanbury Splash on Sunday. The Stanbury Splash is a category BM Fell race covering 6.7 miles with 1200Ft climb (although it felt more a lot further!). Heading out from the quarry you headed straight into a head wind which lasted around 3 miles which also took in most of the climb, out of the wind it was quite a pleasant day and good running conditions. The race takes in open moor land, streams, gravel paths all of which make for a classy local fell race, not many views this year due to the driving rain, wind & and mist!!!


After the last stream crossing there was a tough last climb then all downhill to the finish (wind assisted) in all it was a testing race, some even had a little scream at the end either with joy or just satisfaction of finishing.


Some late results last week Paul Kaye participated Sir Titus Trot marathon, a race on the canal and completed in 5:04:36, whilst Lisa Jamieson opted for the shorter 10 mile race, finishing in 1:27:29.


Also we omitted to report on the results of the Gathering Winter Fools relay before Christmas. Katy Ralph reports Pacers had two open teams entered Pudsey Dancers and Pudsey Prancers in what was a very testing day weather wise. They finished 35th and 36th respectively out of 45 teams. The challenge is on to win the fancy dress award or novelty baton award next year!!”

If you are racing and want to be included in the race report then please let us know which race and details of your results and we will include. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Weekly News and Catch Up - Week Ending 7th January 2019

Happy New Year Pudsey Pacers, we have been taking a break over the festive period so absolutely loads to catch up on.

First to a report from Paul Kaye on the Grim Up North Elsecar Marathon – did the above marathon in what was the coldest one of the year for me, in 05:08:11. Whilst it’s a "local one" compared to the Great Barrow one which is in Suffolk and which has been the last one for the year, it was a 4 lap course which given I was up and down the same stretch of canal x 4, the title "Grim Up North" was very apt.

Great atmosphere though and plenty of countryside around so there were things to keep your mind on track....that and getting "smoked" by the wee steam engine on the heritage line ????

Very bright & cheery marshals and a decent goody bag! That was marathon 8 for the year.”

Andrew Bishop has been busy and provided race reports for the following: - “On Sunday 23 December I headed over to Barton to take part in the McTaggart Trot 10.8, a group running event where entrees had the choice of a 4M, 7.5M, or 11M distance. Once entered, runners were then put into teams of three, setting off together and running at the slowest runner’s pace. At 4M the first would drop out, then the second at 7.5M, with the final runner going it alone to complete the loop and the full 11M. I opted for the 11M option and had secretly hoped for a fairly relaxed run just to keep me busy over the Christmas period. The lady I was paired with doing the 4M option turned out to be a triathlonist who just wanted a recovery run, and we finished her segment in 37:18. The 7.5M lady and I continued on, and it works out she was an incredibly keen marathon runner who was on the lookout for new training routes in the area. For some strange reason I'd assumed Barton was flat - works out it isn't. At 7.5M she finished with a segment time of 32:40, leaving me to finish the loop alone. Despite some nasty hills around the 8M mark, everything afterwards was either flat or down. I returned to Barton, completing my segment in 33:48, with the entire race time for my team lasting 1:43:47. A fun race with a very good festive turnout in the name of charity”.

The week before Andrew competed in the interestingly named Loftus Poultry Run 8, Andrew completed in 75:50

Tim Ayres had a go at the Bingley Harriers Christmas handicap and reported as follows

A tough little run from the Fisherman’s pub in Bingley up and over Baildon Moor to cross Gill Beck by the stepping stones (call it a paddle!) and back again. According to my Garmin, it was 7.78 miles and 1288 feet of climbing in 1:36 hours. A great set up for Xmas “ 

Also, before Christmas was The Stoop Fell Race, unfortunately we have no finishing time’s provided just finishing positions but Matt Livesey was 12th, Jack Cooper 40th, Tony Mawson 93rd, and Paul Dewhirst 194th.


The traditional Boxing Day extravaganza aka The Chevin Chase was well populated with Pudsey Pacers and some impressive performances given the celebrations and enormous meals taking place only a few hours before.

Matt Livesey was first pacer home in 43:49, followed by Jon Greenwood 47:42, Robert Samuels 50:51 (3rd M55), Gareth Millard 52:28, Steve Boom 53:26, John Halliwell 55:54, Mark Dixson 56:03, Rob Butler 1:04:26, Kate Smithson 1:08:53, Lisa Jamieson 1:09:55, Tony Lambert, 1:10:04, Judith Marshal, 1:15:06, Michael Liversidge 1:18:01, Mary Liversidge 1:22:16, and Joy Good 1:25:28

On 31st Dec William Overton ran in the Ribble 10k and completed in 48:00

Mary Liversidge completed The Jolly Holly Hog in 1:04:18

Auld Lang Syne Fell race took place New Year’s Eve but to date we have no results.


Into the New Year and whilst many were opting for a park run or even 2 park runs some of our runners went 1 better and did a double Park Run followed by The Giants Tooth Fell Race

Well done to Lawrence Martin, Tony Mawson, and Paul Dewhirst.

Graeme Tiffany also ran Giants Tooth and he was the first pacer home in 22:07, followed by Lawrence in 23:28, Tony 26:02 and Paul 31:17.

Sarah and Andy Norman were back at the Hardmoors series and have provided a report of how they spent New Year Day.

“1st January Sarah, Andy and Kipper (his first ultra) ran the Hardmoors 30, 30.78 miles in 6 hours 32 mins, no positions yet.

Full story.

It had been mild and dry in the build up to New Years Day so we were delighted when Shirley announced the coastal path was dry. I did wonder if it was a tease but it wasn’t. We gave LBT Paul a lift to the start, he’s a lovely chatty guy. We arrived at 8:30 one hour before the Race began. Kipper wasn’t allowed in the hall but we managed between us to get registered and sorted mostly because Andy was cheeky and Jon let us into the marshals only checkpoint behind the hall. 

It was a sunny day as we set off and ran along the cinder track. Kipper did his usual and ran off as though it was a park run. I was surprised how quickly I realised that Paul was running alongside us. He had done the Hardmoors 15 last year in three hours but was fitter then he said. He had a few walk breaks and this always seem to tie in with the Kipper stopping to wee or to have a drink so I wasn’t sure if Paul was waiting for us or needed those rests. We got to Whitby in an hour, a quick first 6 miles. We lost Paul just before there. We both just grabbed a bite to eat and kept moving. 


The swing bridge in Whitby was just closing as we arrived which meant we’d caught a lot of runners. There was a dash across the bridge and up the steps but most people streamed past us as we stopped for Kipper or we were just slower once we got onto the coastal path. Andy has done his usual run up the steps!


It was a lovely sunny dry run along the coastal path with good views ahead. We chatted to a few people we knew but mostly ran smoothly along and were pleased to maintain 5 miles an hour as we got back to Robin Hoods Bay. The path under foot was indeed dry which meant no slipping back down on the climbs. 


A quick food stop at the Robin Hood checkpoint and we were back on the cinder track. Kipper was a bit confused as he thought we’d finished as he knew we were near the car. I was worried about him as he’d been off lead and at times he’d been running fast and a little off route chasing other dogs and smells. The day before the race he’d been poorly, not wanting to go out, he ate his food fine but was quite shaky. We’d taken him to a vet who wondered if he had some pain as he seemed to look round at her each time she pressed a particular spot on his back. She gave him pain killers and he made an amazing recovery after tea. We’d got Bill lined up to look in on him but when Kipper was fine in the morning we brought him with us. I was also worried as he wandered into people paths at times but not often and most people were very complimentary about him. Andy put him on the lead to encourage him at times. It seemed he didn’t like the cinder track as he was so much better once on the coastal path again. 


We had a lovely surprise at Ravenscar as Neil Wallace and Rose George were part of the checkpoint crew. He said it was a surprise to him too to be there. They didn’t say if they have plans to do a particular race or not. 


At Hayburn Wyke we had to take the new route which was tricky down some steps and along the stream before a road section. I’m sure that made it longer as well and hillier. Up to this point I’d been pleased with our pace but now worried what time we’d finish. 


The only time I really struggled all day was a mile or so before our return to Ravenscar. I told Andy I was struggling and had lower back pain. As soon as I said it out loud I knew I needed to take paracetamol with caffeine. He’d been feeding me fruit pastels and I was eating and drinking ok. The day was also turning and it was colder and quite windy on the exposed cliff tops so I put my sleeves back on. I chose to run in leggings and a T-shirt as I’ve been too warm in long sleeved tops recently, it was the perfect combination until then. A few mouthfuls of coke at Ravenscar and on the downhill section afterwards I felt like I was flying. Such a fast section down hill and the level before the couple of dips to sea level and back up. Just before there Rod was marshalling where the path comes onto the road for a short time, good to see him. Poor guy always gets remote spots on his own! I ran the road section here even the uphill bit, I was buzzing. The only bit I slowed for was the hill up through Robin Hoods Bay but even then I pushed it up. Andy was alongside me. A great feeling the 3 of us together. 


Not my quickest time but 6 hours 32, 10 minutes quicker than last year. I was so pleased as I’ve been struggling recently especially as I was full of cold and unable to run for 2 weeks after the Hardwolds 80. Kipper was amazing to keep going all that way. It was wonderful how he stayed between us or would often look behind to make sure we were keeping up if he was running ahead with one or another of us. We got him settled in the car and changed then left him hoping he’d sleep as we went in for food. 


We walked down the road looking for Paul. I then left Andy and went back to sit with Kipper who was a little unsettled with people coming and going to the cars around us but soon settled. I’d asked and knew Paul was still going but we didn’t know how far back he was. Andy went all the way down into Robin Hoods Bay and texted to say Paul was on his way with a sweeper”. 


Meanwhile this weekend, Some of our runners were involved in the Sir Titus Trot series of races but unfortunately results have not yet been published.


On to Sunday 7th and 3 of our runners travelled to the Dark Side to compete in The Central Lancashire Half Marathon. Al Chapman posted a time of 1:29:04, Morven Wallace 1:35:42, and Pam Birchenall 2:;07:36.


Finally, for this week, Pudsey hosted the 3rd of the West Yorkshire Winter League races at Parkwood Outdoor Centre in Tong and what an event it turned out to be. A fantastic turnout of 511 runners (a new record) and as well as providing all the resource for marshalling this event Pudsey had 47 runners competing (37 men and 10 women).

On the day our men finished 3rd, our ladies 10th, Vets 8th and our Super vets 3rd meaning that overall on the day we finished 6th. However more importantly perhaps, was the tremendous success the event was on a brand new course, we received great feedback from the competitors and other clubs and many thanks must go to Steve Pattison and his team of helpers which included First Aid, Car Park Attending, Race Marshalling, Set up and take down of the Race Signage and Marking.


So quite a lot to report on the end of last year and the start of this one. Very well done to all of our runners and here’s wishing that 2019 will be an injury free year and bring great achievements for all our runners.


Weekly News - Weeks Ending 2nd and 9th December 2018.

A double bulletin this week with news of the last 2 weekends events involving the Pudsey Pacers.

The 2nd of the West Yorkshire Winter League took place on Sunday 2nd and a new course introduced by Queensbury where 38 Pacers (30 men and 8 ladies) braved the wet conditions on a tough course.

Success as well with the Men achieving 2nd on the day and Ladies 5th. The Vets were 5th and Super Vets were 6th meaning that overall on the day Pudsey finished 3rd out of the 16 teams contesting this year.

On the same day Dave Burdon travelled to Nottingham to do the Christmas Half Marathon. Dave’s time was 1:43:36 and he reports: -

Great weekend event this only in its 2nd year of running, only problem is this year it clashed with the WYWL. Basically, there is a marathon on the Saturday, and on Sunday there is a Fun Run, then a 5k and finally a Half Marathon. This all takes place at Holme Pierrepont, in Nottingham which is the Headquarters of The National Water Sports Centre. Fantastic facilities, we took the option of booking overnights accommodation here, so we could take in most of the weekend events. There is a massive lake (3 miles round) and therefore the Half Marathon course was round the lake 4.5 times. A pan flat course on good hard surface so potentially a PB course (winner did 1:10 however for me I think it was probably a PW, I just don’t have enough miles in me currently, A reasonable first 8 miles and then just a case of getting around and finishing. Goodie bag is in fact a Christmas stocking with the biggest medal I have ever seen, some chocolate, bag of crisps, and water. All photos taken are paid for by the event and therefore free to download. An event I would recommend for anyone who likes this sort of thing.”

On to the weekend of Sunday 9th and continuing the Christmas theme, 6 of our members completed the Bah Humbug 10k trail. Michelle Dare reports “Cold, sunny, very muddy, multi terrain race starting & finishing at the John Charles Stadium”. Andrew Walker was first pacer home in a time of 47:55, followed by Andrew Bishop 58:14, Michelle Dare 1:04:03, Ralph McDermott 1:06:24, Deborah McDermott 1:09:05, and Lindsay Johnson 1:18:33.

Gary Leedham opted for the Fells at Mytholmroyd, 6 miles run with ascent of 1640 feet which he completed in 1:12:24.

Finally, this week Sue Ransome went to Stockport for the 10 miles race and finished 3rd Female Vet 60 in a time of 1:21:53.

Well done to all our runners, if you have a race to report on please e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Weekly News 25th November 2018

Another busy week on the racing circuit this weekend with several races to report on.

A sizeable contingent of Pacers travelled to Clowne to do the Half Marathon, this race has proved popular in recent years and with 15 Pacers in attendance, so it proved once again this year. First home in the yellow vest was David Brooks 1:34:19, followed by Kate Smithson 1:52:27 (Knocking 8 minutes off her previous PB), Rachael Newton 1:52;34, Adrian Martin 1;55:43, Judith Marshall 2:04:36, Tony Lambert 2;05:20, Paul Dewhirst 2:06:35, Katie Jones 2:06;58, Linda Bullock 2:07:26, Gemma Benson 2;07:59, Gemma Storr 2:13:09, Ruth Kettle 2:17:48, Paul Mortimer 2:21:11, Cathy Martin 2:23:58, Ralph Mcdermott 2:25:25.  

 Meanwhile Andrew Bishop reported that Six Pacers ran the Doncaster 10K, starting outside Doncaster racecourse, doing a little lap about town and ending with a fantastic finishing straight right in front of the grandstand, complete with announcer calling out self appointed racehorse names of the finishers. First Pacer home was Andrew 'Legs Bishop' finishing in 52:21, setting a personal best in the process, followed by 'Magic Mick' Liversidge in 57:43, (good to see Mick back on the racing circuit after his long absence with injury) Fiona 'Hurricane Harrison' in 57:44, Sarah 'Toodling Turner' in 58:22, 'Marvellous Mary' Liversidge in 58:50, and Stacie Ashworth in 61:26. – (No racehorse name for Stacie?– does this mean that she was officially known as The Horse with no name)

Andrew Smithurst chose a warmer climate competing in the Benidorm 10 k – Andrew finished in a time of 57:27 (Gun time).

Andrew and Sarah Norman have been out on the long trails again this week on The Yorkshire Wolds Way and last week doing the Kirkstall Half marathon.

Sarah reports as follows: - Last weekend Andy and I ran the Kirkstall Half Marathon. A tricky run with it being so flat along the canal, hard to keep pushing the same muscles. I was surprised to see I was catching Andy up as we got back to Farsley from the Apperley Bridge and return section where we crossed the canal bridge and climbed up to Calverley. On the climb I overtook the lady in 3rd place and Andy waited for me on the road as we ran back to the canal. The lady in 2nd place wasn't far ahead. We worked together to chase her and I felt she picked up her pace as we overtook her. To my surprise though it was the other lady that re caught me and made the last few metres to the finish line a real race. I was very surprised and delighted to take 2nd lady in 1 hour 50:06. 

On Saturday the 24th Andy and I left Hessle on the outskirts of Hull to run the 80 of the Yorkshire Wolds Way to Filey. The route is undulating with a few surprise climbs, in general, is stunning countryside with the rolling hills and easy to follow the acorns of the national trail. A warm day initially with rain setting in with the nightfall. The moon was amazing, lighting the way for much of the night although we got more rain than our support crew expected as they kept telling us it was due to be a dry night. As we reached Filey the heavens opened and the strong sea winds were lashing the high tide across the seafront. We had to run along the front to then climb up to the Brigg, no chance of going along the beach so we had to climb up and over the sea cliff before the climb up to Filey Brigg and up to the official end of the Wolds Way. To make the full 80 miles we had to head back into the heart of Filey to the finish at the Sea cadets hall. I think the fastest we ran all day was along the road as we encouraged the others to join us. 21 hours 47:42. we were joint 123 of 177, I was 23rd lady of 35. 

Fantastic running and shared experiences as ever, well done to all of our members.

 Weekly News 19 November 2018


Saturday 17th November saw members running in two events. First, locally at Kirkstall Running Festival Kate Smithson took on the 8.8 mile trail option, which she completed in 1:14:18, bagging herself the 3rd lady prize. At the 35th running of the Tour of Pendle, a 16.8 mile AL fell race involving 4833ft of climb, Leigh Hinchcliffe finished this challenge up and down and around Pendle Hill in 3:05:30, and Martin Bullock in 4:12:30.


Sunday saw the first fixture of this years’ West Yorkshire Winter League (WYWL) with the race at Baildon. We had a good turnout of 41 members with some great individual performances, including the second male, Matt Livesey and first female, Faye Birkby. Very well done both!


The men’s team finished 2nd on the day and the ladies team finished 6th on the day, leaving the club in 3rd position overall after race 1.


The next race is on Sunday 2nd December hosted by Queensbury at Ogden reservoir.


A late result from November 10th when Paul Kaye ran the Grim up North Fewston and Swinsty Marathon, an arduous four lapper around the reservoirs, which he completed in 5:09:59.




Weekly News 11th November 2018


The last of the YVAA Vets Grand Prix races took place at Spenborough on Remembrance Sunday and we had a reasonable turnout with 20 men and 7 ladies racing for the club.

First home on the day was Nigel Armitage 34:15, followed by James Clark 34:22, Jon Holah 35:05, Rich Allen 35:56, Tom Murphy 36:26, Mark Orbell 36:31, Robert Samuels 36:58, Gareth Millard 38:17, Dave Burdon 40:00, Tracey Wilman (Guest) 40:17, Phil Lonsdale 41:26, Andy Norman 41:27, Steve Pattison 42:02, Lisa Heath 44:16, Francis Fowles 45:09, Adam Gallagher 45:31, Sue Ransome 46:03, William Overton 46:19, Paul Dewhirst 48:10, Sarah Norman 48:32, Matthew Hunt 49:02, Andrew Allan 49:13, Ian Robinson 51:17, Rodney Tordoff 55:48, Joy Good 57:26, Kezzie Medford 62:14, Lindsay Johnson 62:25.

End of the season and the Men’s team have secured the Runners Up trophy (2nd in all competitions). Meanwhile the ladies finished 3rd in Rest to Count and All to Count and 4th in First 4 to Count.

In the individual competitions the following members have had success in their age groups and will be presented with the awards at the YVAA Awards dinner to be held at The Six Acres Friday 14th December (Tickets £13 each all welcome). Well Earned congratulations to Sue Ransome 3rd F60, Joy Good 3rd F65, Kezzie Medford 2nd F70, James Clark 2nd M35, Nigel Armitage 2nd M45, Robert Samuels 3rd M55, and Rodney Tordoff 2nd M75.

Also, this weekend, several of our members ran the Burley Moor Fell Race. Matt Livesey completed in 47:38 and was 4th overall, followed by Andy Walker 1:40:07, David Cooper 1:47:15, Francis Fowles 1:47:52, and Fay Walker 1:58:27. Francis and Fay were enjoying their first fell race.

Meanwhile Gemma Benson was also making a debut of sorts by running her first trail race over at Bolton Abbey. Gemma completed in 1:21:36 and reported it to be very tough as races go.

Andy and Sarah Norman ran the Hardmoors Goathland Marathon on Saturday and were accompanied by Kipper who apparently finished as first dog, not bad for his first marathon. Time taken was 6:14:58.

Kate Smithson ran the Roundhay Tough Ten in a time of 1:02:33.

Finally, a late result to report from Saturday October 28th which was at the Oldham Half Marathon where Sue Ransome finished in a time of 1:52:22. Sue was first F60.

Excellent running by so many of our runners well done and Congratulations.

Weekly News 5 November 2018

What a great weekend for showcasing our great club! With over 50 members running the big local race the Abbey Dash 10k, another 30 or so members volunteering and manning the 5k water station and undertaking start/finish area duties, over 25 members running another long standing race Guy Fawkes 10, you all did the club proud!


The Abbey Dash 10k saw members who have ran the race time and time again to those undertaking their first 10k producing some great individual performances, including personal bests and an age category win (well done Kezzie Medford)!  First home was Matt Pinnock 37:01, being chased down by Nigel Armitage 37:15, Jake Birkby 37:17, Faye Birkby 38:49, Al Chapman 38:55, Owen Hilton 40:15, Mark Orbell 40:29, Tom Keighley 40:41, Morven Wallace 42:33, David Brooks 43:20, Rob Butler 45:42, Lucy McCartney 48:06, Adam Gallagher 49:35, Kate Smithson 49:38, Rachel Newton 51:17, Andrew Bishop 54:00, Richard Hayes 54:32, Andrew Duffy 54:33, John Pop 56:04, Samantha Dean 56:11, Faye Walker 56:15, Ian Robinson 56:24, Trish Pop 56:25, Nicola Cartwright 57:07, Andrew Wood 58:00, Victoria Benson 58:26, Victoria Dickinson 58:37, Amber Reid 59:59, Kezzie Medford 60:15 (1st F70), Emma Beardow 60:32, Stacie Ashworth 60:55, Joy Good 61:06, Eddie Hewson 62:25, Ruth Duffy 63:38, Melissa Stead 63:58, David Elliott 64:02, Sara Wilmot 64:48, Lindsay Johnson 67:13, Julie Crook 68:26, Janet Waite 68:26, Caroline Merrygold 68:31, Arthur Wood 68:55, Margherita D'Cruz 69:25, Georgina Saul 72:01 Juliette Ward 73:11, Mandy Boole 73:18, Rachel Clayforth 73:30, Henrietta Chidsey 73:31, Susan Cunnington 73:43, Amanda Shaw 74:58, Anna Mitchell 76:01, Liz Hargrave 76:05, Lindsay Dixon 78:26, Helen Hargrave 85:02, Annette Clark 85:02.


 Over at Ripley, running the hilly Guy Fawkes 10 mile race were Paul Gaile 1:09:49, Phil Lonsdale 1:21:55, William Overton 1:27:16, Steve Clayson 1:27:55, Katy Ralph 1:30:18, Andrew Allan 1:33:02, Paul Dewhirst 1:34:58 (PB), Tony Lambert 1:36:54, Linda Bullock 1:37:21 (PB), David Woodhead 1:38:18, John Woodhead 1:38:19, Hilary Taylor 1:39:02,  Michelle Dare 1:39:19, Katie Jones 1:41:34, Sam Garside 1:42:31, Ruth Kettle 1:42:59, Clare Greenwood 1:43:20 (PB), Julie Tipper 1:44:49, David Owen 1:45:56, Mary Liversidge 1:48:12, Robert Greaves 1:48:31, Paul Mortimer 1:49:39, Louise Barber 1:56:44, Michelle Craighan 1:56:44 and Elaine Rushworth 2:00:25.


Finally, shunning the razzmatazz of the big races, Mark Dixson was the sole pacer at the Cop Hill fell race, 6 mile (2 lap) fell race. Mark finished the race 64th/145 runners in a time of 51:46. Tim Ayres was also our sole representative at the Punk Panther short circuit ultra, 32.3 miles, 4196 ft ascent in 7 hours 48 min!

Weekly News W/E 28th October 2018

A quiet week for races with just the following to report. Firstly 5 of our members opted for the Worksop Halloween Half Marathon. First of our runners was Lisa Heath in a time of 1:48:30 followed by Katy Ralph 1:57:28, Elaine Allan 1:59:27, Ralph McDermott 2:16:52, Deborah McDermott 2:17:01

Opting for the hills were Martin Bullock and Sharon Hague who completed the Bronte Way Fell Race. Martin in a time of 1:22:22 and Sharon 1:31:52

Over in Bradford we had the City Runs a series of runs ranging from 5k to Half Marathon.

Mark Orbell opted for the 5k and completed in a time of 19:53 whilst in the 10k we had Gareth Millard 44:04, Kate Smithson 51:54, Tony Lambert 52:43, Joy Good 1:02:38 and Mandy Boole 1:10:57.

Finally an update on a result awaited from a few weekends ago. Andrew Allan completed the Penistone Hill race in a time of 1:13:49.

Great running everybody.

Weekly News 22 October 2018


A few races this weekend to report on, starting on Saturday, the club mustered 2 teams together to compete in a very important race in the fell runners calendar – the British Fell Relays near Grasmere in the Lake District. The weather looked challenging and the runners some running a solo leg and others in pairs as it involved navigation, tackled the hills. The teams finished in 161st and 213th positions in times of 5:46:42 and 6:25:37. A message from Leigh Hinchcliffe, who organised our teams, I would just like to say big thank you to everyone who took part in the British Fell Relay championships. There were some great performances and you did your club proud!”


Closer to home Rodney Tordoff was the sole pacer at the Holmfirth 10k. Rodney reports “I positioned myself with 186 others at the Holmfirth 10k. I searched around for fellow Pudsey Pacers but found none! This was an excellent day for running and with a new haircut (blade 6 instead of 7), l had two aims, to win my age category and better last years time. I achieved both with my time being 59.10. Must be the haircut (more aerodynamic).       

 By the way If any of the Pacers are thinking of running next year, be prepared because this is a hilly tough race.”


Hidden somewhere amongst the throngs of runners was in fact one other pacer who was competing in the Holmfirth 15 mile race. Andrew Bishop reports Just to let you know I completed the Holmfirth 15 in 2:30:46 today. This was my first time doing this distance, and my longest run to date. I also spotted Rodney Tordoff, but never got chance to chat to him.” Rodney must have been too quick with that new haircut!


St Aidan’s Trail Half marathon was the 9th half marathon of the year for Cathy and Adrian Martin, and was rather cooler than last weeks Palma Half, they were joined by Anna Keys and Paul Dewhirst, posting results as follows. Anna Keys 1:49:25, Adrian Martin 2:07:37, Paul Dewhirst 2:17:16, and Cathy Martin 2:23:02.


 At the very local Bramley 10k, a trio of pacers made the short trip down the road. First home in 4th position in 41:25 was Mark Orbell, followed by Pirjo Johnson 51:38 and Ralph McDermott 57:10.


 Finally at the Hardmoors 26.2 Osmotherley half marathon, Sarah Norman reports Kipper led the team of Pudsey Pacers Tim Ayres, Andy and Sarah Norman on the Hardmoors 26.2 Osmotherley half marathon. 16.47 miles from Osmotherley following the Cleveland Way towards Lord Stones Country Park and back. A stunning day with good views and amazing heat from the sun. We finished together in 3:27:26. Waiting for official time and placings.”


One result omitted from last week, Rachel Clayforth, sustaining an injury in the Yorkshire Marathon struggled on to complete the course in 6:41:37.


Weekly News  - w/e 14th October 2018.

Numerous races to report this week both home and away.

Representing the club overseas in the Palma 10k and Palma Half Marathon were no less than 15 of our runners and with 2 or 3 additional members, unable to run due to injury but more than capable of supporting and soaking up the party atmosphere, this looks like a potential club away trip to be repeated.

In extremely hot conditions our runners all completed safely and posted the following times.

In the 10k – David Harrison 1:04:48, Jon Popiolek 1:05:15, Trish Popiolek 1:06:15 and Nikki Dewhirst 1:19:05.

In the Half Marathon – John Marshall 1:46:27, Bill Overton 1:49:28, Adrian Martin 2:14:34, Andrew Smithurst 2:19:52 Paul Dewhirst 2:24:53, Sarah Turner 2:25:24, Mary Liversidge 2:27:27, Fiona Harrison 2:27:28, Cathy Martin 2:28:19. Ian Robinson 2:31:19, Lindsay Johnson 2:46:58

Also, overseas and competing in hot conditions at the Berlin 10k was Nic Anness, Result still awaited.

Closer to home but in very contrasting conditions (as in very wet), several of our runners were involved in races on the roads and in the fells.

In the Yorkshire Marathon – Mark Orbell completed in a time of 3:17:45, closely followed by Paula Bradshaw 3:23:01 and Darren Ward 3:28:55. Next was Kate Smithson 4:11:56, Tony Lambert 4:35:45, Melissa Stead 5:05:11, Deborah McDermott 5:09:51, Kezzie Medford 5:14:32 (PB) and 2nd F70, Ralph Mcdermott 5:33:14, and Lucy Winder 5:47:27.

Opting for the 10 mile race were Karl Collingwood-Thirlway 1:22:10, Andrew Bishop 1:28:49 (PB), Samantha Dean 1:29:55, Sam Garside 1:32:57, Michelle Dare 1:38:00, Elaine Rushworth 1:39:46, Stacie Ashworth 1:48:03 and Annette Clark 2:25:16

Andrew Duffy ran In the Manchester Half Marathon in a time of 2:05 :48, whilst in Birmingham Half Marathon Nick Ljustina completed in a time of 2:11:42.

Mark Nolan and Simon Beverly did the Richmond Castle 10k in 45:40 and 48:02 respectively.

Opting for the fells to do the very soggy Rombalds Romp, a distance of 8.5 miles were Rob Samuels (1st M55) in a time of 1:08:31 and Steve Pattison 1:25:32.

Congratulations to all those running in challenging conditions this weekend and apologies to anybody I have missed which is quite possible as some of the races were not showing the club name. 

 On a separate note

Graeme Tiffany has made a further appeal to those who participated in last month's club run to please have a look and see if they have his headtorch. It's an expensive blue and white LED Lenser and he would appreciate its return.



Weekly News w/e 7 October

We begin with a late result from last weekend, Ian Robinson and Lindsay Johnson took part in the Bramham Park 10k. Billed as a fun run I will leave it to Lindsay and Ian to advise on whether it was indeed fun! Ian finished in 58:21 and Lindsay in 1:10:43.

Now to the recent weekend’s events. First up sole pacer Suzy Beck headed up to Kielder water to take part in the Kielder Marathon. Suzy completed the almost entirely off-road race, which encircles the shoreline of Kielder water in 4:55:30. On to half marathons, Al Chapman headed to Wales for his 10th consecutive attempt at the Cardiff Half Marathon (the second biggest half marathon after Great North). Al was delighted to cross the line in position 239/20,000 in a time of 1:23:29. Closer to home at the Bridlington Half Marathon, a chilly day at the seaside for Martin Robson 1:40:30, David Woodhead 2:01:17 and Caroline Armstrong 2:12:00.

Finally, a good turn out on the fells at the Withins Skyline, a 6.2 mile race with 820ft ascent. Leading the pacers home in 8th position was Matt Livesey in 45:01, followed by Jack Cooper 51:44, Rob Samuels 53:45, Laurence Martin 54:39, Garry Leedham 59:42, Steve Pattison 1:03:56, Andrew Allan 1:13:56, Paul Dewhirst 1:14:50, and Nick Greenwood 1:16:45.


Weekly News W/e 30th September 2018.

Andrew Smithurst travelled to Rossendale to help the legendary Ron Hill celebrate his 80th Birthday. The Rossendale 5k was completed in 27:13 by Andrew.

During the weekend the local half marathon was Pontefract where Anna Keys completed in a time of 1:45:03 and Paul Dewhirst 2:05:53, this was a PB achieved by Paul.

Further afield we had 4 Pacers at Nottingham for the Robin Hood Half Marathon. Adrian Martin was the first of our members home in a time of 1:52:32 followed by John Woodhead 2:03:56, Ralph Mcdermott 2:15:48 and Cathy Martin 2:19:20.

Further afield Andrew Bishop was the sole pacer at the Redcar Half Marathon and he also set a PB in a time of 2:05:53.

Andrew Allan did the Penistone Hill Race but results are still awaited.

Finally, Bill Overton and Tim Ayres tackled the fells in a mammoth effort completing The Lakeland 4 Passes taking in Borrowdale and Wasdale Head amongst other peaks. This is an 18.5 miles route with a total ascent of 5348 feet. Official results have not been seen but according to Bill’s Strava recording he finished in a time of 5:25:58. Don’t know if Tim and Bill ran together but there are some stunning scenic photos. Maybe the lads can tell us more in the next published newsletter.

Well done everybody don’t forget if you have a race result to report (especially if its one that not many pacers do) then please let us know by e mailing  us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This ensures we capture all the results.

Weekly News 24 September 2018


This weekend began up on the fells above Mytholmroyd with the Lost Shepherd fell race, a 15 mile race with 2700 ft climb. Martin Bullock finished in 3:15:30, while Paul Dewhirst in his first of 2 races this weekend finished in 4:07:40.


Locally we had a good showing of pacers at the Kirkstall 7, with Jack Cooper first pacer home in 47:00, followed by Mark Orbell 47:18, David Booth 51:31, Andrew Walker 52:04, Philip Lonsdale 54:36, Johnny Scott 55:14, Elaine Allan 1:01:59, Kate Smithson 1:02:47, Andrew Bishop 1:03:11, Lynne Barrett 1:04:53, Hilary Taylor 1:04:53, Andrew Allan 1:05:41, Paul Dewhirst 1:07:05, David Owen 1:07:10, Clare Greenwood 1:09:28, Caroline Armstrong 1:10:54, and Joy Good 1:11:01.


Sole Pacer Ralph McDermott opted for a different 7 mile option in the Fall and Castle 7 mile at Bolton Castle. A multi- terrain race organized by MAD races (Moors And Dales races). Ralph finished in 1:12:01.

Meanwhile at the Sheffield 10k on a hilly route Nicola Cartwright flew the flag for the club in 58:33.

In his 6 marathon of the year in glorious weather conditions in the east of our county marathon man Paul Kaye completed the Hull Marathon in 4:37:25.


If you are racing and want to be included in the race report then please let us know which race and details of your results and we will include. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Weekly News  - w/e 16th September

Firstly a race to catch up with from Sunday 9th where Pirjo Johnson completed Marathon Muenster (Germany) in a time of 3:55:28.

On to this week and on Saturday, Leigh Hinchliffe was back on the fells competing in the 3 shires fell race, Leigh reports “my result from Saturday was 2:54:53, 104 place out of 233. Set off in sunshine only to climb into rain and mist on the first mountain. This was the story for the following three, with only clear visibility in the valleys. Great race and definitely one for anyone wanting to try a classic”.

Also, on Saturday Andy and Sarah Norman ran as a couple in the Hardmoors 60 Ultra which took in most of the Cleveland Way starting in Guisborough and finishing in Filey. Andy and Sarah completed the course in 15hrs 31mins and in joint 94 place from 214 starters. This was Sarah's 5th completion and Andy's 4th. It was a long day but they kept themselves going with ice cream in Sandsend and chips in Scarborough.

A shorter run on the same day in The Leeds Golden Mile where Andrew Bishop achieved a PB in a time of 7:07:50.

Finally, on the Saturday we saw the return of the Meanwood Valley Trail being run somewhat later in the year than it previously was, Good to see this race back on the circuit and we had several of our runners in attendance. First home for the Pacers was Jack Cooper in a time of 52:53 followed by fast improving Amy Smith in a time of 1:00:04, Mark Dixson 1:01:04, David Cooper 1:05:05, Elaine Allan 1:12:20, Loretta Robson 1:16:09 Andrew Allan 1:17:55 

On to Sunday and the big local race was Tadcaster 10 mile where Michael Hern finished in 1:17:01, followed by Paul Dewhirst 1:36:34, Katie Jones 1:36:51, Stacie Ashworth 1:51:23, and Andrew Bishop completing his weekend of races in a time of 1:51:23


Fantastic running from  the Pudsey Pacers, congratulations on your achievements.


Weekly News 11 September 2018

It was a busy weekend of racing for our members. However, first a missed race from last week. At the Wetherby 10k, starting and finishing at Wetherby race course, romping home first past the finishing post for the pacers was David Woodhead 39:55, followed by Victoria Wilkinson 54:53, John Woodhead 1:01:20, Andrew Wood 1:05:08. Stacie Ashworth 1:14:17 and Mark Crawshaw 1:26:23.


Midweek a low-key event over at Calverley with the inaugural running of The School Run, Calverley winning the race overall was James Boxell in a fine time of 34:30, followed by Rob Butler 50:11 and Tim Ayres 53:14


Now on to this weeks’ big events, which took place further north. Firstly, on Saturday 8th September sole pacer, Dan Graham, ran the Simply Health Great Tees 10k in 50.46. Meanwhile on the Sunday taking part in the biggest race event in the country and joining more than 50,000 other runners at the Simply Health Great North Run were David Hudson 1:45:39, Chris Campion 1:56:51, Victoria Wilkinson 1:59:27, Ralph McDermott 2:16:12, Samantha Dean 2:18:59, Carol Parkinson 2:21:16, Elaine Rushworth 2:24:38, Michelle Dare 2:29:18, Andrew Smithurst 2:30:28, Michelle Craighan 2:42:11, Louise Barber 2:42:11, Lia de Faveri 2:58:22, Rachel Clayforth 3:01:37, Mark Crawshaw 3:13:14, Karen Fawcett 3:17:57, Sharon Tracey 3:17:57 and Annette Clarke 3:31 49.


Closer to home at the Vale of York Half marathon, runner and roving reporter Rodney Tordoff reports, the Vale of York Half Marathon was contested by over 1500 runners, of which 11 were Pudsey Pacers, who had the pleasure of starting off on the runway at Sherburn Aero Club (flat of course). It was a good day for running, although there was an annoying head wind in certain sections. The race route was flat, although I felt that a few undulations would have helped to break up the boredom. Darren Ward was the fastest Pacer with 1.31.01. Three other runners managed to get inside the 2 hour’ mark, Adam Gallagher 1.57.24, Tony Lambert 1.57.49 and Adrian Martin 1.59.24. They were followed by Rodney Tordoff 2.11.44, Andrew Bishop 2.15.00 and Paul Dewhirst 2.21.55. Kate Smithson who had suffered with a cold and a bug lead the women home with 2.01.15. She was followed by Debbie McDermott 2.09.37, Cathy Martin 2.16.17 and Michaela Ajayi 2.25.42. I was 1st in my age category winning a £25 voucher to spend at Up & Running.”

Meanwhile opting for something a little hilly and off road, Anna Keys was the only Pacer this year running The Yorkshireman full marathon, which she finished in 4:45:07. Taking the shorter distance in The Yorkshireman half were Laurence Martin 2:13:21. Stephen Pattison 2:17:14 and Caroline Clark 2:42:09.


Finally, it was 2 laps of a route in the scenic Roundhay Park 10k for sole pacer Mary Liversidge, who finished in 1:05:41.



Weekly News 5 September 2018


The weekend’s headliner was the last of the summer relays – what a good season we have had. 3 teams lined up at the respective change over points of the Leeds Country Way Relay.  64 miles around Leeds divided up into 6 legs. Each leg has two runners. Changeover points are at Stanley, Scotchman Lane, Thornbury, Golden Acre Park and Thorner Lane Scarcroft. A total of 58 teams took part in the event and our teams did not disappoint.  The A team finished in 5th position in an overall time of 7:51:07, the B teams in 17th in 8:52:51 and the C team in 40th position in 10:52:23.

 A word of thanks from our Captain Darren

“A massive thank you from me to all that run today in Leeds Country Way Relay! It has been a great (and long) day out.

As always there are stories of brilliant run's, great achievements, some what ifs, and of course unfortunate navigation errors that will no doubt provide us with entertainment in the next couple of days. Hopefully do a full report soon.

I am very chuffed with every runners achievements today! The Pacers showed superb team spirit throughout. Was good to see so many supporters out today. We have had a great season in the relays this year with very high finishes in all 3 relays. We have also had lots of new faces to the relays alongside the familiar faces which is fab. The podium finish is insight and I am sure we can grab one next year. Would be great also to get at least 4 teams in.”

A full report on the event will appear in due course.

In other news Andrew Bishop was the sole pacer taking part in the Middlesborough Tees Pride 10k finishing bang on 1.00.00!

Kezzie Medford headed to lake district for the beautiful Derwentwater 15K Trail Challenge. Kezzie reports “I completed the race in 2:11:41. 2nd in my age category. Hard going but enjoyed the challenge.” 


Weekly News  - covering period 13th to 26th August 2018


Quite a bit to catch up on starting with the Trunce race Series where Dan Graham completed the latest one in a time of 35:34.


Tim Ayres did the Scorton 10k in a time of 53:01.


Meanwhile during the week, we had another Yorkshire Vets GP race this time held at West Vale and hosted by Stainland Lions. A tough course as always but 7 of our ladies and 15 of our men were there to fly the colours of Pudsey Pacers.


For the ladies, Sarah Norman 57:00, Victoria Wilkinson 59:30, Susan Ransome 62:10 (3rd F60), Judith Marshall69:23, Lynne Barrett 69:26, Joy Good 74:23 (2nd F65) and Kezzie Medford 78:07 (2nd F70). Meanwhile representing the men were Leigh Hinchliffe 42:15 (3rd M45), Jim Cantwell 43:44 (2nd M55), Robert Samuels 43:54 (3rd M55), John Marshall 47:11, Gareth Millard 47:33, Chris Campion 48:10, David Brooks 48:36, Andy Norman50:59, Stephen Pattison 52:11, Adam Gallagher 55:49, Matthew Hunt 56:36, William Overton 57:15, Tim Ayres 62:04, Paul Dewhirst 63:03, and Rodney Tordoff 76:35 (1st M75).


Unfortunately, Tim Ayres took a bit of a tumble on the night so wishing him a speedy recovery from his cuts and grazes.


The Burnsall Feast traditionally takes place on the Bank Holiday weekend and features 2 back to back races. Firstly the 10 mile rural road race where Steve Boom was first home for the Pacers in a time of 1:12:09, followed by Michael Hern 1:14:32, and Melissa Stead 1:41:31.


No surprise that Darryl Stead opted for the Burnsall classic fell race which is basically about 20 to 30 minutes of sheer madness climbing up the short but steep fell overlooking Burnsall village. The descent is fast and furious as well as somewhat tricky with people diving over walls etc to gain an advantage. Darry made it back in one piece in a time of 22:43. Meanwhile, Fell runner Steve Boom decided the 10 mile road race was quite enough for 1 day.


This Sunday saw a few of our runners at the Gilberdyke 10 mile road race, John Marshall was our first runner home in 1:10:39, followed by John Halliwell 1:12:50, Adrian Martin 1:26:11, John Woodhead 1:29:00, Fiona Harrison 1:33;29, Ralph Mcdermott 1:35:08, Debbie Mcdermott  1:35:16, Katie Jones 1:36:18, Carol Parkinson 1:39;12, Mary Liversidge 1:39:46, Sarah Turner 1:40:12, Cathy Martin 1:42:33 and Paul Dewhirst 1:46;44.


This coming weekend brings the last of the club relays for this season with a run round Leeds.  We have 3 teams running, starting from Garforth at 8am. The route takes in the full Leeds Country Way route with handovers at Stanley, Scotchman La, Thornbury, Golden Acre Park and Scarcroft Hill before returning and ending back at Garforth. Good luck to all our runners and if you are not running and at a loose end then why not go along at some point and cheer our teams on.


Weekly News  w/e 12th August 2018 

Several of our runners opted for the Firefighters five Mile race held in Birkenshaw at the weekend. First home for the pacers and picking up 2nd V50 spot was John marshall in a time of 35:10. He was closely followed by Gareth Millard in 35:49, then Andrew walker 35:49, fast improving Amy Smith was next posting a time of 36:51, then Ralph Mcdermott 43;43, Kate Smithson 44:00, Tony Lambert 44:04, Richard Hayes 47:25,  David Owen 47:56, Amber Reid 47:59, Andrew Bishop 48:32, Samantha Dean 49:09, Paul Mortimer 52;01, Manfy Boole 58:53.


Up on the fells in the beautiful Duddon Valley, Caroline Clarke ran the Turner Landscape Fell Race in a time of 2hrs 31 minutes. Caroline reported glorious views and stunning weather and a lovely pub at the end. What’s not to like?


Over in the isle of man Paul Kaye was completing his 5th marathon of the year. Paul commented. “Time was 4hrs 38 41 which was the best this year. Only 75 runners so a very small field. Nice course and a great medal & goodie bag! Couldnt believe that some runners grumbled about hills ????????. Should have done Halifax & the Denholme Doddle with me in the last couple of months. They WERE hills” !


Gemma Benson travelled to Preston to do the City of preston 10 mile race and achieved a PB with a time of 1:36.


Finally, last Wednesday there was a Yorkshire Vets race at Halifax, It was another good turnout for our runners with some good performances on what always proves to be a fast course.For the ladies we had 5 runners, Sarah Norman 48:35, Lynne Barrett 53:38 (2nd F60), Joy Good 60:27 (3rd F65) cathy Martin 60:29 and Kezzie Medford 60:46 (1st F70). For the men Nigel Armitage 36:20 (3rd M45), Leigh Hinchcliffe 38:12, Rich Allen 38:19, Rob Samuels 38:37, Tom Murphy 39:24, John Marshall 40:44, Gareth Millard 41:12, David Brooks 41:46, John Halliwell 42:44, Phil Lonsdale 44:11, Andy Norman 44:26, Steve Pattison 45:38, William Overton 47:00,Adam Gallagher 47:32, Peter Covey 49:30 (1st M75), Paul Dewhirst 53:15, and Rodney Tordoff 55:54 (3rd M75).


Another great week’s running from Pudsey Pacers well done. 


Weekly News 6 August 2018


With the holiday season well and truly underway only a handful of races to report on this weekend.


Up in the Lakes on Saturday competing at the Borrowdale fell race, a 16.8 mile race with 6562ft of climb were Leigh Hinchcliffe 4:48:18 and birthday boy Steve Boom completing the race in his new age category in 5:52:41.


On Sunday more locally near Otley, several members took part in the Round Hill fell race (8.7 miles and 1100ft climb). The comprises a tour of Blubberhouses moor, a visit to Roundhill and a couple of bogs, which according to the website wouldn’t have completely dried out! First pacer home was Jack Cooper 1:08:38, followed by Rob Samuels !;09:09, Laurence Martin 1:13:48, Andrew Walker 1:21:43 and Paul Dewhirst 1:51:02.


Meanwhile at York 10k saw Gareth Millard finishing in 43:24, Matthew Hunt 54:11 and Nicola Cartwright 59:31.


On the North East coast in what looked like a beautiful scenic run at the South Shields 10 mile race, Amber Reid headed across the finish line in 1:43:47, Andrew Bishop 1:47:29, Annette Clark 2:35:23 and Helen Hargrave 2:39:35.


Finally, one result missed from last week Lynne Oxley ran the Aintree 5k in 35:27.



Weekly News  w/e 29/7/2018.

A weekend of travel to report on with 2 races involving our club runners.

First up was the annual pilgrimage to Northumberland for the scenic Northumberland Coastal Run. This race has grown in popularity with Pudsey Pacers over the last 8 years and once again we had a healthy turnout of 16 runners along with quite a few supporters.

The conditions were rather poor, particularly when considering the sizzling summer we have enjoyed so far, so whilst not quite needing the Base layers, woolly hats or gloves, it was quite a shock to the system to experience the driving head winds and cool rain. No doubt the conditions played a part in the results although there were some outstanding performances amongst our runners to report.  First home for Pacers was Al Chapman in a time of 1:35:35. Followed by Steve Boom 1:44:14, Robert Samuels 1:46:37, David Brooks 1:46;49, Morven Wallace 1:49:58, Steve Pattison 1:57:02, Dave Burdon 1:58;51, Lisa Heath 2:02:23, William Overton 2:06:24, Andrew Hardaker 2:16:39, Adrian Martin 2:19:12, Emma Hardman 2:21:01, Pam Birchenall 2:24:44, Tim Ayres 2:24:48, Cathy Martin 2:43:53, Victoria Dickinson 2:43;53

Meanwhile over in Liverpool Debbie McDermott and Ralph Mcdermott ran the Aintree Half Marathon in times of 2:10:44 and 2:10:45.

Well done to all our runners.

Weekly News 24 July 2018


This week’s racing exploits have been fairly local, with the two highest attended events being based in or around Saltaire.


Roberts Park, Saltaire was the base for the third running of the Arthur James ShakERR. Featuring canal and woodland this 8 mile race tempted a few of our members. Leading the pack home was Jack Cooper in 56:18, Anna Keys 1:04:56, Tony Lambert 1:11:57, Ralph McDermott 1:13:58, and Paul Dewhirst 1:20:21.


And then to Tuesday night’s trip to Bingley/Saltaire for the 6th fixture in the YVAA Vets league for the Saltaire Vet race.  A good variety of terrain, including a stint on the canal, provided something for everyone. A good turnout from the club and a number of prizes were won. The first 4 to count for the men were James Clark 36:43 (3rd M35), Nigel Armitage 37:18 (3rd M45), Leigh Hinchcliffe 39:26 and Tom Murphy 39:51. They were well supported by Rob Dixon 40:52, Rob Samuels 40:53 (2nd M55), Rich Allen 42:04, Mark Orbell 42:13, John Marshall 42:23, Gareth Millard 43:03, David Brooks 43:36, Chris Campion 43:38, John Halliwell 44:04, Phil Lonsdale 46:17, Andy Norman 46:59, Steve Pattison 47:20

William Overton 48:11, Lisa Heath 48:44 (3rd F50), Steve Clayson 50:06, Victoria Wilkinson 51:09, Sarah Norman 52:04, Sue Ransome 52:52 (3rd F60), Pete Covey 53:28 (1st M75), Francis Fowles 53:34, Toby Meeking 54:17, Matthew Hunt 54:17, Paul Dewhirst 55:51,

Adrian Martin 56:21, Katy Ralph 57:49, Tim Ayres 58:16, Lynne Barrett 58:37, Judith Marshall 58:39, Rodney Tordoff 59:48, Ian Robinson 61:04, Joy Good 64:23 (2nd F65),

Cathy Martin 64:48, Kezzie Medford 65:54 (1st F70) and Lindsay Johnson 69:53.


Results from our Vets Captain Judith Marshall on current standings


“*Results after race 6** YVAA
Womens Team Points            Mens Team Points

All to Count                             All to Count
1st place-Stainland                 1st Place - Stainland
2nd Place - Horsforth             2nd Place - Pudsey Pacers
3rd Place - Pudsey Pacers     3rd Place – Horsforth


1st 4 to Count                         1st 4 to Count
1st Place - Stainland               1st Place - Pudsey Pacers
2nd Place - Horsforth              2nd Place - Stainland
3rd Place - Kirkstall                 3rd Place - Horsforth
4th Place - Pudsey Pacers


Rest to Count                          Rest to Count
1st Place - Stainland               1st Place - Stainland
2nd Place - Horsforth              2nd Place - Pudsey Pacers
3rd Place - Pudsey Pacers     3rd Place - Horsforth


Meanwhile on the same evening sole pacer Andrew Bishop recorded a time of 37:42 at the Hedon 4.


Finally, on the fells Laurence Martin went for short and steep on the BOFRA fell race at Cracoe – 2.6 miles and 900ft climb in 30:43.


If you are racing and want to be included in the race report then please let us know which race and details of your results and we will include. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Amendment to last update (w/e 8th/15th July).

A couple of omissions in this weeks update plus an error on the Leeds 10k results where in most cases the Gun time rather than the chip time was published. Apologies for this, the correct Leeds 10k times are now published on the side bar within the website.
A couple of omissions to report firstly at Baildon Canter Laurence Martin completed in a time of 23:48 and previously he completed the Nab fell Race in a time of 38:52
Other results later this week and also since added to the side bar were Nostell Priory 10k where 5 of our runners completed this mid week race. Times posted were as follows: -
Paul Dewhirst 57:55
Ian Robinson 58:53
Mary Liversidge 1:02:39
Lucy Winder 1:07:28
Lynsey Johnston 1:07:41
Finally Paul Dewhirst completed Duncombe Park 10k last Saturday in a time of 1:43:56.


Weeks Ending 8th and 15th July 2018 

Lots to get through since the last update starting with The Danefield Relays where we fielded 6 teams: The relays are on Otley Chevin and each leg is about 3 miles and features a rather severe climb in the last mile.

Pudsey Pacers A  -Rob Samuels, Chris Campion and Dave Burdon 1:10:57

Pudsey Vets 1 –  Andy Norman, Andy Walker and Simon Beverley 1:15:12

Pudsey P45 - Steve Pattison, Phil Lonsdale and Tony Mawson 1:16:11

Pudsey Ladies – Emma Hardman, Victoria Wilkinson and Rachael Newton 1:24:39

Pudsey Princesses – Sarah Norman, Lynne Barrett, and Diane Wood  1:29:15

Pudsey Misfits – Tim Ayres, Paul Dewhirst, Ralph Mcdermott 1:29:35

We also had a spare runner Melissa Stead who ran with 2 other runners to make up a team so a good turnout from the Pacers providing 19 runners amongst the 68 teams.

Beamsley Beacon Fell race attracted 3 of our runners: Tony Mawson was first of our trio home in a time of 51:19, Caroline Clark was 54:16 and Melissa Stead made up the trio finishing in a time of 65:24

Come the weekend and another hot Sunday for the Leeds 10k where the following Pacers ran.

James Clark - 36:22, Peter Enever – 44:06, Paula Bradshaw – 46:12, Steven Esgate – 46:54, Andrew Norman – 49:35, Pirjo Johnson 51:34, Joshua Hawkhead – 52:53, Matthew Hunt – 58:50, Sam Garside – 1:01:35, Victoria Benson – 1:01:57, Andrew Bishop – 1:02:22,  Michelle Dare – 1:10:58, Amber Reid - 1:18:36, Samantha Dean – 1:18:36, Linda Bullock – 1:19:59, Julie Tipper – 1:19:59, Karen Hill – 1:23:19, Stacie Ashworth – 1:24:41, Gayle Wells – 1:29:09, Cheryl Murphy – 1:37:28, Lindsey Dixon – 1:37:31, Rachel Clayforth – 1:42:43, Annette Clark 1:42:23, Helen Hargrave – 1:46:53, Joanne Woodward – 1:52:57

Andrew Bishop was also in action at The Skirlaugh 8 miler finishing in a time of 1:17:35.

There were 2 more team relay events during the week firstly at The Golden Acre Relays where there were just the 2 teams from Pudsey

 Poorly Turned out Pacers featuring Rachael Newton, Andrew Walker and David Cooper completed the slightly less than 3 mile /3 leg course in 1:00:17

Pudsey R and K had just Robert Samuels and Kate Smithson and with Robert completing 2 of the 3 legs they managed to finish in a time of 1:01:19  

Later in the week there were the Washburn Valley Relays hosted by Otley and again this event is run over 3 legs in teams of 3. We had 4 teams:-

Pudsey Men, - Darryl Stead, Tony Mawson and Steve Pattison who completed in a time of 1:17:37,  

Pudsey Mixed 2 – Gemma Storr, Simon Beverley, and Andrew Norman 1:21:17,

Pacer Ladies – Sarah Norman, Victoria Wilkinson and Caroline Clark 1:22:48,

Pacer Mixed – Bill Overton, Andrew Smithurst and Melissa Stead 1:30:45.

 3 races to report on this weekend, first up was Burnley 10k,

Tony Lambert 57:06, Gemma Benson 58:16 and Mary Liversidge 1:02:23.

Over in Huddersfield Nick Dunn took on the strangely named Toss ‘o’ Coin 6 miler and was 5th overall in a time of 41:46

Meanwhile James Clark for some reason surprised that the Pendle Half Marathon should be hilly managed to overcome his shock by finishing 4th overall in a time of 1:35:33

Excellent running especially in this glorious summer we are enjoying, Well done to all of you.



Week Ending 1 July 2018

What a bumper week of racing this week and a couple of missed results from previous weeks so here goes..!


In the previous week a merry band set off to Bolton Abbey for the Summer Solstice 5 miles, first pacer home was Paul Dewhirst 49:31, followed by Paul Mortimer 54:24, Joy Good 54:52, Michelle Dare 55:16, Karina Leucht 58:07, Lia De Faveri 58:09, and Elaine Rushworth 1:01:18. Another midweek event was the Aberford Amble with Paul Dewhirst completing this self- guided trail race starting and finishing at a country pub in 1:05:28 and Cathy Martin in 1:18:38. Also at the Beamsley Beacon fell race 5.5 miles 1100ft climb from Addingham to Beamsley Beacon and back. Tony Mawson finished in 51:19, Caroline Clarke 54:16 and Melissa Stead 64:24. At the Hyde Park Summer Mile, Andrew Bishop clocked a 7.17 mile and Amber Reid an 8.15 mile.


Now onto this week’s news, on Tuesday evening a number of members avoided all the hill sessions at the club’s training night and opted instead for a low key local race out on by our neighbours at P & B. At the Rush around the Rhubarb, rushing around were Jack Cooper 23:44, Laurence Martin 24:48, Mark Orbell 24:58, Peter Enever 26:01, Andrew Walker 27:28, Rob Butler 28:45, Steve Clayson 29:10, Martin Scott 30:27, Victoria Wilkinson 31:00, Gemma Storr 33:21, Lisa Jamieson 33:37, Paul Dewhirst 37:20, Georgie Pogge-von Strandman 40:00, and Hannah Kumar 40:01.


On Wednesday evening it was the turn of the South Leeds Lakers to host the latest race in the YVAA vets league. At South Leeds Vets James Clark was 2nd M35 in 31:08 and Nigel Armitage 2nd M45 in 32:18. They were well supported by Rich Allen 33:00, Tom Murphy 33:52, Mark Orbell 35:09, John Marshall 35:35, Chris Campion 36:44, Gareth Millard 37:17, David Brooks 37:47, Andy Norman 38:57, Steve Pattison 40:05, David Cooper 40:17, Phil Lonsdale 41:00, first of our ladies home and bagging 2nd F40 was Natalie Tordoff 41:04, 3rd F50 Lisa Heath 41:44, William Overton 42:02, Victoria Wilkinson 42:03, Adam Gallagher 43:13, Sarah Norman 43:59, 2nd F60 Sue Ransome 44:09, 1st M75 Pete Covey 45:50, Rodney Tordoff 47:45, Paul Dewhirst 47:56, Lynne Barrett 49:04, Hilary Taylor 49:06, Judith Marshall 50:52, Joy Good 52:54, Ian Robinson 53:00, 1st F70 Kezzie Medford 56:54 and Lindsay Johnson 56:49.


Finally, this weekend’s scorching race news. A bumper turn out at Eccup 10 for what truly was a sizzling relentless race around the lanes and reservoir at Eccup. In the heat pacers put in a superb effort, first home for us was Nigel Armitage  1:03:40, followed by Jake Birkby 1:04:47, Nick Dunn 1:07:29, Rob Samuels 1:08:29, Tom Murphy 1:08:52, Faye Birkby  1:10:24, John Marshall 1:12:35, Chris Campion 1:13:40, Gareth Millard 1:17:35, Peter Enever 1:21:03, Phil Lonsdale 1:21:26, Victoria WIlkinson 1:21:56, Natalie Tordoff 1:22:15, Lisa Heath 1:23:09, Andrew Hardaker 1:23:57, Beth Light 1:23:57, Andy Norman 1:24:45, Darryl Stead 1:25:31, Sarah Norman 1:27:27, Anjuli Parmar 1:28:57, Adam Gallagher 1:30:12, Joshua Hawkhead 1:30:59, Kate Smithson 1:31:08, Tony Lambert 1:31:49, Hilary Taylor 1:33:19, John Woodhead 1:33:58, Emma Hardman 1:37:29, David Harrison 1:40:09, Lynne Barrett 1:40:12, Carol Parkinson 1:41:28, Nicola Cartwright 1:41:43, Linda Bullock 1:41:48, Andrew Duffy 1:41:58, Fiona Harrison 1:42:14, David Owen 1:42:27, Amber Reid 1:45:17, Gemma Benson 1:45:34, Sam Garside 1:45:53, Katie Jones 1:46:10, Sarah Turner 1:46:31, Nic Anness 1:46:37, Paul Mortimer 1:46:49, Mary Liversidge 1:47:20, Ian Robinson 1:47:22, Michelle Dare 1:47:48, Victoria Dickinson 1:47:49, Kezzie Medford 1:52:07, Georgie Pogge-von Strandman 1:55:15, Lucy Winder 1:55:40, Karina Leucht 1:56:28, Lindsay Johnson 1:57:30, Dawn Taylor 1:58:07, Jackie Baldwin 1:58:07, Ruth Duffy 1:58:40, Elaine Rushworth 1:59:15 and Rachel Clayforth 2:08:59.


Elsewhere in the heat a few pacers were on a solo jaunt on longer outings. Anna Keys put in a relatively last minute entry to the Ladybower Marathon, the terrain is billed as “grass, rock, mud and road”, although I doubt there was any mud in sight given the recent dry hot weather. In the heat of the day Anna put in a great time of 3 hours 56 min, provisional, official results awaited. At the Endure 24 event, which according to the website is like “Glastonbury for runners” and  “a 24 hour running party in the woods” . The event at Bramham park combines serious ultra-running with a 24 hour team relay race. Opting for a solo run for the full 24 hours Matt Pinnock put in a fantastic effort 20, 5 mile laps, a grand total of 100 miles in 23:56:15. Meanwhile a couple of our members William Overton and Sue Ransome ran a number of 5 mile laps in a relay team over the 24 hour period.


Phew, I am now off on a holiday after writing that up. Apologies if I have missed anyone. If you are racing and want to be included in the race report then please let us know which race and details of your results and we will include. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Week Ending 24th June 2018

Yet another glorious weekend with the weather although probably more suitable for spectating than running, even so we had 30 runners representing the club as Pacers fielded 3 teams in the Bradford MIllenium Way.


The Bradford Millennium Way Relay is a relay of five legs with two runners per leg. Starting from and returning to Bingley, taking in Wilsden, Denholme, Oxenhope, Haworth, Oakworth, Steeton, Silsden, Addingham and Ilkley with some stunning scenery en-route. The race attracts teams from Yorkshire and Lancashire. It’s a total of 47.5 miles with 6300 feet of ascending.


Great performances in the blistering heat with the A team taking 5th place in a total time of 6:31:15, the B team 21st in a time of 7:44:25 and the C team 35th in a time of 8:53:59. A total of 50 teams competed.


Over in Humberside Kate Smithson and Tony Lambert were running the Humber Half Marathon and Kate completed in 2:01:50 closely followed by Tony in 2:03:24.


Meanwhile, Amy Smith did the Penistone 10k, not seen the results but Amy recorded a time of 49:11 on her watch.


Leigh Hinchliffe completed his 3rd classic Lakeland race in a period of 4 weeks by tackling the Buttermere Horseshoe, yet another hard core event and again whilst the heat must have been hard work at least he had great views and no problems with navigation as a consolation. Leigh completed this 22 miles with 8500 feet of ascent in a time of 6hrs and 3 minutes. Leigh reports as follows: -


“ This year it was a counter for the British and English fell championship's.
A high quality field set off in great weather on what is seen as one of the toughest and longest of the lakes classics. Although definitely one of the most scenic, climbing over Whiteside, Hopegill head, Grasmoor, Whiteless pike, Dale head, High stile and Melbreak covering 22m and 8500' .
I finally finished in 193rd place and 27th in my age category in a new pb time of 6hrs and 3mins. This was the third race in four weeks and the legs are definitely feeling the miles now”.


As always well done to all our runners this weekend, next week is Eccup 10 and with more than 70 of our members registered for this race I am just thankful it’s Sarah’s turn to compile the weekly news.


Week ending 17 June 2018


What a great weekend for the club. The main event being our very own Pudsey Legal 10k, which would not be possible without the efforts of everyone from the club who turned out on Sunday in whatever capacity to assist in enabling this fabulous race to take place. A message from the Race Director, Els Allen  Wow what a fantastic day, lots of very happy people! Loads of great comments and positive feedback. We did our club and Pudsey proud. A massive thank you to everyone involved, thank you for giving up your time we couldn’t do it without you.”


A number of our members opted to run it in addition to the majority assisting in set up in the park and registration. Lead pacer was James Clark 39:10, followed by Jack Cooper 43:24, Johnny Scott 49:19, Simon Beverley 49:40, Pirjo Johnson 56:28,  Martin Scott 58:01, Kate Smithson 58:21, Dave Byrom 59:51, Ralph McDermott 1:00:07, Toby Meekings 1:01:23, Lynne Barrett 1:01:41 and Andrew Wood 1:03:11.


As a little warm up for the Under 8’s Park run (there is photographic evidence), Anna Keys ran the 3 Lakes Classic at Rother Valley Country Park on Saturday, 16 hilly miles completed in 2:14:39.


If you are racing and want to be included in the race report then please let us know which race and details of your results and we will include. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Weekly News Update 14th June 2018


Firstly, some updates on the Fell Running scene.

Duddon Valley a beast of a fell race and a true Lakeland classic which involves 18 miles and no less than 6000 feet of climbing. Sadly, the clag was down on the day spoiling the views and leading to Leigh Hinchliffe being timed out at a checkpoint due to a navigational error. Better luck next time Leigh. More successful on the day was Ben Mason who completed this epic event in 7hrs 11mins and 16 seconds.

Next was Hebden a mid-week fell race where 3 of our runners competed, Leigh Hinchliffe was first Pacer home in 55:38, followed by Andy Walker (returning to the fells for the first time in a number of years) was next in 1:03:07 followed by Tracey Wilman who trying out the fells for the first time ever finished in 1:05:42.

Undeterred by his setback at Duddon Valley Leigh Hinchliffe returned to the lakes this weekend to compete in another Lakeland Classic this time at Ennerdale and Leigh completed in 5:46:29 and was 9th in his age group.   

Trying out Hardmoors for the first time was Tim Ayre who took part in the Hardmoors White Horse a 17 mile trail race. Tim completed in a time of 3hrs 23 mins.

Tracey Wilman and Adam Gallagher entered and ran the Northowram Burner a 10k race and Tracey posted a time of 52:31 finishing as 3rd lady. Adam finished in 59:24.  

Finally this week another “classic” in the form of the Otley 10 mile, surely one of Yorkshire’s oldest surviving road races. A good turnout of Pudsey Pacers was lead home by Dveirel Kovalsky in  time of 1:22:05, followed by William Overton 1:22:44, Steve Pattison 1:22:56, Andy Norman 1:24:56, Sarah Norman 1:25:24, Lisa Heath 1:25:30, Victoria Wilkinson 1:29:11, Andrew Allan 1:34:57, Paul Dewhirst 1:38:39, Nic Anness 1:38:45, Melissa Stead 1:45:34, and Samantha Dean 1:48:44.

 Fantastic running from all our runners, Congratulations on your achievements.   

 Week ending 3 June 2018


What a week for racing – 2 vets races, a local 10k, a fell half marathon and more!


Tuesday night was the 3rd fixture in the YVAA vets league, a nice local race at which the club was superbly represented. First home at the Kirkstall Vets and 2nd M35 was James Clark 36:44, supported by Nigel Armitage 37:52, Rob Dixon 38:51, Rich Allen 39:25, Leigh Hinchcliffe 39:39, Tom Murphy 39:58, Rob Samuels 40:43, Mark Orbell 40:46, John Marshall 42:02, Chris Campion 43:13, John Halliwell 43:17, Gareth Millard 44:05, David Brooks 44:52, Dave Burdon 45:00, Andy Norman 45:18, Dave Cooper 45:26, Johnny Scott 45:53, William Overton 47:31, Lisa Heath 47:53, Steve Pattison 48:43, Phil Lonsdale 49:32, Adam Gallagher 49:37, Victoria Wilkinson 49:54, Sue Ransome 49:57 (2nd F60), Sarah Norman 52:21, Toby Meekings 53:29, Tim Ayres 54:33, Hilary Taylor 56:09, Andrew Allan 56:18, Pete Covey 57:39, Ralph McDermott 57:44, Ian Robinson 58:20, Paul Dewhirst 58:42, Phil Daggett 58:44, Judith Marshall 59:19, Joy Good 63:27, Kezzie Medford 63:31 (1st F70) and Lindsay Johnson 67:18.


A second local midweek race on Thursday saw another good showing from the club at the Apperley Bridge Canter, with many running both. This time it was the turn of Mark Orbell to lead the club home in 43:04, followed by Peter Enever 45:57, Gareth Millard 46:18, Andrew Walker 48:37, Andy Norman 48:53, Lisa Heath 53:31, Sarah Norman 54:05, Lucy McCartney 54:47, Sally Corbin-Smith 55:22, Lisa Jamieson 55:50, Tim Ayres 57:49, Nic Anness 59:31, Ian Robinson 60:15, Amber Reid 63:38, Samantha Dean 65:36, Paul Mortimer 69:43, Lucy Winder 69:44 and Lindsay Johnson 71:02.


Saturday members travelled a bit further afield to take part in the very picturesque Wharfedale trail half marathon, a tough challenge. Laurence Martin finished in 1:56:23, David Cooper 2:03:29, Tony Mawson 2:10:46, Brad Strutt 2:16:44, Martin Bullock 2:17:09, William Overton 2:25:42, Andrew Allan 2:33:58, Adrian Martin 2:38:05, Pam Birchenall 2:39:13, Melissa Stead 2:48:59, Cathy Martin 3:07:57 and Linda Bullock 3:07:58.


Prizes galore at the second vets fixture of the week, which for some was followed by fish and chips and ice-cream at nearby Whitby! At Lythe Vets race, winning 1st M55 was Robert Samuels 44:00, 3rd M35 Rich Allen 44.33, closely followed by Tom Murphy 44:39, on their 3rd race outing of the week Mark Orbell 46:12 and Andy Norman 52:24. Steve Pattison followed in 54:21, 3rd V50 Lisa Heath 55:31, Sue Ransome (1st F60) 56:23, Sarah Norman 57:19, Phil Lonsdale 57:20, Adam Gallagher 57:31 and Paul Dewhirst 62:55.


A top 3 finish for James Clark at the Goole Riverbank Challenge in 54:56, a multi-terrain 8.75 mile race and finally for the week in very warm conditions at the Lakeland Trail Coniston half marathon Judith Marshall 3:08 (prov).


If you are racing and want to be included in the race report then please let us know which race and details of your results and we will include. Please e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Week ending 27 May 2018

This weekend was mostly about Scotland with several of our runners competing in Edinburgh Half and Full marathon races and also at Kirkcudbright in the half marathon.

In Edinburgh Michael Hern was first pacer home in the full marathon competing in 3:56:43, he was followed by Rosina Citrone 4:17:56, Paul Kaye 4:54:05 and Cheryl Murphy 5:27:51.

Meanwhile in the half marathon we had 3 runniers John Woodhead 1:57:24, Carole Parkinson 2:06:37 and Mary Liversidge 2:11:22.

Over in Kirkudbright, Steve Boom completed the half marathon in 1:39:51 and Dave Cooper 1:57:14.

Only 3 Pudsey Pacers in the Ilkley Trail race which of course is an In House championship race and Matt Livesey finished 9th overall in a time of 46:00 whilst Pam Birchenall finished in 1:11:43 and Paul Dewhirst 1:17:42.

At least one of our runners (Lawrence Martin) ran in the Austwick Amble Fell race but as yet we have not been able to find the results.   

Dont forget to e mail results if you want it noted in the weekly results - emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Week ending 20 May 2018


A warm weekend for racing this weekend. The big team event was the Calderdale Way Relay, and this week Club Captain Darren Barham has made my job very easy. Not only did he run the first leg of the race but he then stayed out on the route and followed the relay around. This is his report (cut and pasted from social media):  Bit of a rollercoaster ride yesterday at the Calderdale Way Relay (CWR)! With a lot of literal ups!

The CWR is Britains biggest off road relay and probably one of the most competitive. I was absolutely chuffed that this year we had entered 3 teams with 36 yellow pacer vests of different abilities out on the 50 odd mile loop. I had high hopes for the 'A' team of a top 15 finish and breaking last years previous pacer record time. The first leg was a bright early start with the race starting at 8 am. The A team got of to an absoulte belter with Matt Livesey  and James Boxell putting the a's in 5th position against a few internationals, dismissing all my false talk of Matt holding me back on the reccie. Unfortunately, it was the first and last time the B team saw the baton with David Burdon and I just missing the cut after having a picnic in the first two miles. In all seriousness thanks to Dave it was one the best and most enjoyable runs (maybe the only run) I have done in recent years. William Overton and Katy Ralph where also having a great run until the last 200 metres, where after running on some very technical terrain for over 10.5 miles sadly Katy took a serious looking fall on the concrete. Ex paramedic Bill always seems to be near by when these things happen. I have never seen so much spirit after such a bad fall as Katy had and she was a real trooper getting herself up and to the finish- although there was that much claret I hope the marshals didn't mark her down as the other Pudsey team. We wish you well Katy and a speedy recovery! Leg two saw Jim Cantwell and Leigh Hinchcliffe take over the baton for the 'a' team against what Leigh described as 'some bloody speedy lads' they more than held their own with Pacers in a great 10th/11th place. Laurence Martin and Mark Orbell must of put in a great effort just missing the mass start by a minute. Last years leg 3 female pacer record holders Caroline Clarke and Diane Wood couldn’t quite start to monopolise coming in at about the 1:30 mark. Leg 3 saw Rob Dixon and Nick Dunn off for the 'a' on the only leg which Rob nicely asked not to be placed on. They powered up that mighty climb placing the team in about 12th. The b team saw the pairing return of navigation specialists Andrew Walker and Stephen Pattison sticking to the route this time and beating the mass start. They must have been disappointed they only ran the required distance - so ran back to the start. Andrew Allen and Victoria Dickinson were next to take on Stannally farm climb successfully and come in for the mixed team. I am not sure what happened with the kit checks on this leg and I won't ask but Andy Walker just said it was 'sorted'. Up next was leg 4 and alongside leg 1, one of the toughest on route. 'Experienced' pair James Clark and Nigel Armitage led for the 'a'. As I encouraged James on round the corner, of the final long climb he told me he was not the one who needed support. A bit behind was Nigel who looked like he had given it all and some more- in which he described as a 'sunday in hell' on strava. However, they gained a few positions in hell on the way. The B team streamed along with Steve Boom and Richard Godden gaining an interesting PR on a segment called 'Ash's buttock rash'. The Mixed team was represented by Martin Bulllock and Joshua Hawkhead enjoying the 9 miles and 1500 ft of beautiful rolling hills in just over 2 hours. Leg 5 the baton was handed over to Rob Samuels and John Marshall and it looked like John really needed his hat and gloves as he powered through to the finish in the 20 degree plus heat in a strong 14th position. The self titled glamour pair of Anna Keys and Gary Leedham cruised through the wainstall catwalk for the 'b'. Elaine Allen and Emma Hardman took over the penultimate leg for the 'mixed' lots of smiles at the start and I am sure this was the same at the finish. Then it was leg 6, record time and top 15 finish well in sight for the 'a' . So no pressure for the new pacer pairing of Jake Birkby andMatt Pinnock. They had, some reccie issues but Jake had gone out the day before, with the promise of a pint if they didn't get lost. Sadly this was not enough- as the instructions said 'towards a stream' they found themselves towards s**t creek without an oar and about a mile off route. Rumour has it that Jake is still at the club house with the left over pies and screwed up instructions softly playing his recorder. A team finished 16th. However, a hard lesson to take, I am sure these lads will be back featuring in the results in top positions for the Pacers in many a relay to come! Rich Allen and Tom Murphy, had a real blinder finishing just behind them in time many a previous 'a' team pair could not beat! Cracking run. Finally with great glee Dev Kovalsky and Tracey Willman paced in for the pacers mixed bringing home all the pacer teams. I have been told they were leading the mass start pack for the first few miles!

Apologises for the long essay and rambles was just meant to be just a few words and photos but escalated a lot. Also sorry I couldnt get photos of all.

One thing that came out of yesterday was the great team spirit and determination we have in the Pudsey Pacers! What a cracking club! I know we will smash that top 15 next year. Big thanks to all those who run. You all did great. Overall a blinding day! On to Bradford Millennium way.......


On the day the A team finished in 16th position, the B team in 43rd and mixed team in 82nd. I cant find any leg times or overall times at present.

Meanwhile over in Liverpool, it was time to Rock n Roll in the sun at the Liverpool Rock n Roll marathon and half marathon. Tackling the full distance with music every mile to take their minds off the blistering heat were Faye Birkby 3:35:22, Tony Lambert on his first marathon in 5:04:53 and multiple marathoner Ralph McDermott in 5:33:05. In the half marathon Adrian Martin finished in 2:10:11 and Cathy Martin in 2:24:05.


Week Ending 13th May

Quite a busy week for Pudsey Pacers. On another hot Sunday we had 30 plus runners in the Leeds Half Marathon. James Clark was our first runner home in a time of 1:22:53 followed by Dave Woodhead 1:27:28,

Mark Orbell 1:31:08, Morven Wallace 1:32:50, Nick Dunn 1:34:23, John Halliwell 1:34:59, Peter Eniver 1:35:44, Paula Bradshaw 1:36:56, Johnny Scott 1:41;20, Chris Campion 1:43:14, Dveirel Kovalsky 1:45;18, Andy Norman 1:46;45, Tim Barton 1:50:21, Sarah Norman 1:52;10, Victoria Wilkinson 1:52:33, Rachael Newton 1:54:04, Anjuli Parmar 1:55:09, John Woodhead 2:05:31,Andrew Duffy 2:12:27, David Owen 2:14:39, Ian Robinson 2:15:55, Rodney Tordoff 2:16:25 (1st V75), Caroline Armstrong 2:16:42, Nick Ljustina 2:18:33, Amber Reid 2:18:21, Kezzie Medford 2:26:05, (1st V70) Edwina Hewson 2:32:21, Ruth Duffy 2:32:25, Dawn Taylor 2:34:20, Jackie Baldwin 2:34:21, Elaine Rushworth 2:43:24.

Meanwhile in the Bluebell trail a hilly off road race which ended up being more than 10 miles this time Steve Pattison led the way for the Pacers team in a time of 1:42:18, (2nd V60) Tracey Wilman 1:48:40, Robert Greaves (Junior) 1;48:40, Adam Gallagher 2:01:41 and Paul Dewhirst 2:17:22.

On the previous Wednesday Sue Ransome ran in the Cannon Hall dash near Barnsley a 10 mile race where she came 1st in her age group (V60)


It was the awards evening at Farsley Liberal Club on the Friday night and a good turnout of Pacers saw the awards go as follows:

Best Male Runner - Andy Norman, Best Female Runner -Kezzie Medford, Best Male Newcomer - Matthew Pinnock, Best Female Newcomer - Tracey Wilman, Most Improved Male Runner - Morven Wallace, Most Improved Female Runner - Linda Bullock, Run Britain Male Runner - Andrew Bishop, Run Britain Female Runner award was split 3 ways with Georgie Pogge-Von Strandmann, Stacey Ashworth and Annette Clark sharing the trophy. Jon Holah won the Andy Barrett trophy for outstanding contribution to the WYWL competition. The In House competition winners were Peter Covey and Melissa Stead whilst Dave Burdon and Lynne Barrett won the In House Park Run competition.


So a very busy week, many congratuatons to all our runners o their achievements. 



Week ending 8 May


 So this week’s weekend action was fairly low key.


 On Saturday a quartet of pacers headed Up the Odda, a tough little off road 10k, run from Hawksworth primary school. First pacer home was Tracey Wilman 53:56, followed by Tony Mawson 55:20, Adam Gallagher 60:42 and Paul Dewhirst 83:31.It was the annual showdown between teams from the Peco xc league and the West Yorkshire Winter League in the Peco v WYWL relay. We had a number of runners representing the club and the WYWL league. Running for the WYWL VM50 (who came 6th overall and 1st in category was Rob Samuels completing leg 2 in 18.48, the PP mixed team came 34th with Dev Kovalsky  23:31, Steve Pattinson 22:04 and Tracey Wilman 22:54.  The PP second mixed team came 37th with Tracey Wilman doing another leg in 21:42, William Overton 25:02 and Dev Kovalsky 24:15. Finally in 40th place running for the WYWL VF50 team Lynne Barrett 26:44.




Up on the fells Nigel Armitage completed Coiners fell race , a 7 mile 1100’ ascent race on paths, tracks and moorland, taking in Erringden Moor, Stoodley Pike, and Bell House Moor. Nigel completed the course in 1:02:04.




Everyone was clearly saving themselves over the weekend ready for the 2nd fixture in the YVAA vets league at Roundhay Park on Tuesday evening.  A lovely evening and route and a great turnout from the club.  So the scores on the doors at the Roundhay Vets were as follows (including some category prize winners) - James Clark 30.34 (2nd M35), Rich Allen 32:26, Rob Dixon, 32:35,  Nigel Armitage 33:02, Rob Samuels 33:28, Mark Orbell 34:05,  John Marshall 34:20,  John Haliwell 35:48, Chris Campion 36:08, Tracey Wilman 36:13, Dave Burdon 36:28 (3rd M60), Andy Norman 36:41, David Brooks 37:28, David Booth 37:39, Anna Keys 38:18, Rob Butler 38:20, William Overton 39:35, Lisa Heath 39:50, Natalie Tordoff 40:34, Adam Gallagher 40:51, Katy Ralph 41:33, Sue Ransome 42:01, Victoria Wilkinson 42:02, Sarah Norman 42:14, Toby Meeking 42:15, Adrian Martin 44:15, Lynne Barrett 45:26, Emma Young 45:28, Hilary Taylor 46:30, Andrew Allan 46:46, Nic Anness 48:05, Rodney Tordoff 48:08, Ian Robinson 48:09, Alan Mahony 50:50, Cathy Martin 52:27, Kezzie Medford 52:53 (1st F70), Claire Greenwood 53:09, Joy Good 53:15 (3rd F65) and Lindsay Johnson 57:03.




The next Vets race is at Kirkstall on Tuesday 22n May. Details can be found on – these are great little races|! If you haven’t tried one and are over the age of 35 we can strongly recommend them!




A few races missed from previous weeks. On 15 April 2018, Paul Kaye ran in the Brighton Marathon. Paul states “Just reporting in with my first marathon of 2018 at Brighton. Not a bad course & pretty much one circuit. Great crowds & weather conditions pretty good until the last 4 miles when it started to chuck it down. Time 04:44:31. And that’s with low training mileage in January & no big 21 run a couple of weeks before. That’s no 52 clocked up. Next one Edinburgh.




 On 16 and 30 April Dan Graham completed races 2 and 3 in the Trunce off road race series in 35:35 and 34:37 respectively.




Finally on 1st May 2018 Nicola Cartwright ran Chester half marathon in 2:11:48.



More News   w/e 22nd and 29th April.

Some late information relating to the Anniversary Waltz held w/e 22nd April.

Leigh Hinchliffe and Martin Bullock travelled to the Lake District to complete this fell race, Leigh completing in 2:09:25 and Martin 3:03:18. This is a real beast of a fell race and not to be mistaken by its benign sounding name.

The Anniversary Waltz has been an annual event for 22 years following the wedding of 2 local runners Wyn and Steve. Sadly this was the last ever Anniversary Waltz following the passing away of Steve on 11th Jan this year with MND.


Meanwhile some further race news from this weekend past - W/e 29th April -Morven Wallace and Pam Birchenall travelled to South Wales to compete in The Newport Marathon and Newport 10k respectively. Both were delighted to post personal best times.

Marathon Man Morven with a superb result of 3:17 and Pam impressing on her comeback from injury with a time of 52:53.

Well done all.    




Week Ending 29th April 2018



What a weekend for Pudsey Pacers and what a weekend for some truly awesome performances.


On Saturday the annual Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge took place. This really is an event of a unique nature, 24 miles and over 4500 feet of ascending. No year is ever the same depending on the weather and ground conditions. This year proved no different with some very slippy and boggy sections to deal with throughout the course.  


With a mixture of debutants and seasoned campaigners everybody did extremely well and there will have been some PB’s achieved (nb: not sure who has registered pb’s at the time of writing)


First Pacer home in a time of 3:49:49 was Matt Livesey followed by Leigh Hinchliffe in a time of 3:55:34. Next was Neil Armitage running for his first claim club in a time of 4:13:49, then Jon Greenwood 4:34:24, Ben Mason 4:36:02, Anna Keys 5:00:59, Darryl Stead 5:12:57 and Mark Pawson 5:20:04. Spare a thought for Steve Boom who had to pull out at Hill Inn due to injury although he was well within the cut off time.


These days our club plays such a big part in this event with Martin Bullock arranging and overseeing the marshall duties as well as spending time in helping to set up the event and he was ably supported by a large number of Pudsey Pacers who as well as supporting the runners were busy manning numerous marshal points throughout the course. Overall a superbly successful day and one for all Pudsey Pacers to be proud of.   


Also on Saturday the long awaited “Big Shave” took place prior to Bramley Park Run where Arthur  Wood had half his beard shaved off. This was to recognise and raise funds for British Heart Foundation who Arthur is so grateful to and Arthur was marking his comeback from sick bed to 10k. Its been wonderful to see how Arthur has progressed since that worrying day at Bramley back in late September 2016. Arthur then went on to complete the Bradford 10k and much to his relief he will be having the other half of his beard removed prior to this coming Saturday’s Bramley Park Run. Well done Arthur.


On to Sunday and Bradford 10k (NB – apologies if I have missed any names or pb’s achieved – I used the Pudsey Pacers filter and it may be that some entrants were not listed as such). First home for Pudsey Pacers was James Clark who finished 20th in a time of 36;51, backed up by over 30 other Pacers the results as known at this time were Jack Cooper running for the first time as a Pacer in 40:10 (PB), Nick Dunn 40:11, Mark Orbell 41:03, Peter Enever 42:15, Tracey Wilman 43:10 (PB), Dave Burdon 43:24, Steven Esgate 45:43, William Overton 47:40, Adam Gallagher 50:34, Rosina Citrone 50:51, Lisa Jamieson 51:24, Tony Lambert 52:37 (PB), Rodney Tordoff 55:41, Katie Jones 56:46, David Owen 57:40, Victoria Dickinson 57:41 (PB), Samantha Dean 58:31, Samantha Garside 58:38, Andrew Bishop 58:44, Paul Mortimer 58:44, Michelle Craighan 59:05, Paul Dewhirst 59:09, Debra Tomlinson 59:24, Stacie Ashworth 1:03:15,  Ralph Mcdermott 1:05:22, Michelle Hefferon 1:08:26, Sarah Moss 1:10:03, Arthur Wood 1;11:31, Lindsay Dixon 1:16:17, Gemma Waring 1:16:35, Annette Clark 1;22:52.




Meanwhile at Chester Half Marathon Nicola Cartwright completed the race in 2;11:48.


Unfortunately, I don’t have Yorkshire Wildlife results available but some of our members took part in this on Saturday.


The Annual Award Presentation takes place at Farsley Liberal Club on Friday 11th May and tickets can be bought from William Overton this week or also next week when they will be available from Sarah or Andy Norman - £3 each.


You can vote for your favourite nominations up to 8pm this coming Thursday (3rd) and all paid up members should have received their invitation with details by e mail. If for any reason you have not received this there will be an opportunity to vote at the club on Tuesday and Thursday or you can e mail Cathy Martin and she will arrange to e mail you the details separately. Cathy’s e mail address is    


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Finally for this week a very well done to all our Pudsey Pacers involved in this week’s action.


Week ending 22 April 2018


So this weekend was all about the London Marathon, a race that so many aspire to run but not everyone is lucky to get a place. Having trained in tough winter conditions, the cold, rain, sleet, snow and ice and this year doing battle with the unwelcome visit from the beast from the east, our runners on race day were confronted with weather from the other end of the spectrum. The sun and heat was unrelenting on the day and the streets of London became increasingly more oppressive as the day progressed, forcing runners to take a steadier pace than they normally would. Hats off to all our finishers for completing this epic race in such tough conditions. Al Chapman was first home in a very impressive 3:07:05, followed by William Overton 4:05:17; Lisa Heath 4:19:23; Dave Hudson 4:20:16; Darryl Stead 4:42:17;

Catherine Smithurst 5:07:32; Nic Anness 5:12:59; Sam Stewart 5:16:05; Debbie McDermott 5:19:33; Joshua Hawkhead 5:22:33; Ian Robinson 6:01:42; Lindsay Johnson 6:22:29 and

Kezzie Medford 6:26:04.


A couple of members headed off to compete solo in other marathons. In Zurich Marathon in similar conditions to London Dev Kovalsky Gonzalez finished in 4:17:57 and at Blackpool Marathon Matthew Pinnock in 3:23:11.


And so to a much more local low key event, the YVAA vets series got underway with the first race at Honley, For those members that have never run one of these races they are great little races. They are open to all members over the grand old age of 35, generally 5-6 miles, £5 each and suitable for all abilities. Leading the pack home was James Clark 40:47, supported by Nigel Armitage 41:17, Paul Gaile 43:18, Dave Woodhead 43:49, Rob Dixon 44:31, Rich Allen 44:42, Rob Samuels 44:52, John Marshall 45:32, Tom Murphy 45:40,

Mark Orbell 45:50, Dave Burdon 49:01, Andy Norman 50:45, Steve Pattinson 51:20, Kate Smithson 61:49, John Woodhead 62:51, Lynne Barrett 62:53 and Emma Young 66:46.


The next vets race is on Tuesday 8th May at 19.30 at Roundhay Park and it would be great to see as many members as possible at this race. More information is available on or speak to any coach at club if you have any questions.


Week Ending 15th April 2018: - 

5 of our members travellled to run the Vale of York 10 miles race, John Halliwell was first home for the Pacers in a time of 1:12:29, looks like John is well on his way back to full fitness. Next posting a massive PB was Fiona Harrison 1:36:47 followed by Sarah Turner in a time of 1:37:00, Mary Liversidge 1:39:19 and Georgie Pogge-Von-Strandmann 1:49:19.

A little further north in Hartlepool doing the Marina 5 Mile race were Dave Woodhead completing in 31:02, John Woodhead 43:29 and Andrew Bishop in a time of 51:29. This was Andrew's 2nd race since joining the club and he reports it was an out and back course along the promanade, it was a bit windy on the day but the runners were rewarded with fine views of the sea.

Sue Ransome was the only pacer taking part in the Overgate Hospice 10k, where she bagged the 1st F60 prize in a time of 52:36.

Meawhile on Saturday Rodney Tordoff set the course record for a V75+ at Cross Flatts Park Run in a time of 26:41. Rodney's next quest is to complete the Bradford 10k for Arthur Wood's "shave off the beard" event in a time of under the hour.

Just a reminder and FINAL call to our existing members that Tuesday 17th April is deadline day if you wish to renew your membership at the reduced rate of £20.  The fee wil rise to £30 once this deadline is expired. See John at the club or pay on line (Pm John Marshall for bank details)



Week ending 8 April 2018 


So this weekend saw the first of the Spring marathons as runners and a little band of supporters headed over the Pennines to pound the streets in the Manchester Marathon. What a start to marathon running for relative newcomer to the club Faye Birkby, who finished in an excellent 3:12:25, fellow first timer Natalie Tordoff came home in 4:10:01, with Rob Butler in 4:51:07. Pacers news is now looking forward to tracking our members in the upcoming London, Liverpool, Edinburgh marathons and the 3 Peaks race in the coming weeks. Any other marathons events coming up for members please let us know on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the facebook group.


Closer to home our intrepid duo Sarah and Andy Norman took part in the Blubberhouses Moor 25 mile race. Sarah reports The race where Andy and I first talked 7 years ago, we left not even knowing each others names! Lovely to see so many walkers out along Swinsty and Fewston reservoirs at the start of the run. A really warm day once the low cloud lifted off Blubberhouses Moor itself. Bolton Abbey looked stunning as we ran on the path high above it. Very boggy from Beamsley Beacon onwards when I started to really struggle! Not our fastest time but our furthest run since The Spine in January. 4 hours 27 for just over 24 miles.”


At Baildon Boundary Way (half marathon distance) making his presence on his return to the race circuit felt was James Clark finishing in 7th place in 1:36:20, supported by Rob Samuels 1:49:26, Steve Pattison 1:56:25, Robert Greaves 1:57:42, Darryl Stead 2:12:24, Suzy Beck 2:20:24 and Andrew Allan 2:27:21.


Personal Bests were on the cards for two of our runners in the hilly Sheffield Half with Mark Orbell finishing in 1:32:41 (PB), Dveirel Kovalsky 1:46:04 (PB) and Ralph McDermott 2:03:14


Finally this weekend at the Thirsk 10 Rodney Tordoff reports “The re-scheduled Thirsk 10 mile road race based at the race course was run in excellent conditions, mild with no wind or rain. Six ladies from Pudsey Pacers took part and the fastest of them was Amy Smith in 1.20.05. Pam Birchenall just managed to beat the 1.30.00 mark with a time of 1.29.45. Katie Jones recorded 1.38.39 and Cathy Martin 1.41.20. Running together Dawn Taylor and Jackie Baldwin were both timed in at 1.58.10. Of the three males who took part Morven Wallace recorded a personal best with 1.06.32 and Adrian Martin clocked in at 1.31.00. I picked up the M75-79 with 1.33.48 but was disappointed with my time.” Pacers news begs to differ with Rodney at what is an excellent time!


Reminder: This is the final week for paying the discounted membership fee of £20 for current members. Fee will rise to £30 after 17th April. See John Marshall on a club night or pm John for the bank details



Weekly News 2nd April 2018

Spring has supposedly arrived but our races this weekend took place in very wintry conditions. First up on Saturday, Matt Pinnock ran the Muddy Trail Daffodil Half Marathon over at Temple Newsam, Matt reported that the race was pretty tough with plenty of mud and horrible weather but he was pleased to bag 1st place overall in a time of 1:28:26.

Down at Bramley Fall Wood in equally wet conditions, Jake and Faye Birkby teamed up in the Tag relay challenge, they had a great result for their debut in Pacer colours finishing 5th overall and 1st mixed team. 

The traditional Easter Sunday race, Guiseley Gallop took place with several Pacers in action and again some great performances in challenging conditions, the course was an absolute quagmire. James Clark showed he is well on the way back to fitness with a time of 41:04. James was 9th overall and 3rd V35. Paul Gaille finished in a time of 45:03 (3rd V50) and were followed by John Marshal 48:04, John Halliwell 51:20, Steve Pattison 51:55 (2nd V60), Mandy Bannister 1:02:59, Paul Dewhirst 1:07:14, Lynne Barrett 1:08:01, and Lisa Jamieson 1:09:14.

Concluding the Bank Holiday was the Easter Monday fixture- Ackworth Half Marathon. Winter maintained its grip with snow and rain causing havoc and that was just parking the cars in the muddy field. Dave Burdon finished the race in a time of 1:43:40 (1stV60) closely followed by Dveirel Kovalsky 1:48:07.

Fantastic running by all our runners in tough conditions, well done everybody.


Weekly News 26 March 2018


This weekend we had a smattering of pacers out around the country taking part in various races.


The weekend kicked off on Saturday with a trip up to the Lake District in glorious weather for a small group of pacers to run the Coniston 14, a 14 mile undulating road race. Martin Robson led then home in 1:52:46, closely followed by Martin Bullock 1:53:35. Andrew Allan pipped wife Elaine to the post with times of 2:09:32 and 2:09:57 respectively, followed by Linda Bullock 2:18:15.


Liverpool Half marathon was the race of choice for Morven Wallace 1:29:31,  a PB for Catherine Smithurst 2:01:06, Pam Birchenall 2:02:47 and a v55 PB for Andrew Smithurst in 2:04:42.


Meanwhile Steve Pattison headed to RAF Dishforth for the inaugural Dishforth Dash 10k. The race is on the airfield and is flat and fast. Weather conditions were good, no wind and Steve finished in 45:30.


Closer to home both some of our experienced members and a number first time 10k runners ran the Wakefield 10k, which was hurriedly booked onto after the disappointment of the cancelled Bradford 10k. After a break from racing first home was James Clark in 37:15, followed by David Woodhead 40.19, Ben Wood 50:42, John Woodhead 57:00, Nicola Cartwright 59:16, Andrew Bishop 1:07:22, Stacie Ashworth 1:07:22, Rachel Clayforth 1:10:21, Arthur Wood 1:13:23 and Annette Clark 1:24:46.


Opting for an off road race, sole pacer Dan Graham took part in the Trunce off road race series run from Oxpring, Sheffield in 34:01.


Don’t forget membership for this year is now due and to benefit from the discount existing members must renew by 17 April. Either pay John Marshall on a club night or message him via facebook for the online bank details.



Weekly News 19th March 2018

On what should have been a busy week for race reporting it seems the whole programme was totally wiped out due to the weather. Cancellations/Postponements of Horsforth Vets, Bradford 10k, Thirsk 10, East Hull 20, Heptonstall and various other fell races lead to our runners taking a day off or opting for training runs across the snow fields. Although Trimpell 20 went ahead the weather made the travel too stressful and unwise to attempt for our runners, so for this country we had a complete white out.

Lynne Barrett travelled to Florida United States and appears to be our only pacer this week to have a race report for. Well done Lynne who completed the Sarasota Half marathon in a time of 2:04:11 and finished as 3rd Female Vet 60.

Plans for Arthur Wood's sponsored shave before the Bramley Park Run on Saturday also were put paid to by the weather and this has now been postponed until April 28th which is the day prior to the new date for Bradford 10k (April 29th). You may well remember the plan is for half the beard to go the day before the Bradford 10k, then Arthur will run the 10k and follow up the following Saturday before parkrun for the other half of the beard to be sheared (We will need a pair of shears by then Arthur). 

Weekly News 12 March 2018


Just a few races to report on this weekend.


With spring marathon training well underway it was time for the local Spen 20 mile race, in which we were represented by Matt Pinnock finishing in an impressive 16th place in 2.10.33, and Robert Greaves 2:54:10.


Up in the dales a trio of pacers headed to take part in Dentdale 14 a scenic road race setting off from Dent village on a figure of eight course, which literally took them up hill and down dale! Steve Pattison was first home in 1:56:30, followed by Andrew Allan in 2:18:51, and Elaine Allan 2:23:15.


Finally opting for sunnier climes and deciding to have a second bash at Barcelona Marathon was Coach Andrew Hardaker and Beth Light. Beth finished in 3:54:11 and Andrew in 4:06:27.


If you do take part in a race don’t forget to let us know by e-mailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Weekly News 5th March 2018

The weather certainly dominated the news this week with The Beast from the East apparently having a big punch up with Storm Emma and Great Britain coming off somewhat worse for wear although I am old enough to remember when it just used to be known as Winter.

It was bad news for those who had planned a sunshine break in Benidorm with only 2 Pacers managing to find a flight not affected by the weather. Martin Robson completing the Benidorm Half Marathon in 1:46:58 and Loretta Robson 2:08:43, meanwhile the rest of the crew planning for a weekend in the sun, endured a very frustrating and disappointing morning at Leeds Bradford Airport before being told no flight to Spain until the following Monday. Arrangements are now being made for those interested to set up a club trip to Palma Majorca in October.

The weather also played havoc with training plans and most local park runs were cancelled on the Saturday. Over in Pendle Neil Armitage running for his first claim club completed the Stan Bradshaw (Fell Race) Round in a time of 1:10:59.

A determined and praiseworthy effort from Queensbury who pulled out all the stops to get the final West Yorkshire Cross Country fixture on (you may remember this fixture fell victim to ice back in December). What a great event it proved to be with 29 Pacers joining the fun in the snow.  On the day our Super vets were 1st, the Ladies finished 7th, the Men 5th and the Vets 4th which meant that Overall the Club finished 5th. The season has finished now and we await the final cumulative results but there is still the Peco vs West Yorkshire Relay event to take place on 25th March and just before that on 23rd March is the Presentations evening.

So, great running once again to all  our runners let’s now hope that with some improved weather forecast we can all get back to our training plans.




Weekly News 27 February 2018


This weekend Pacers were spread far and wide in a number of different races.


Opting for a 10 mile flat road run in the popular Snake Lane 10 up at Pocklington returnee to the club Ryan Turnbull put in a storming performance finishing in 1:01:37. He was followed by another good performance from John Halliwell 1:10:38 and Brad Strutt in 1:16:36.


On the canal at Slaithwaite (locally called Slawit) those Grim Up North folks put on one of their trademark events the Slaithwaite Slog with races over all distances – 5k, 10k, half marathon, 20 miles and marathon. It seems our members opted for the half marathon and finishing in 1st place was newcomer to the club Matt Pinnock (running in disguise with no club vest!). Also running incognito under an assumed name was a certain Anna Kenys in 1:47:22, followed by Diane Shaw 2:15:53 and the London marathon training pair Ian Robinson 2:16:59 and Lindsay Johnson 2:48:06. Rumour even has it that the canal in Slaithwaite is hilly! (Disclaimer: at the time of going to print pacers news has not been able to verify this rumour!).


At the Harewood Half marathon sole pacer Joshua Hawkhead finished the in 1:59:05 and in yet another half this time hurtling around the Oulton Park race track at the Oulton Park Half marathon was another pacer on a sole outing Rob Butler in 1:45:26.


To the team event this weekend Stainland hosted the 6th fixture of the WYWL XC season with a 5.7 mile route incorporating many varied terrrains with plenty of mud, steep slopes, stream crossings and the infamous log flume – sounds great fun!. On the day the mens team finished in 5th, the women in 8th, Vets in 8th and our Super Vets in 1st. Overall on the day the team finished in 6th Place. In the cumulative results after this latest fixture we are in 4th place overall in the competition (men 4th, women 7th, vets 5th and our supervets are top of the board in 1st place.) Roll on Queensbury next weekend!


On the fells High Cup Nick fell race took place on Saturday – results currently awaited.


Finally, a late fell race result from last week Ilkley Fell Race, 8k 401m of climb saw several of our members tackling this tough little race.  First home was Darryl Stead in 1:02:17,  with Laurence Martin hot on his tail in 1:02:22, followed by Steve Pattinson 1:02:22, Martin Bullock 1:06:05 and Andrew Allan 1:19:14.




If you do take part in a race don’t forget to let us know by e-mailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Weekly News 19th Feb 2018

Lots to catch up on following editor’s holidays.

Back to w/e 5th Feb and 2 events to report on firstly Mickleden Straddle on the fells where Matt Livesey finished 4th in a time of 1:49:12 followed by Michael Dixon 2:36:20, Anna Keys 2:38:25 and Martin Bullock 2:59:44. The following day was Dewsbury 10k a fast course where Mark Orbell was 1st Pacer home in 40:16 followed by David Booth 44:04, Tracey Wilman 44:44, Andrew Walker 45:21, Adam Gallagher 50:39, Paul Dewhirst 52:21, and Cheryl Murphy 1:00:39.

Last week saw the 4th in the WYXC series this time at Skipton. This proved to be a humdinger of a course on the day with absolute bucket loads of mud and great fun for the photographers and video makers. We had 26 Pacers there on the day (19 men and 7 ladies). A good performance by our hardy runners with the men finishing 4th, the ladies 7th, the vets were 6th although the Supervets did even better by coming 1st. Overall the club finished 5th on the day.

Finally, this weekend (17th/18th) we had Flower Scar Fell Race with 5 Pacers present and by all reports it was as tough as ever. Matt Livesey 1:17:43 (5th), Leigh Hinchliffe 1:21:23, Ben Mason 1:39:05, Mark Pawson 1:42:56, and Mark Dixson 1:50:21.

In the Liversedge Half Marathon the weather was kind for a change and we had some great performances by all our representatives. Robert Greaves 1:43:11, Martin Scott 1:56:52, Amy Smith 1:57:42, Emma Hardman 1:58:45 and David Owen 2:18:24.

Ralph Mcdermott and Debbie McDermott meanwhile ran in The Gt North West Half Marathon in Blackpool finishing in times of 2:11:42 and 2:11:49.

Results are still awaited from the Ilkley Fell Race.

Fantastic running everyone, don’t forget if you have any race results please e mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

 Weekly News 29th January 2018

A quiet week on the racing front this week but first an update on last week's half marathon at Inskip.
Just 2 of our members attended this year's race which just about survived the icy conditions. Al Chapman recorded 1:24:37 whilst Morven Wallace was not far behind in 1:30:13.
This weekend was the Meltham 10k renowned for its hills. Richard Godden running for his first claim club (Roberttown Road Runners) finished in 47:07 whilst Tracey Wilman completed her race in 50:57 with Adam Gallagher not far behind in a time of 54:46.
Excellent running everyone, well done.



 Weekly News 22nd January 2018.

A wintry weekend with snow, ice, mud, rain, and bitterly cold conditions were not enough to stop the Pacers being out in force at various events this week.
First and foremost, our pride of place must surely go to Andy and Sarah Norman who for the past week have been battling their way through the famous Montane Spine Race, described as one of the world's toughest endurance races. An epic challenge to test physical resilience and mental toughness to the absolute limit. Racing non-stop along one of the toughest trails in Britain and in some of the most brutal and exposed weather conditions known Andy and Sarah left Edale last Sunday morning and then tackled the entire Pennine Way completing (as the first couple) in a time of 163:46:54. Well done guys an epic achievement we look forward to hearing about your experiences in the next newsletter.

Another of our members who is getting a taste for the longer and more rugged terrain is Tim Ayres who completed the Hebden 2018 race this Saturday in a time of 4 hours 7 minutes. 15 miles and 2800 feet of climbing. Tim reports " A mixture of tracks and trails north and south of Hebden Bridge. Mixed weather including some sleet and snow. Muddy and snow covered throughout. Hopefully I will be back next year for a faster time or the 22 mile longer route".
Over the other side of the hill towards Chester, 5 pacers completed the Essar 4 Villages Half Marathon. They were:
Andrew Smithurst 2:09:05, Adrian Martin 2:10:24, Paul Dewhirst 2:13:06, Catherine Smithurst 2:16:11, and Cathy Martin 2:21:47.

At least one of our runners was reported to have been seen at the Inskip Half marathon but so far no results to report. (Will catch up with this next week).

Finally, West Yorkshire Winter League lived up to its name with the 3rd of our races taking place in the snow at Northowram. This was a new course but seems to have been well received and attended. Plenty of mud and quite a technical and interesting course enjoyed by 33 of our members. On the day our men finished 5th, Ladies 8th, Vets 6th and Supervets 2nd with an overall placing of 6th on the day. Next race is Skipton 11th February.
Fabulous running everybody well done.




Weekly News 15 January 2018


Just a couple of races this weekend but the club was well represented in both.


Firstly over at a muddy Temple Newsam a contingent ran the “Tough not Timid” Temple Newsam 10 mile race. Coveting the first pacer home spot on this occasion was Peter Enever in 1:18:13, closely followed by Dave Burdon 1:18:50, Tim Barton 1:26:53, Tracey Wilman 1:29:23, Adam Gallagher 1:31:57, Lisa Jamieson 1:37:03, Paul Dewhirst 1:40:45, Sam Stewart 1:45:41, David Owen 1:47:45, Judith Marshall 1:49:40, Debbie McDermott 1:50:06, Ralph McDermott 1:50:07, Georgie Pogge-von Strandmann 1:52:46 and

Michelle Dare 2:06:12.


Meanwhile splashing around in the mud near Penistone Hill Country Park, Haworth there was a good turnout at the Stanbury Splash, a 6.7 mile 1200ft ascent fell race. Leading the club home was Graeme Tiffany 1:01:45, Mark Nolan 1:04:19, Ben Mason 1:04:54, David Cooper 1:06:25, Laurence Martin 1:07:33, Tony Mawson 1:08:20, Martyn Robson 1:10:24, Brad Strutt 1:10:29, Martin Bullock 1:15:05, Mark Dixson 1:15:31 and Andrew Allan 1:24:14.


A late result to report on from the end of December when Paul Kaye left Leeds (by car) at 3.20am on December 29th to embark on a 360 mile round trip to take part in the Great Barrow marathon in Suffolk. He completed the race in atrocious icy weather conditions in a time of 5:28:52.


If you do take part in a race don’t forget to let us know by e-mailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Weekly News 8th January 2018.

Saturday saw 2 of our members running in the Sir Titus Trot, this event offers different distances to compete in. Lisa Jamieson opted for the 10k and was 3rd lady to finish in a time of 52:45. Also amongst the prizes but this time in the Half Marathon was Beth Light who also finished 3rd lady in a time of 1:44:09.

Several Pacers crossed the Pennines to take part in the Central Lancashire Half Marathon, Braving the icy conditions and rather tricky course were Al Chapman 1:24:36, Morven Wallace 1:31:02, Natalie Tordoff 1:55:14, Elaine Allan 1:55:43, Andrew Allan 1:55:49, and Ralph Mcdermott 2:04:49.

The 2nd of the West Yorkshire Winter League races was hosted by South Leeds Lakers at Middleton Woods and 46 of our members took part. The men were 4th on the day and the ladies were 10th, Our vets team finished 3rd and the Supervets were 2nd meaning overall on the day we finished 4th.

Scorers for the team were (Men) Matt Livesey, Neil Armitage, Nigel Armitage, Jon Holah, Nick Dunn, Ryan Turnbull, and Rob Dixon. (Ladies) Tracey Wilman, Anna Keys, Dveirel Kovalsky, Katy Ralph and Sue Ransome.

The next WYWL event is at Northowram on Sunday 21st January.

Well done and congratulations to all our runners on their efforts this week.




Weekly News 1st January 2018

The final races from 2017 and one race result from the first day of 2018 to report on this week.


The traditional festive races over the Christmas period, included the Chevin Chase on Boxing Day with a large number of runners in an array of costumes running this approximate 10k race around the hilly Chevin. First pacer home was Matt Livesey in 43:57, followed by Jon Holah 47:59, John Halliwell 54:24, Simon Beverley 58:16, Mark Dixson 1:00:15, Steve Boom 1:00:28, Martin Bullock 1:02:51, Darryl Stead 1:04:08, Katy Ralph 1:05:02, Tony Lambert 1:08:59, Ralph McDermott 1:10:45, Lynne Barrett 1:11:58, Paul Mortimer 1:13:24 and Mary Liversidge 1:21:22.


Meanwhile unable to secure a place in the Chevin Chase, Kate Smithson determined for a Boxing Day race headed over to Hull and competed in the East Hull 10k. It was well worth the trip over as she achieved a PB in 51:16.


Again opting for something a bit different to the usual offerings, Kate Smithson and Tony Lambert took part in the second running of the Coley Canter on 30 December 2017. This was an 8 mile trail race around the Northowram area. Apparently the route was hilly and muddy. Kate finished in 1:37:26, with Tony quickly following in 1:37:51.


Provisional results only currently available for another firm festive favourite Auld Lang Syne on New Years Eve, over at Penistone Country Park, Haworth. This year I can only spot two pacers on the results, Dave Cooper finishing in 69:47 and Caroline Clarke 71:53.


What better way to kick off the New Year on New Years Day than by running an ultra marathon. This is what members Sarah Norman and William Overton opted for this year, when they headed over to the east coast to run the Hardmoors 30 mile race. Whilst Sarah is a seasoned ultra runner and very familiar with the Hardmoors series of races, this was William’s first ultra experience! Will he back form more? They both completed the coastal off road run in 6 hours 45 minutes. Well done both!


Results still awaited for Giant’s Tooth fell race, which also took place on New Years Day.


Apologies if I have not included any race that you have competed in over the period but I have not been notified of any others. If you do take part in a race don’t forget to let us know by e-mailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Weekly News 11th December 2017


Unfortunately, the weather got the better of most of our planned racing this weekend which put paid to the eagerly awaited Queensbury Cross Country as well as the Leeds Xmas 10k and Mytholmroyd Fell Race.


It’s expected the cross country race will be rescheduled for the New Year.


Sarah Norman was still able to complete one of her epic HardMoors run’s, this time North Yorkshire Moors including Roseberry Topping a 30.4 mile run. Sarah completed the run in 6:35:06 and was 48th.


A couple of races from the previous week to catch up on.


Sue Ransome completed Stockport 10 miles in 1:19:27 and was 1st FV60.


Tim Ayres meanwhile took on the Dark Peak Trail a 15.24 run with 2044 feet of climb and including  Langsett reservoir near Penistone over to the Derwent valley and back.


As always well done to all our runners over the last 2 weekends.




Weekly News 27th November  2017.

Several Pacers undertook the challenging Clowne Half Marathon this weekend with the following results.

Victoria Wilkinson 1:52:14, Tony Lambert 1:56:12, Adrian Martin 2:09:43, Paul Dewhirst 2:11:24, Paul Mortimer 2:11:28, Katie Jones 2:11:29, Ralph Mcdermott 2:15:18, Debbie McDermott 2:15:18, Andy Hall 2:32:18, Gemma Benson 2:32:19.


Meanwhile it was also the 1st West Yorkshire Cross Country Race and the opener for the new season was hosted by Dewsbury at the “undulating” course in Hopton Mirfield. We were spared the snow and ice but there was plenty of mud and there was a magnificent turnout of 43 Pudsey Pacers  (topped only by host club Dewsbury and Stainland).

Our men finished in 6th place as did our vets team. Our Ladies were 8th and the Supervets team finished 2nd on the day. Overall our current position is 6th.

Scorers on the day were for the men, Matt Livesey, Paul Gaille, Nigel Armitage, Jon Holah, Ryan Turnbull, Robert Samuels, and Mark Orbell. For the ladies our scorers were Anna Keys, Tracey Wilman, Dveirel Kovalsky, Natalie Tordoff and Lisa Heath.

So with arguably the toughest of the series done and dusted, we move on to the next race which will be at Queensbury on 10th December. It would be fantastic to have even more of our team out, we currently have over 100 runners registered and it’s not too late to add your name if you would like to join in the fun (speak with Steve Pattison).

Well done to all our runners this weekend


Week ending 19 November 2017


This weekend was a quiet week for races. Only 2 races to report. The 34th running of the Tour of Pendle fell race took place on Saturday over Pendle Hill and surrounding moorland. 16.8 miles and 4833ft of gruelling ascent and terrifying descents was not sufficient to deter a hardy quintet of pacers heading for the infamous hill. Leigh Hinchcliffe was first pacer home in 3:11:15, followed by Ben Mason 3:30:34, Steve Boom 3:36:44, Caroline Clarke 3:55:17 and Martin Bullock 4:15:50.


Meanwhile sunning himself overseas – oh and running a marathon – was Andy Hardaker, achieving an excellent 3:29:43 in the Valencia Marathon.


Dates for your diary


Sunday 26 November – Dewsbury XC (must register in advance).


Thursday 30 November – monthly club run – treasure hunt organised by Arthur Wood. Meet as normal at PLC, followed by social and the London Marathon Draw.


Friday 8 December – Pacer Christmas Party – Farsley Liberal Club, with food by Deeva and DJ. Tickets on sale at club - £18 per person (3 courses) or message John Marshall to pay via the bank.


Saturday 9 December – Gathering Winter Fools Relay (reserves still required).


Sunday 10 December – Queensbury XC (must register in advance if not already registered).








Weekly News 13th November  2017.

Another busy weekend of racing for the Pacers.

To the fells first and 5 of our members competed in the Burley Moor Race on Saturday morning.

First home for us and finishing 5th overall was Matt Livesey 47:29, David Cooper completed in 1:01:07 followed by Martin Bullock 1:06:19, Dveiral Kovalsky 1:10:28 and Andrew Allan 1:20:38.

Also this Saturday, Andy and Sarah Norman did the Goathland Hardmoors Marathon competing in a time of 6:15, Sarah reports it was a stunning run and an amazing day although there was plenty of mud to slip and slide in.

On Sunday a couple of our runners opted for the new series of trail races at Bolton Abbey where there is a choice of 2 mile, 10k, 10 mile and Half Marathon. Paul Dewhirst chose the 10 mile which he finished in 2:20:30 and Judith Marshall opted for the Half Marathon which she completed in a time of 3:26:56.

Remembrance Sunday saw the last of the Yorkshire Vets GP races in Cleckheaton the HQ as usual being the track used by Spenborough. The 5.1 mile race was attended by over 250 runners and Pacers had a great turnout with 13 ladies and 19 men.

First home for the ladies was Anna Keys (41:23),then Lisa Heath (44:21), Natalie Tordoff (44:38), Susan Ransome (46:02), Emma Young (48:04), Lynne Barrett (48:23), Sarah Norman 48:30, Hilary Taylor 50:17, Nicky Anness (51:42), Helen Thompson 53:33, Kezzie Medford 56:04, Katie Jones 57:22 and Cathy Martin 57:50.

Leading the men for Pudsey was Nigel Armitage (33:52), then Rich Allen 34:10, Jon Holah 34:17, Rob Samuels 35:28, Rob Dixon (36:19), John Marshall 36:36, Mark Orbell 36:58, Dave Burdon 39:00, Andy Norman 41:32, Steve Pattison 41:55, Mark Pawson 42:05, Gareth Millard 42:14, Peter Covey (45:00), Mark Smith 45:53, Tim Ayres 47:11, Mick Liversidge (47:17), Tony Lambert 48:59, Adrian Martin 50:50, and David Owen 52:36.

There were prizes on the day for Susan Ransome (1st F60), Lynne Barrett (2nd F60), Kezzie Medford (1st F70), Nigel Armitage (1st M45), Jon Holah (1st M55), Dave Burdon (3rd M60) and Peter Covey (1st M75).

Final results for the series should be known later this week, our teams are well placed and some of our members will be amongst the prizes for their achievements within their age groups.

A magnificent weekend of racing by so many of our members well done to each and every one of you.  

Week ending 5 November


So this weekend saw a huge number of the club out racing both on the road and up on the less crowded and quieter fells.


The big race pf the weekend was the very local Abbey Dash, in which 55 or so or our members ran, many PB’s achieved and many first timers who have progressed well through the Run Together group and are now fully fledged members of the club enjoying the training. Special mention to Kezzie Medford who ran a stunning race and won the F70 age category in 57:07! In addition to the members running there were also at 35 or so willing volunteers from the club out on the course, manning the water station, handing out t-shirts, repatriating children (!!) and running their own race in the mayhem of the baggage tent!!


First pacer home was Al Chapman  37:14, followed by Nick Dunn 39:19, Morven Wallace 41:02, Mark Orbell 41:49, Peter Enever 42:35, Ian McCall 43:27, Chris Campion 44:56, Gareth Millard 45:00, Steven Esgate 45:16, Tim Barton 45:32, Tracey Wilman 46:10 (PB), Lisa Heath 47:13, Mark Smith 47:58, Adam Gallagher 48:56 (PB), Victoria Wilkinson 49:03, Chris Copeland 49:13, Andrew Allan 51:23 (PB), Kate Smithson 53:12 (PB), Hilary Taylor 53:12, Lucy McCartney 53:17, Linda Bullock 53:59 (PB), Adrian Martin 54:44, John Woodhead 54:48, Trish Popiolek 55:06, Samantha Stewart 55:31, Fay Walker 56:06, Kirsty Boyle 56:12, Rodney Tordoff 56:28, Georgie Pogge-von Strandmann 56:40 (PB),  Kezzie Medford 57:07 (1st F70), Vicky Benson 57:10, Caroline Armstrong 57:48, Nicola Cartwright 58:51, Karen Hill 59:33 (PB), Carol Parkinson 59:38, Melissa Stead 59:50,  Joanne Austin 59:56, Debbie Tomlinson 1:00:04, Elizabeth Howitt 1:00:11, Hannah Surendrakumar 1:01:09, David Elliott 1:01:46, Christine Stead 1:01:55,

Sam Garside 1:01:58 (PB), Louise Barber 1:02:20 (PB), Michelle Craighan 1:02:20 (PB), Karina Leucht 1:02:54, Joy Good 1:03:31, Lia de Faveri 1:05:09, Michelle Heffernon 1:07:27 (PB), Lucy McCallion 1:07:28, Alan Hill 1:09:12,

Rach Clayforth 1:09:13 (PB), Ailis Brown 1:11:57, Naomi Hepworth 1:15:08, and Helen Hargrave 1:23:42.


Opting for a hillier road route and plentiful goody bag brimming with chocolate at the Guy Fawkes 10 mile race in Ripley were Dave Burdon 1:15:54, Brad Strutt 1:24:06, Tony Lambert 1:31:46, Paul Dewhirst 1:37:14

Paul Mortimer 1:37:46, David Owen 1:41:20, Victoria Dickinson 1:41:25, Ralph McDermott 1:42:08, Lynne Oxley 1:42:11, Debbie McDermott 1:42:11, Elaine Rushworth 1:57:51 and Michelle Dare 2:00:50.


Meanwhile away from the hustle and bustle up on a hillside somewhere near Stoodley Pike, a contingent of pacers ran the Shepherds Skyline fell race – a 10k route involving 350m ascent. Leading the pack of pacers home was Matt Livesey 49:14, followed by Leigh Hinchcliffe 55:09, Rob Samuels 61:07, Ben Mason 63:23, Dave Cooper 63:52, Laurence Martin 65:39, Martin Bullock 70:31, Caroline Clarke 74:22 and Tim Ayres 88:25.


Well done everyone. A great weekend of running and volunteering!


Weekly News 30th October 2017

Dublin Marathon marked the end of a long hard training haul for some of our runners this weekend and as usual Dublin did not disappoint. Spurred on by a large and lively contingent of Pudsey Pacers supporters our runners achieved the following times.

Morven Wallace 3:26:54

Catherine Garrett 3:43:16

William Overton 3:45:22

David Harrison 4:41:04

Michael Liversidge 4:51:04

Mary Liversidge 4:58:32

Andrew Smithurst 5:05:23


3 of our members took part in the Hubble Bubble series of races at the weekend a local event along the canal. Melissa Stead tackled the marathon and completed in a time of 5:02:30 whilst Ralph Mcdermott opted for the 10k and ran this in 54:16. Joanne Woodward did the 5k in 49:14.


The Bronte Fell race was also this weekend. This event organised by Keighley and Craven is 8 miles long and has an elevation of 1158 feet. We had 5 representatives out and all completed in the following times. Steve Boom 1:12:42, David Cooper 1:19:45, Martin Bullock 1:22:30, Caroline Clarke 1:25:20, and Sharon Hague 1:33:40.


Finally it was the Bradford City Runs which involve a 5k 10k and Half Marathon race on the perimeter of the city centre. Another 5 of our runners competed in the 10k.

Tony Lambert 52:26, Alex Robertson 52:37, Andrew Allan 52:58 and posting a PB (all that quality training paying off Andrew) David Byrom 56:42, and Mark Crawshaw 1:13:35.


Well done to all our runners and supporters this week.


Next weekend sees another big race for the club at the Abbey Dash where we will have many runners and some of our club members will be manning the water station at the halfway point as well as assisting at the start/finish. We will also report on The Guy Fawkes 10 miler as well as any other race our runners are involved in.   


Weekly News 16th October 2017

2 Half Marathons to report on this week.

At Bridlington Andy Hardaker and Beth Light (formerly Bray) ran together and completed in a time of 1:38:10, Beth picked up the award for 3rd in her age group.

Over in Appleby, Sandra Foster finished the Heart of Eden Half Marathon in a time of 1:40:30 and was also amongst the prizes finishing as 3rd Lady.

Closer to home at our very own Post Hill Challenge we were blessed with a perfect day for the race which attracted 99 runners. Amongst those a number of our members achieved the following times.

Neil Armitage 21:13 (2nd Overall), Robert Samuels 23:07 (1st V55), Rogan Ashton 24:45, Mark Orbell 24:50, Laurence Martin 25:05, Thomas Murphy 25:35, Dan Graham 25:36, Robert Greaves 25:59, Adrian Martin 32:16, David Owen 35:07, Samantha Stewart 35:08, and Dveiral Kovalsky 35:26.

A massive well done to all our runners this weekend and a sincere thankyou to all of those who helped ensure the Post Hill Challenge went so well

Week ending 8 October 2017


The big feature of the weekend happened over in York with the Plusnet Yorkshire 10 mile race and the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon. Members have been training for many months, with many being first timers to the marathon distance. Pleasant weather conditions greeted the runners on the day.


In the marathon first home in a pacer vest was Morven Wallace in 3:19:41, very closely followed by Mark Orbell in 3:19:47. Also running were David Hudson 3:46:38, Vikki Wilkinson 3:59:33 (an impressive PB by 28 mins off her 2017 London Marathon time), Chris Copeland 4:20:51, Tom Murphy 4:30:54, Debbie McDermott 4:35:23 (also bagging a significant PB), first timers Joshua Hawkhead 4:45:29 and Linda Bullock 4:48:40. Next in were Melissa Stead 4:55:46, Paul Mortimer 5:09:06, the tutu clad duo Andy Hall and Gemma Benson in 5:11:46, and finally soaking up the atmosphere were Elaine Rushworth and Cheryl Murphy in 6:04:16.


Meanwhile in the 10 mile race which set off after the marathon had started and took in part of the marathon route (good for the support crew), we were led home by Chris Campion 1:15:16, followed by David Booth 1:19:19, Adam Gallagher 1:22:01, Kezzie Medford 1:38:10 (2nd F70), Georgie Pogge- von Strandmann, Ralph McDermott 1:40:12, Nicola Cartwright 1:40:20, Andrew Duffy 1:41:07, Michelle Dare 1:59:30 and Sam Stewart 2:12:54.


There were many pockets of pacer support crew out on the course to cheer our runners on and a great day was had by all.


Over in Chester, Simon Platts and Suzy Beck were running the MBNA Chester Marathon finishing in 3:27:54 and 4:14:15 respectively.


Opting for an off road 10 mile race Paul Dewhirst travelled to Tickhill in South Yorkshire to take part in the OffTRAC 10 mile race, completing the challenging course in 1:48:52.


The lure of a curly wurly on the finish line at Withins Skyline fell race saw a quartet of our members heading over to Haworth to run the 12km (300m ascent) race from Penistone Hill Country Park. Leigh Hinchcliffe finished in 53:10, Tony Mawson 65:32, Pete Covey 70:43 and Tim Ayres 83:56.


A late result from last week on Saturday 30th September new member Dan Graham took part in the North Yorkshire Trail half marathon. It turned out to be slightly more than a half at 14.8 miles, which Dan completed in 2:51:01.


Weekly News 25th  September 2017

2 of our runners went further afield to tackle Marathons this weekend.

Judith Marshall was at the famous classic Berlin Marathon and posted a time of 5:32:34 whilst Paul Kaye was at the Loch Ness Marathon which he completed in 5:00:27.

A little closer to home 7 of our runners entered and competed in the 2nd running of the Harrogate Haverah race. This is a 10 mile trail race and qualifies as one of the In House club championship races. First home for us was Laurence Martin in 1:23:59 followed by Martin Bullock 1:33:20, Brad Strutt 1:33:21, David Booth 1:34:43, Katy Ralph 1:41:51, Pam Birchenall 1:59:04 and Paul Dewhirst 2:03:30.

Two 10k races to report on, firstly the Stainland Trail 10k which James Cliff completed in 1:11:55 and Sutton Forest 10k, a rural flattish course which Andrew Allen ran in 56:38.

It was also the Yorkshire Vets Track and Field Championship at Spenborough this week and Steve Pattison tried his hand at the 100 and 200meter sprint races. Official results are not available yet but Steve reports he completed the 100meter in around 15 seconds for some reason using his fell running shoes.

As always, congratulations and well done to all our runners for this weeks achievements.  



Week ending 17 September 2017


A local race dominated this weekend. The Mad Monk was busy chasing the competitors in the Kirkstall Abbey 7 – a 7 mile route taking in the A65, the canal and the riverside. First home in 30th place and 2nd V50 was Paul Gaile 47:45, followed by Mark Orbell 48:45 (3rd V50), Robert Greaves 50:08, Laurence Martin 51:38, Steve Pattinson 52:25 (2nd V60), David Booth 53:06, Jonathan Scott 54:03, Mark Smith 57:16, Ralph McDermott 63:08, Lynne Barrett 63:47, Kirsty Boyle 69:14, Georgie Pogge Von Strandmann 69:28, David Owen 70:10 and Paul Dewhirst 74:44.


Staying reasonably local, sole pacer Katie Jones, headed to Cleckheaton for the Spen Greenway 10k – a fast and flat out and back on a disused railway track. No official results appear to have been published yet but unofficial time was 58:22.


Over the Pennines at the English Half Marathon in Warrington, Peter Enever set a new PB of 1:33:54, Sue Ransome taking her age category prize F60 in 1:43:35 and Lisa Jamieson a course PB in 1:54:07, missing out on a half marathon PB by only 9 seconds. Well done all!


Finally a report from our ultra running couple Sarah and Andy Booth - "Andy and I ran the Hardmoors 60 on Saturday. Due to high tide at Runswick Bay we ran 64 miles. Perfect conditions to run in but recent rain meant the paths were sloppy in places. Very pleased to have finished in 15 hours 13 minutes. 74th over all out of 161 finishers and 13th lady. We won a spot prize from Runfurther of some injinji socks! A great way to celebrate Andy's 99th marathon. His 100th will be at the Hardmoors Osmotherley trail marathon on 22nd October!"




Weekly News 11th September 2017




It was a busy weekend for races, let’s start with the Great North Run where leading the Pacers home in this iconic point to point race was David Kirk 1:34:02, followed by David Hudson 1:44:34, Tim Barton 1:47:27, Katy Hogg 1:48:33, Chris Copeland 1:51:32, John O’Callaghan 1:59:36, Andrew Smithurst 2:02:36, Deborah McDermott 2:07:40, Debra Tomlinson 2:11:47, Carol Parkinson 2:23:38, Elaine Rushworth 2:32:45.




The Vale of York Half Marathon was again popular with our runners and Al Chapman was our lead runner with a time of 1:25:16, he was followed by Morven Wallace 1:27:45, Simon Platt 1:33:28, James Pickles 1:34:38, Beth Bray 1:34:48, Andy Hardaker 1:34:48, Mark Smith 1:48:26, Tony Lambert 1:57:38, Ralph Mcdermott 2:01:11, Nicola Cartwright 2:13:05, Victoria Benson 2:15:28 and Ian Robinson 2:19:17




Nick Dunn opted for the tough Shepley 10k over in hilly Huddersfield and came 12th overall with a time of 43:29.




4 of our club members did the Yorkshireman Half Marathon. This is an off-road race and although described as a half marathon its tough hilly terrain and is slightly longer than the 13.1 miles normally attributed to a half marathon. Neil Armitage running for his first claim club of P and B was 10th overall in a time of 1:59. Also running were Steve Pattison (flawless in his navigation apparently) 2:15:58, Anna Keys continuing her comeback on the racing circuit with a time of 2:23:51 and Martin Bullock 2:33:05  




Some great running from all our runners this weekend Well done to all of you.









Week ending 3 September 2017


Last weekend’s racing was dominated by the annual Leeds Country Way Relay in which our 3 teams did rather well. Captain Darren Barham reports:   “As most of you are aware yesterday was the Leeds Country Way Relay. We had an excellent turnout for the club – 3 teams of 12 runners, donning the famous yellow jersey- 36 pacers overall. Each team covering the 6 legs of the relay in pairs. The course followed the 64 miles of the Leeds Country Way, starting and finishing at Garforth Leisure Centre, taking in lots of parts of Leeds including our very own Pudsey. The aim is to get the baton around all legs from start to finish and for everyone to have a great time and run whilst doing so.


Despite a few minor injuries, head cuts and one pair trying to re-enact the nativity early by visiting the Donkeys and seeing if there was any room at the (New) Inn, all runners (including very experienced and some new to relays) completed their legs and really enjoyed the day.


With 54 teams competing the Pacers A team managed to finish in a superb 6th- a place up from last year and over 20 minutes quicker! B team in 26th and the C team in 47th.


1st Saltaire Striders A -7:04:40


6th Pudsey Pacers A - 7:37:04


26th Pudsey Pacers B - 9:09:54


47th Pudsey Pacers C -10:53:51


A superb effort by all! Brilliant Work team!


Special mentions go James Clark And James Boxall for winning fastest male pair on Leg 2 in a time of 1:13:11 a full 4 minutes and 5 seconds quicker than their nearest rivals.


Suzie Sharman and Paula Bradshaw for the fastest ladies on Leg 3 in a time of 1:20:36 also quicker than any mixed pair and most of the male pairs. And finally Rob Dixon and Beth Bray bringing us home on the glory leg for the fastest mixed pair on Leg 6 in a time of 1:11:24 a massive 4 minutes 6 seconds quicker than the next mixed pair!


Thanks especially to all that run! But also those who supported, helped reccie etc!”


In other news 3 of our members headed over to Wetherby to take on the Wetherby 10k, which was as billed “A Cracking Little Yorkshire Run!”. The course started and finished at the race course and took in scenic farm tracks, country lanes and cycle tracks. First home was Brad Strutt in 46:50, followed by Elizabeth Howitt with a pb of 60:44 and Sarah Turner in 62:16.


Weekly News 28th August 2017


It’s a little quiet on the race front presently, however a few items to catch up on over the last couple of weeks.


Sarah Norman had a couple of events to inform us of and reported as follows


“Sunday 13th Andy and I did the new route of the Hardmoors Rosedale 26.2 Trail marathon. A stunning day with purple heather covering the North York moors. It took 6 hours 36 for the hilly 29.55 miles.


 Ed:s note(Sounds like good value for money advertised as a 26.2 and they add a further 3.5 in for good measure I hope they made you aware of it beforehand Sarah)


Sunday 20th. We ran the Dorset Doddle. 32 miles along the stunning Jurassic Coast from Weymouth to Swanage. Very hot with occasional sea breezes to cool us. A speedy run along the seafront at Swanage got us in under 8 hours, 7 hours 56”.  


Over in Preston at the City 10 mile race -  3 of our runners posted the following times.


Rodney Tordof  1.36.49, Debbie McDermott  1.38.09 (pb),Ralph McDermott 1.38.09






Sunday 27th saw a rerun of the Anniversary Relay organised by Martin Scott. What a gloriously sunny day for it although those who ran probably appreciated getting their hands on the baton rather than the actual running. Martin reported Good day had by all. Requests to do the same next year....
Would be good for more to join in. It's a relaxed and fun run/social for all abilities. ANY one could take  part and have a run/laugh


     For the record the fastest team home was Bill/Joshua who did two legs each
     Fastest baton change was Andy Hall
     Slowest baton change was Lynne Barrett
     Best tea pot look was Bill Overton


     The tea pot look was the standard baton change look.
     Baton of choice was Leeds Pale Ale


     Well done all and see you next year”


      See the facebook page for more reaction and pictures of this fun event.


      This Sunday (3rd Sept) will see the annual relay event Leeds Country Way.


       We have 3 teams entered Good luck to all our runners.












































Weekly News 14th August 2017


Wednesday saw the 4th of the YVAA grand Prix Races at Halifax where there were 30 Pacers out in force in the warm and sunny conditions. First home for the Pacers in this eyeballs out of a course  was James Clark in 35:11, James was 1st M35 on the night and was supported by Jon Holah 35:41 (2nd M55), Richard Allen 35:59 (2nd M35), Robert Samuels 38:00, John Marshall 39:02, Laurence Martin 40:39, Dave Burdon 41:30 (3rd M60), Anna Keys 43:08, Bill Overton 43:36, Andy Norman 43:37, Steve Pattison 44:00, Mark Pawson 45:47, Andrew Walker 46:52, Susan Ransome 47:11 (2nd F60), Mark Smith 47:20, Katy Ralph 48:57, Victoria Wilkinson 48:59, Sarah Norman 49:00, Lynne Barrett 50:38, Hilary Taylor 51:08, Tim Ayres 53:39, Nicky Anness 53:52, Peter Covey 54:13 (1stM75), Julie Mair 55:01, Adrian Martin 56:07, Cathy Martin 56:33, Nick Greenwood 56:34, Sarah Turner 58:21, Paul Dewhirst 60:50 and Kezzie Medford 61:04 (1st F70)    


On Sunday the Firefighters 5 took place at Birkenshaw and again a good showing from the Pacers posting the following results: - James Clark (6th overall) 29:49, Richard Allen 32:07, John Marshall 33:19, Peter Enever 34:25, Tracey Wilman 37:36, Brad Strutt 38:29, Mark Smith 40:41, Amy Smith 41:01, Adam Gallagher 41:30, Emma Young 41:55, Lisa Jamieson 44:35, Alex Roberton 50:21 and Sarah Turner 50:24.




Well done to all our runners racing this week.





Weekly News 7th August 2017




2 Fell races and a road 10k to report on this week.




Leigh Hinchcliffe completed yet another Lakeland Classic Fell Race on Saturday travelling there and back in a day to get up, over, down and round this beast of a course in 4hrs 19mins. Borrowdale is 17 miles long climbs 6500 feet and includes each of the following peaks - Bessyboot, Scafell (Englands Highest Peak), Great Gable, Honister Pass and Dale Head. Believe it or not Leigh does this for fun although reflecting in The Butchers Arms over a pint on Tuesday evening he suggested he might be taking it a bit easier for a while. Watch this space.




The following day several pacers, minus Leigh Hinchliffe, tackled Roundhill Fell Race out towards Blubberhouses. This is a 9 mile course somewhat more runnable than Borrowdale and ideal for anyone who is considering trying a fell race for the first time. James Clark finishing 6th overall in 1:00:30 was ably backed up by David Cooper 1;13:30, Laurence Martin 1:16:05, Darryl Stead 1:16:49, Tony Mawson1:17:55, Martin Bullock 1:20:39, Anna Keys 1:21:15, Brad Strutt 1:23:22, Peter Covey 1:25:00, Caroline Clarke 1:26:02 and Pam Birchenall 1:42:43.




Meanwhile on the road Morven Wallace lead the way for the Pacers at the York 10k with a time of 39:47 (PB) followed by Ian McCall 43:27, Steven Esgate44:37, Peter Enever 45:36, Johnny Scott 48:33, James Cliff 52:09, Victoria Benson 58:50, Ian Robinson 59:46, Katie Jones 1:03:00, Cathy Martin 1:03:00, Ralph McDermott 1:10:57 and Lindsay Johnson 1:11:09.  






Week ending - 30th July 2017


It’s a short report as it seems to be a quieter week on the race front.


Nostell Priory 10k took place on Wednesday evening. First home for the Pacers was James Clark in a time of 38:11 and finishing 10th overall. Robert Greaves completed in 45:29, Ian Robinson 01:00:53, Lindsay Johnson 1:16:29.


Meanwhile at the weekend Paul Mortimer engaged in the Dorset Invader. This involved races over the weekend. An Ultra marathon of over 27 miles completed in 06:39:00 followed by a Half Marathon completed in 03:47:00. Rumour has it there was a 3rd race involved but unable to find any results for that perhaps Paul can confirm.

  Don’t forget if you have any race information for the weekly news please e mail :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .u


Week ending 23 July 2017


Last weekend’s racing was dominated by the Northumberland Coastal Run. An impressive number of 21 pacers made the journey north to this scenic race, which has become a favourite in the race calendar. A half marathon this year over sand, road and varying terrain in rather wetter weather than in previous years. First pacer home to the cheers of the various pacer supporters on route and on the finish line on Alnmouth beach was John Marshall in 1:35:02, followed by Morven Wallace 1:36:41, Dave Burdon 1:41:02, David Kirk 1:42:11, Steve Pattinson 1:45:49, Lucy Armstrong 1:48:45, Ben Mason 1:49:35, William Overton 1:49:38, Andrew Hardaker 1:50:34, Tony Mawson 1:50:44, Lisa Heath 1:57:47, Sharon Hague 1:58:06, Caroline Clark 2:04:14, Mick Liversidge 2:07:46, Lisa Jamieson 2:08:56, Adrian Martin 2:20:51, Mary Liversidge 2:21:46, Nick Greenwood 2:23:06, Ralph McDermott 2:27:02, Cathy Martin 2:27:05 and making a return to return following a maternity break was Sara Barton in 2:28:51. Our runners were also amongst the prize winners in this quality race, with Dave Burdon taking 3rd M60, William Overton 3rd M65 and Caroline Clark 1st F55.


Back at home, at the Arthur James ShakERR, a 7 mile multi terrain race in and around Saltaire, Michael Hern was over the finish line in 56:45, making a comeback to racing Anna Keys 1:02:46, Tony Lambert 1:12:59 and good samaritan Paul Mortimer eventually finishing in 2:00:25 after assisting an injured runner.


Finally the Nostell Priory 10k took place on a warm balmy Wednesday evening. In 10th place was James Clark in 38.11, with Robert Greaves 45:29, Ian Robinson 60:53 and Lindsay Johnson 76:29.


Weekly News 17th July 2017


There doesn’t appear to be anything to report on from this weekend gone however during the past week several of our Pacers were involved in a couple of relay races. 

On Wednesday the hugely popular Golden Acre Park Relays were attended by a good contingent of Pacers, there were no less than 150 teams contested and such was the popularity that we were too late to register one of our teams. We still had 7 teams though. 

Pride of place goes to our leading pack known as Pudsey Rockets who finished 4th overall against top quality opposition. 

Full results for our teams were –

Pudsey Rockets (4th) – James Boxall 14:29 Matt Livesey 15:16 and James Clark 16:12 Total = 45:57

Pudsey All Stars (23rd) – Richard Allan 16:26 Anna Keys 20:24 and Neil Armitage 15:46 Total = 52:36 

Pudsey Picklers (40th) – Darren Barham 18:32 James Pickles 17:48 and Dave Burdon 18:57 Total = 55:17 

Pudsey Shoe Sharers (60th) Andy Norman 19:32 Martin Bullock 20:19 and Robert Greaves 20:49 Total = 1:00:40

Editor’s note I think leg 2 and 3 were actually run by Andy Walker and Chris Coleman.

Pudsey Pacers Super Vets (68th) William Overton 20:19 Tony Mawson 19:49 and Mark Smith 21:46 Total = 1:01:54

Pudsey Princesses (92nd) Sarah Norman 20:58 Lucy Armstrong 21:09 and Lynne Barrett 24:05 Total = 1:06:12

Pudsey Plodders (136th) Paul Dewhirst 26:16 Gemma Benson 25:15 and Andy Hall 25:42 Total = 1:17:13


Following on from this we were represented at the Washburn Valley Relays. In the case of Golden Acre all runners do the same route however for the Washburn the first runner runs around Fewston and has a short road loop. The 2nd runner runs around Fewston reservoir clockwise and the 3rd runner runs around Swinsty reservoir anti clockwise. Our results were: -  

Pudsey Pacers Young Men (16th) Darren Barham 21:31 Richard Allan 24:46 and Rob Samuels 21:06 Total = 1:07:13

Pudsey Pacers Mixers (30th) Tony Mawson 22:23 Brad Strutt 28:48 and Gary Leedham 24:05 Total = 1:15:16

Pudsey Pacers Ladies (57th) Caroline Clarke 24:54 Emma Robinson 30:36 and Melanie Ellyard 28:42 Total = 1:24:12

Pudsey Pacer Fellas  (59th) Martin Bullock 24:09 Andrew Smithurst 34:18 and Tim Ayres 27:59 Total = 1:26:26

There were 64 teams contesting this relay event.

Just one loose end to tie up from last week. Nick Dunn achieved a 10k PB in the Leeds 10k with his time of 42:05.


Weekly News 10th July 2017

This really is a busy time for our runners with yet another large contingent of Pacers at the increasingly popular Leeds 10k this Sunday.

Results for our runners were:- Richard Long 37:55, Jim Cantwell 39:34, Peter Enever 41:54, Nick Dunn 42:05, Mark Orbell 42:18, Lawrence Martin 42:52 (PB) Rachel Grist 48:29, Andrew Smithurst 50:00, Joshua Hawkhead 51:00, Matthew Hunt 57:22, Carol Parkinson 57:42,  Fay Walker 58:02, Victoria Benson 59:03, Sara Demaine 1:00:19, Lucy McCartney 1:02:03,  Kezzie Medford 1:02:52 (1st F70), John Woodhead 1:05:16, Georgie Strandmann 1:06:10, Yannah Surendrakumar 1:08:38, Andrew Duffy 1:10:48, Michelle Dare 1:13:04, Sharon Steel 1:16:11, Rachel Clayforth 1:27:10, Helen Hargrave 1:34:33.

Now for something completely different (As in 21 miles and 9000 feet of climbing). Leigh Hinchliffe reports from one of the epic Lakeland classic fell races (Wasdale) which he tackled on Saturday. “Great conditions if maybe too warm. lots of sunburn today!  A new PB by 45mins from last year. finished in 5:50 and 144th place out of 284 starters with 51 not finishing. 

Its summer so not unusual to have Friday night races and again we had a few of our runners opt for the East Leeds 10k a trail race at St Aidans Country Park in Swillington.

Results – Richard Allen 39:09, James Pickles 40:57, Ollie Roberts 41:21, Peter Enever 43:20, Martin Bullock 49:04, Katy Ralph 49:49, Lisa Jamieson 51:56, Nic Anness 55:54, Linda Bullock 58:19, Helen Leech 1:08:59.

Earlier in the week on Wednesday there was the Helen Windsor 10k organised by Halifax Harriers. Jon Pop reported on this event as he and Trish were our only Pacers attending: -

 “Two comebacks to inform you about.  Normally seen at races sat behind a computer Trish and I took part in the Helen Windsor 10k near Halifax. The race incorporated the YVAA 10k Championships and Trish, having not done a race of any kind for nearly 2 years, came away with the F60 winner's title, with a time of 57:26.  She's still got it!!   I haven't run a road race since that same one 2 years ago and was happy with a finishing time of 54:56”.

There were also Pudsey Pacers racing on Tuesday as well with the Danefield Relay’s. 17 Pacers made up our 6 teams (Darren our fearless captain ran 2 legs and was happy to pronounce himself back on the race circuit) 2 races in one night Darren that is impressive.

Finally, for this week just to clear up a missing result from last Sunday in the Eccup 10 – David Owen completed in 1:36:45


Weekly News 05th July 2017

Another massive turnout of Pacers for a local race, this time at the Eccup 10 mile road race which as well as counting for our club in house championship was also the YVAA 10 mile championship race.

 Results for our runners were:- Mark Orbell 1:11:28, Robert Greaves 1:13:59, Lawrence Martin 1:14:46, William Overton 1:16:42 (3rd V65 in YVAA championship race), Steve Pattison 1:17:10, Tony Mawson 1:18:51, Brad Strutt 1:19:04, Mandy Bannister 1:21:34 (3rd FV 50 in YVAA championship race), David Booth 1:21:50, Katy Ralph 1:23:47, Martin Bullock 1:24:02, Hilary Taylor 1:25:29, Mark Smith 1:25:27, Emma Young 1:25:58, Emma Robinson 1:27:15, Tony Lambert 1:30:18, Andrew Smithurst 1:30:19, Lisa Jamieson 1:30:57, Anjuli Parmar 1:33:06, Adrian Martin 1:36:22, Carol Parkinson 1:36:35, Nic Annes 1:37:19, Claire Bray 1:37:48, Ralph McDermott 1:38:22, Debbie McDermott 1:38:23, Linda Bullock 1:39:12, Cathy Martin 1:41:37, Garry Leedham 1:43:20, Gemma Benson 1:44:05, Andrew Hall 1:44:08, Rob Greaves 1:45:17, Victoria Benson 1:46:19, Kezzie Medford 1:48:18 (1st FV70 in YVAA championship race), Ruth Duffy 1:55:21, Edwina Hewson 1:55:31, Lia DeFaveri 1:57:02, John Woodhead 2:00:39, Michelle Dare 2:03:32, Elaine Rushworth 2:03:32, Dilip Parmar 2:08:23.

 David Owen also ran the race but currently missing from the results.

Over in Southport Simon Coughlan running his last race at a Pacer now that he has relocated at Southport,

completed the Half Marathon in 1:31:31 and Dave Burdon 1:39:53. 

Victoria Dickinson opted for the 10k and completed in 59:16.

 Earlier in the week many Pacers rushed around the Rhubarb fields over at Priesthorpe Lane. Matt Livesey lead the way with a 3rd place finish in 21:15, Richard Allan (9th) 23:41, Arthur Creek 24:26, Ollie Roberts 24:27, Lawrence Martin 25:13, Peter Enever 25:15, Mark Orbell 25:30, Brad Strutt 26:53, Robert Greaves 27:13, Tony Mawson 27:22, Rachel Grist 29:06, Lisa Heath 29:09, Martin Bullock 29:09, Emma Robinson 29:33, Peter Covey 30:13, Katy Ralph 30:28, Sara Demaine 32:20,  Andrew Smithurst 32:35, Lynne Barrett 32:38, Lisa Jamieson 32:41, Tim Ayres 33:27, Ralph McDermott 34:02, Tony Lambert 34:26, Fay Walker 34:58, Melissa Stead 35;54, David Owen 35:55, Ruth Kettle 36:29, Gemma Benson 37:35, Andrew Hall 37:36, Rob Greaves 37:44, Howard Stead 38:08, Paul Dewhirst 38:47.


Weekly News 26 June 2017


With the summer race season really getting into full swing a few races to report on this week, including a couple of mid weekers. Reporting first on the team event of the weekend, with 30 members participating in the Bradford Millenium Way Relay. 48 miles split over 5 legs of varied terrain our teams put in a great effort and all reports indicate that the event was thoroughly enjoyed by all, include those taking part for the very first time. A total of 54 teams took part and A team finished in 10th position in 6:32:06, the Vets (B team) in 38th in 8:01:49 and the Open (C) team in 8:29:26. The full results including the individual leg times can be found on the Saltaire Striders website and hopefully a full report will likely appear in the next newsletter.

Sara Demaine reports on the Summer Solstice Saunter “Four Pacers headed to the Yorkshire Dales on the longest day for the Bolton Abbey Summer Solstice Saunter, a five mile trail race in great scenery also raising lots of cash for Sue Ryder. It was a hot and humid evening with many midges but this was rewarded with a bottle of beer on finishing.” Across the line, first pacer was Gemma Storr 47.32, Ralph McDermott 49:51, Sara Demaine 49:59 and Paul Mortimer 52:21.

Meanwhile the following night at Addingham members tackled the Beamsley Beacon fell race. Starting from the Crown Inn at ascending Beamsley Beacon and back in to finish with a pint at the pub, 5.5 miles and 1100ft of climb, were Darryl Stead 49:40, Dave Cooper 50:08, Tony Mawson 50:55, Martin Bullock 55:21, Emma Robinson 59:04 and Nick Greenwood 1:00:38.

Sole pacers Nicola Cartwright returned to home territory to run the Penistone 10k in 59:48, and Mary Liversidge was hoping that someone would bring her sunshine at the Morecombe Half Marathon. A little hillier than expected, Mary completed the race in 2:10:49.

Meanwhile two members travelled to Sheffield to participate in the Round Sheffield Run. Billed as as “Epic multi stage trail race”. This race consists of 11 timed stages totalling 20k. According to the website:

This new creative concept takes you on a journey around some of the best trails in Sheffield, linking up the nicest parkland and green spaces. The unique format breaks the route down into stages. With each stage being raced, and competitors receiving results for each stage as well as the combined overall result. Competitors have the opportunity to relax a little, regroup with their friends and fellow runners and refocus before the next stage begins. Competitors are allowed to walk or jog in between stages (There will be a maximum time limit for each "Liaison Stage" which will roughly equate to a moderate / slow walking pace). This creates a special and unique social vibe at the race. Participants will be set off every few seconds across their starting block, so unless you are particularly speedy there will always be someone to chase down.Paul Mortimer completed the route in 1:58:41 and Ralph McDermott 2:01:01 (if I have interpreted the results correctly!).

Up on the fells this weekend participating in one of the Lakes Classics Buttermere Horseshoe , Leigh Hinchcliffe was the sole pacer game for this. At 23 miles and 8900ft climbing it was no mean feat and Leigh completed the race in 6:07. He records “Buttermere completed in 6:07. Only one word to describe this race, WOW! Amazing scenery, 23m of killer hills and descents, best post race nosh, friendliest racers and marshals and all foronly £10. This is a definite bucket list race for any runner wanting a challenge. Next year anyone?”

Weekly News 19th June 2017

Firstly to a catch up on one that didn’t make last week’s report in time.

Paul Kaye reported on the Bolton Hill Marathon held on 10th June.

A 50/50 course of road and trail which made its way over the tops from Moss Bank Country Park with plenty of climbing, across the West Pennine Moors over Winter Hill, past White Coppice and along Anglezarke reservoir, past Rivington Pike and Barn, and through Barrow Bridge village. 129 finishers covering 3017 feet of climbing in “ducks weather”!  A thick mist on the top of the moor made it tricky at times given that suddenly the runners ahead, disappeared from view. Not good if you’re on terrain which is new to you. Once the tarmac reappeared then the panic was over. Rained persistently for most of the day, and tracks over the moors and lower down were more like “babbling brooks” so the feet are now webbed!  Finished in 06:04:38 and thank heavens I’d got my own base camp to make a hot brew as they were closing the café when I got back. Felt for the ones who were still left on the course given the rain started to come down harder. At the one and only marathon mileage marker I came across all the way round, which was 10 miles, met the lead runner coming the opposite way near the loop section followed by another dozen “ferrets”! Given at this point there was still an awful long way to go and more uphill. Despite the rain it still was reasonably warm whilst you kept moving. Unfortunately, having got wet feet as soon as we crossed the start line, having managed to get the feet dry by the time I’d got back to the park, 4 steps back onto the field and they were soaked again! The hardened trail runners would have loved this, but my quads and glutes are telling me otherwise! Great scenery and fantastic marshals who had one or two remote spots to cover.


On to this week and the big event was our very own 10k race which followed a family fun run and a run around the park for the under 8’s. What a superb day, with fantastic weather although it proved a little too hot for the runners and was certainly not a day for PB’s. Feedback received was that this was a well organised race with lots of marshals offering great encouragement to the runners and helping to cool them down in the park afterwards. A great day for Pudsey community and a massive thanks to all those who helped as well of course to our race director Elaine Allan who with her team have worked so hard to make sure everything went according to plan.

Turning to the race – this was won by John Hobbs of Valley Striders in a time of 36:42. First lady home was Ellie Kitchen of Bingley Harriers in a time of 45:40. Valley Striders took the male team prize and St Teresa’s won the ladies team prize.

Representing Pudsey Pacers in our race and  first home was Nick Dunn 45:46, followed by Mark Orbell 47:28, Lawrence Martin 49:12, Richard Godden (in his first claim colours of Roberttown), 49:49, Robert Greaves 50:48, Johnny Scott 53:48, Brad Strutt 55:33, Emma Young 58:09, Melanie Tolley 1:02:20, Matthew Hunt 1:05:01, Peter Binnie 1:06:46, Sara Demaine 1:08:45, Ralph Mcdermott (running in shorts) 1:09:17, Samantha Stuart 1:09:42, Daniella Henbry 1:09:44, Debbie Mcdermott 1:10:43, Christine Stead 1:11:56, Kezzie Medford 1:16:44 and Liz Hargrave 1:27:17     

Still awaiting results of 3 Lakes classic which took part on Saturday.


Week ending 11 June 2017


A much quieter week this week compared to the activity of late.


I have only been made aware of one race that members have competed in.


Midweek six pacers headed into the Dales to take part in the Kettlewell Anniversary fell race (AS, 5 miles 1800 ft climbing). Tony Mawson reports:


The weather gods were not smiling down as we drove up to Kettlewell with torrential rain and flooded roads. It was still raining 5 minutes before the start but then, thankfully, the clouds parted to leave a dry race (although wet under foot)


The first mile was quite brutal as its straight up from the start to the summit at 1500ft. Once over the summit we then had a strong head wind to contend with, but were rewarded by stunning views across the valley towards Arncliffe.


I long downhill section then a short run along the valley followed and did offer some rest.


But soon it turned upwards although this time with a tail wind and a lesser gradient, it was more runnable.


Then it was the final descent into Kettlewell, a bit rocky in places and quite fast.


The reward for our efforts was soup and crusty bread in the Blue Bell pub (washed down with a pint of real ale!)”


Results: Ollie Roberts 49:41; Tony Mawson 55:42; Caroline Clark 59:00 (Second in Class); Martin Bullock 60:53; Emma Robinson 66:59 and Katy Ralph 67:01


Weekly News 5th June 2017


Lots of race information to report on this week.


First off let’s catch up with the Ilkley Trail race which took place last week, we had 7 Pacers in attendance posting the following times Andy Norman 56:32, Andrew Walker 57:25, Sarah Norman 61:41, Fay Walker 72:22, Melissa Stead 73:51, Pam Birchenall 74:08 (finishing despite injuring her ankle) and Paul Dewhirst 82:09.


Marathon Man Paul Kaye has been at it again this time embarking on one called The Flying Fox – Paul reports


“Missed the boat for last week’s news, but latest exploit was the Flying Fox Marathon which took place on the Sunday, in what were hot & humid conditions along a one lap scenic course right in the middle of the Staffordshire countryside, which went part way into Shropshire. Some nasty long pulls which seemed to get more frequent after 13 miles. Even the last section was uphill! 83 runners completed the event, and it was one of the most unusual goodie bags I’ve had in the last 9 years. Finishing time - 05:39:37. A long way to go but a really friendly bunch and a chance to see a bit of rural England. Only came across a handful of cars the whole day, that’s how tight these lanes were! “



Meanwhile at Melmerby 10k Rodney Tordoff reported for us.


The Melmerby10k is run on a good country course, not too severe but slightly undulating. On a warm day 319 runners contested the race with Franco Pardini from Roundhay Runners in 33.33.2 being the first to finish. Becky Briggs of Beverley Athletic Club in 39.47.0 led home the ladies. For the Pacers James Pickles, who has been running less than two years, recorded 41.05.3. I managed to get round in 52.59.2 (Phew), which was good enough to be the first male over 70. I received a plaque and a proper shirt! (not a tee shirt).


The first of 2 vets races this week was contested at Kirkstall, a record turnout of well over 300 runners attended and Pudsey Pacers had themselves a fantastic turnout of  17 ladies and 28 men amongst them.


Leading the ladies home in her first vets race as a vet so to speak was Anna Keys 44:43, followed by Lisa Heath 47:25, Dveirel Kovalsky 48:47, Sue Ransome 49:28, Sarah Norman 49:44, Natalie Tordoff 50:11, Katy Ralph 51:38, Emma Young 51:43, Lynne Barrett 53:41, Nicky Anness 56:18, Cathy Martin 57:25, Debbie McDermott 59:02, Melissa Stead 59:58, Christine Stead 60:09, Gemma Benson 61:47, Michelle Dare 65:46, Lynne Oxley 67:13.


 Meanwhile for the men we had James Clark 36:27, Jon Holah 36:51, Nigel Armitage 37:58, Rich Allen 39:21, Robert Samuels 39:54, Steve Boom 41:26, John Marshall 41:30, Ben Mason 42:02, Laurence Martin 42:38, Mark Orbell 42:34, David Kirk 42:37, Robert Greaves 44:24, David Booth 44:40, Andy Norman 45:51, Steve Pattison 46:00, Darryl Stead 47:18, William Overton 47:53, Mark Smith 48:50, Mick Liversedge 51:22, Nick Greenwood 52:36, Adrian Martin 53:40,Peter Binnie 54:25, Chris Copeland 55:02, Andrew Allan 55:20, Ralph McDermott 56:59, Robert Greaves (senior) 61:07, Andrew Hall 61:49, Paul Dewhirst 63:06.



The popular ABC Canter took place on Thursday evening and again several pacers were in action. Robert Samuels secured 2nd M55 place in a time of 41:23 followed by James Pickles 42:05, David Booth 46:58, Brad Strutt 49:10, Andrew Walker 50:01, Lisa Heath 50:37, Peter Covey 51:18, Andrew Tams 51:43, Katy Ralph 54:00, Emma Robinson 54:47, Ralph McDermott 57:08, Adrian Martin 58:09, Paul Mortimer 60:40, Nic Anness 61:11, Ian Robinson 61:44, Cathy Martin 62:10, Karina Leucht 73:32, Lia De Faveri 77:29, Lindsay Johnson 77:34.



Another hot day for racing on the Saturday at The tough Wharfedale Half marathon featuring  the slog up Mastiles Lane but also some of the most beautiful countryside in the country. Ben Mason lead the pacers home in a time of 1:56:39 followed by Steve Boom 1:57:01, David Cooper 2:06:00, William Overton 2:08:35, Tim Barton 2:13:44, Sharon Hague 2:18:19, Caroline Clarke 2:20:44, Dveirel Kovalsky 2:12:21 and Melissa Stead 2:45:42.



Meanwhile Leigh Hinchliffe veteran of the fells was once again showing his endurance skills on the notoriously tough Duddon Valley Classic fell race, Leigh completed in 4:12:58 and says it was one of the toughest races he has encountered.



Sunday brought the 2nd of our vets GP races this time at the lovely course set in private grounds at Lythe near Whitby. Again a wonderful turnout from the Pacers only Stainland who hired a coach had a bigger attendance.


We had 7 ladies Anna Keys 52:28, Lisa Heath 55:27, Sarah Norman 56:02, Katy Ralph 59:00, Lynne Barrett 62:12, Cathy Martin 68:13 and Mary Liversedge 69:17. The 15 men were lead home by Jon Holah 41:05 followed by Robert Samuels 43:59, Rich Allen 44:27, Mark Orbell 47:24, Laurence Martin 48:22, Dave Burdon 49:17, Mark Pawson 52:06, Andy Norman 52:10, Steve Pattison 53:36, William Overton 54:58, Peter Covey 55;21, Mick Liversedge 57:57, Nick Grenwood 62:37, Adrian Martin 63:15 and Paul Dewhirst 70:43.


Currently in the Vets GP after 3 races our ladies team are in 3rd place and the Mens team  are in 2nd. Several of our runners are well placed in the individual rankings see YVAA website for more information.


In addition to this busy week of races which also included the Chevin Fell race (results awaited), Our club did a takeover of Oakwell Park Run.


Weekly News 29 May 2017

This week it was all about the cities! Races spanning 3 of the UK’s major cities offered something for everyone!

Pacers travelled to Liverpool to take part in the Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon series of races. The musical weekend started off with the 5k race. Taking advantage of this nice warm up race ready for Sunday’s longer races were Lynne Barrett 26:03 and Peter Enever 34:45. The following day in the Half Marathon first pacer home was Peter Enever in 1:35:36, followed by Lynne Barrett 2:02:44, Adrian Martin 2:04:34 and finally dancing her way around the streets shaking her tutu was Cathy Martin in 2:28:07.

Moving north of the border to the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, several members travelled with a promise of that by now customary hot and sunny bank holiday weekend weather, which always hits on marathon weekend (poor marathon runners!!). On the Saturday Carol Parkinson was the sole pacer in the 10k an “undulating” route around Arthurs seat finishing in 58:50.

Two members opted for the marathon distance the following day, completing the Edinburgh marathon were Simon Platts in 3:30:09 and Thomas Murphy 4:11:00.

In the Edinburgh Half marathon our first member home was Amy Smith in 1:56:52 , and Mick Liversidge in 2:00:11, who had breathed a sigh of relief that he was only doing half the distance this year, having completed the marathon distance last year. They were followed by John Woodhead in 2:01:22 and Mary Liversidge 2:11:03.

Another Scottish race took place with members unprepared for the sun saw Steve Boom finish the Kirkcudbright Half Marathon in 1:37:26, a frazzled sunburnt Dave Cooper in 1:47:21 and Sharon Hague in 2:07:18.

On Sunday after a traumatic sad week in the city following the events of last Monday, the city turned out in force to support the Greater Manchester Runs – sole pacer Rob Samuels ran the Half Marathon distance in 1:28:50.

Finally, prize to the most distant race goes to Lynne Barrett who completed the Green Bay HalfMarathon (2 weeks ago) in the depths of Wisconsin, USA in 1:56:22.

Results from Ilkley trail race awaited.



Week ending 21 May 2017


First up this week on Wednesday evening was the final race in the John Carr fast and furious 5k series. As in the previous 2 races in the series Matt Livesey was our first member home in 17.30, followed by Morven Wallace 19:36, William Overton 21:59, Mark Smith 22:40, Brad Strutt 22:43 and producing her best time of the series Melissa Stead in 27:43.


The big team event of the weekend was the Calderdale Way relay. Members have been busy undertaking reccies of their individual legs. The 51 mile route is divided into six legs of between 5 and 10.5 miles, and is run by teams in pairs. This year we had 2 teams entered. 96 teams took part in total with our A team finishing in 22nd place and the B team in 64th place. Individual performances: A team: Leg 1 – Nigel Armitage/James Clark1:24:03, Leg 2 Ollie Roberts/Steve Book 1:10:09, Leg 3 James Pickles/Michael Dixon 48:08, Leg 4 Rich Allen/Rob Samuels 1:28:25, Leg 5 John Holah/Paul Gaile, Leg 6 Matt Livesey/James Boxell 1:11:58 (finishing 4th fastest on leg). B team – Leg 1 – Steve Pattinson/Federico Locci 2:13:31, Leg 2 Sharon Hague/Sarah Norman 1:25:04, Leg 3 Caroline Clark/Diane Wood 53:18,  Leg 4 Dave Cooper/Mark Pawson 1:33:57, Leg 5 William Overton/Brad Strutt 1:20:00, Leg 6 Dveirel Kovalsky Gonzalez/Paula Bradshaw 1:36:06.


Up in the Lakes, 2 members travelled to the Brathay Windermere marathon, a scenic road marathon around Lake Windermere, starting and finishing at Brathay near Ambleside. Seasoned marathoner Sue Ransome was first home clutching a well deserved trophy for 1 F60 in 3:50:13. Martin Bullock on his debut running a strong 4:12:26. Well done both!

Weekly News 15th May 2017  

We start with two important local races high on attendance from Pudsey Pacers to report on this week. The 2nd of the John Carr 5k series took place on Wednesday. 

First home for the Pacers was Matt Livesey 17:12 followed by in form Morven Wallace 19:30, David Booth 20:48, Brad Strutt 23:16, Peter Covey 23:57 (2nd M70), Andrew Smithurst 25:27, Melissa Stead 28:16 and Paul Dewhirst 28:51

The last of the series takes place Wednesday 17th 7:30pm.

On to the Leeds Half Marathon which many in the club have been training towards and an apology in advance for anyone missed off the results, if your club name isn’t shown or you ran in somebody else’s name there is a chance your result will not have been captured in this report. A massive turnout of around 50 pacers pounded the streets for this annual event and with warm conditions to contend with the final run in down Kirkstall Road was as challenging as ever. Thankfully the fantastic support around the course from supporters including  our own club members and those of other clubs helped our runners achieve the following times. James Clark 1:21:22, Nigel Armitage 1:23:08 (3rd M45), Al Chapman 1:23:53, Richard Allan 1:29:36, Morven Wallace 1:30:30, James Pickles 1:30:50, Beth Bray 1:32:13 (PB), Robert Greaves 1:33:24, Mark Orbell 1:33;43, Simon Platts 1:35:42, John Halliwell 1:35:45, Gary Leedham 1:39:27, David Booth 1:40:41, Bill Overton 1:46:33, Steve Pattison 1:46:35, Tim Barton 1:46:44, Karl Collingwood-Thirley 1:49:35, Rachel Grist 1:49:44, Hilary Taylor 1:52:29 (PB), Anjuli Parmar 1:54:04, Andrew Smithurst 1:59:01, Catherine Garrett 1:59:15, Mick Liversidge 2:01:08, David Weed 2:02:06, Emma Young 2:02:28,   Martin Scott 2:02:56, Rodney Tordoff 2:04:09, Claire Bray 2:06:13, Paul Mortimer 2:06:33, Carol Parkinson 2:07:50, Gemma Benson 2:12:15, Linda Bullock 2:12:15, Nicola Cartwright 2:13:54, Victoria Dickinson 2:14:17, Mary Liversidge 2:18:00, Caroline Parish 2:19:21, Ian Robinson 2:21:13, Pam Birchenall 2:22:53, Robert Greaves 2:24:04, Kezzie Medford 2:33:30 (1st F70), Edwina Hewson 2:35:21, Lia De Faveri 2:38:04, Michelle Dare 2:38:12, Elaine Rushworth 2:38:12,  Andy Hall 2:39:16, Ralph Mcdermott 2:46:49, Debbie McDermott 2:46:49, Lynne Donna 2:47:15, Rachel Clayforth 2:58:35. Well done to all our runners hope you are all recovering and no doubt you are busy planning your next major goals.

Earlier in the week on Tuesday evening just 2 of our club members ran the Jack Bloor Ilkley Moor Fell Race (8.4km and 350 metre ascent) with Neil Armitage posting a time of 45:17 and Darryl Stead 57:56

One other race to report whilst others were sweating the Leeds Half Marathon Sue Ransome was competing in the 10k Race for Life at Wakefield Thornes Park. Sue came 4th in 51:33.


Weekly News 9 May 2017

A few races to report on this week and a couple missed from last week at the start to what promises to be a very busy May.

Midweek saw the start of the John Carr 5K race series, 3 fast 5k races on successive Wednesday evenings on road through Yorkshire Water. On a slightly altered course this year, starting and finishing at Esholt Hall, Matt Livesey was first pacer home in a blistering 17:24, Simon Platts 19.44, Darryl Stead 22:13, Brad Strutt 22:30, Andrew Smithurst 25:04, Victoria Dickinson 26:38, Melissa Stead 28:04 and Lia de Faveri 32:24. Who’s in this week?

On Saturday, after a night out at the Club Annual Awards, Peter Enever and Lisa Jamieson, were up bright and early to participate in the challenging hilly Over the Odda 10k, run over fields and farm tracks from Hawksworth, finishing in 51:31 and 65:58 respectively.

On Sunday a race calendar favourite took place, over near Halifax. The Bluebell 10 mile trail race has something for everyone. Our members enjoyed the troop up the infamous Trooper Lane (not for the fainthearted!) and to finish a lovely river crossing (although this years’ crossing was only ankle deep rather than waist deep as in previous years due to lack of rain recently. Dave Cooper led the troops home in 1:33:44, closed chased by most improved runner award winner Dveirel Kovalsky Gonzalez 1:33:46, Steve Pattison 1:37:16 and Nick Greenwood 1:46:60.

Paul Mortimer travelled solo to run the North Lincolnshire Half Marathon having won his place in a competition on New Years Eve finishing in 2:04:48.

Missed from last week 2 endurance events that need a mention:

Firstly, the Endurancelife Pembrokeshire Coastal Marathon, Paul Kaye reports “Just a note to let you know the results of my second marathon of the year, and on the back of Bolton Abbey, another Trail one. New trail shoes didn’t make me go any quicker along what was a very undulating course(3182ft of climbing), taking in some fantastic scenery as the route started from Little Haven, and along part of the cliff tops to St Brides, and then part cross country and on towards Dale and St Annes Head. Fortunately the rain never showed and it was a mix of sun and strong headwinds in places which weren’t too helpful going up the hilly sections of the paths. Had it rained then the dry ground would have been like a skating rink, and I wouldn’t have been allowed back in the van caked in crud. The route cut back towards St Brides, whilst the ultra runners had another circuit of St Annes Head which having done it once, some of them switched to our event and missed it out. The last mile seemed the longest, probably because I thought we’d be retracing our steps back to the car park, but the bonus was it was out on the coastal path so had a wee walk to get back there. Finished rather tired and dusty but crud free in 7hrs: 18: 13. Distance 27.8miles. Of course just when you think you’ve done good, another runner who came in after me and was chatting about the conditions let drop he’d finished in 7hrs 51…..which made me think my mapmy run had gone hay wire until he said he’d done the Ultra! Another 7 miles on top of the marathon!

He was clearly glutton for punishment”


Finally at the Fellsman on 29 April, Zagi Bashir completed the 61 mile 11,000ft challenge in 16 hours 19 minutes. Phew!

Pudsey Pacer Awards

Female Newcomer:     Pam Birchenall

Male Newcomer:       Mark Orbell

Most improved female: Dveirel Kovalsky Gonazalez

Most improved male:   Martin Bullock

Female Runner of the Year: Lynne Barrett

Male Runner of the Year: William Overton

Run Together Female: Fay Walker

Run Together Male:   Robert Greaves

Captain News

Supporting Club Captain Darren Barham this year will be female captains Dveirel Kovalsky Gonzalez and Katy Ralph and male captains Robert Samuels and Andy Hall.


Important dates to save in your diaries.

Your Club needs you! Help would be gratefully received at the following events:

Saturday 20 May – Pudsey Carnival

Sunday 18 June – Pudsey Legal 10K

Any time that you could volunteer to the club to assist participating in the Pudsey Carnival parade and manning the stand, or marshalling at the Pudsey Legal 10k would assist the 10k committee greatly and help showcase the club.

If you have not already volunteered please see Elaine Allan/Paul Mortimer (Pudsey Legal 10k) or Elaine Allan/William Overton (Pudsey Carnival) on a club night or let a member of the committee know.


Weekly News 2 May 2017

Well this week it would appear that there is just one race to report on and what a race that was, well deserving of a report all to itself! The 64th Annual 3 Peaks Race,  took place on Saturday 28 April 2017. Taking in the arduous ascents and descents of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks - Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, not only did we have a number of our members, who had been training hard on the hills in the previous months, limbering up on the start line, but also a troop of pacers donning yellow 3 Peaks Official hi viz tabards to marshall the event under the expert calm leadership of Martin Bullock. Pacers News was on location as one of the said troops, witnessing the action first hand.

The yellow pacer flags were flying high on the fells with Pacers busy manning check points, doing road crossings, tail running and generally out on the course in strategic positions offering support to the competitors.

Where to start with the race report as it certainly was an eventful race. The race was a World Long Distance Mountain Running Championship race, and the calibre of entrant as always was very high. The World Championships are due to take place in Italy in August. The surprise winner was Murray Strain from Hunters Bog Trotters (!) in Edinburgh. A navigation error coming off Whernside by 2011 winner Tom Owens, who had been in the lead, resulted in a huge effort from Murray Strain to successfully keep the lead finishing a long way ahead in 2:49:38. Evidence of the quality of running was clear when the women’s record was beaten by a clear 5 mins and 24 secs, by Bingley runner, Victoria Wilkinson, finishing in 3:09:19.

The weather conditions were kind on the day – dry, cool, although warming up when the sun shone. After the descent off Pen-y-Ghent, Leigh Hinchcliffe was lead pacer. However an unfortunate turn of the foot resulted in Leigh having to retire at the first checkpoint at High Birkwith, leaving Ben Mason to lead the club home in 4:38:35 on his second outing on this race. He was followed by Paul Gaile 4:43:26, Steve Boom 4:47:44, Shaun Denham 4:57:07, Darryl Stead 5:07:58, first timer Mark Pawson in 5:14:29 and a big hats off to Sara Demaine, beating all the cut off times to get around on her very first attempt at the race in 5:33.57, finishing 9th WV50. Ollie Roberts retired at Hill Inn but was in good company as Ricky Lightfoot, the previous 2014 and 2015 winner also retired at this point of the race! Great achievement. Next year anyone?

Sarah Turner – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Week ending 24 April 2017

Marathon season is now well underway with this week featuring the iconic Virgin Money London Marathon. Pacers news was glued to the tracker watching the progress of our members who were lucky enough to get one of the highly sought after places. All our runners did themselves and the club proud. First home in Pacers colours was Beth Bray, with a fantastic time of 3:21:40. Her well earned PB had Darryl turning to the club record books to find that Beth was 5 seconds away from the current female record!  Next up was Colleen Carter, who had us on the edge of our seats with the “will she won’t she” achieve that milestone sub 4. Colleen finished in 4:00:07, a massive PB of 14 minutes on last year’s marathon debut at Edinburgh. Next time Colleen! Nicola Cartwright was next home in 4:59:24 (phew!) and Debbie Tomlinson in 5:01:39. Well done all. If any members are feeling inspired by yesterday’s efforts then the ballot for the 2018 London Marathon opens on Monday 1 May and will close at 17.00 BST on Friday 5th May.

Whilst the marathoners were pounding the streets of London, a large contingent of members took to the hills for the first race in the YVAA league at Honley. For the uninitiated these are the Vets races that are for the over 35 year olds! 6 miles and plenty of hills saw the men’s team finish in 2nd place and the women in 4th place on the day. First home for the men was Nigel Armitage in 5th place 41:57 (2nd M40),  6th place Jon Holah in  42:15 (1st M55), James Clark (having taken a tumble) in 44:54, Rich Allen 44.56, Rob Samuels 45:27, Steve Boom 46:29, Mark Orbell 47:32, Dave Burdon 48:41 (2nd M60), John Halliwell 49:25, Mark Pawson 50:12, Lawrence Martin 51:54, Tony Mawson 52:51, Robert Greaves 53:05, William Overton 53:57, Peter Covey 56:07 (1st M75), Mick Liversidge 58:04, Mark Smith 58:09, Nick Greenwood 60:36, Andrew Smithurst 63:14, Adrian Martin 65:39, and David Owen 68:52. In the women’s team first home was Dveirel Kovalsky Gonzalez  53:07, Lucy Armstrong 55.00, Lisa Heath 57:10, Sue Ransome 58:18 (2nd F60), Lynne Barrett (3rd M60), Nic Anness 67:56, Mary Liversidge 69:37, Cathy Martin 70:43, and Lynne Oxley 82:53. Roll on the next race at Kirkstall at 19.30 on Tuesday 30 May – nice and local so let’s see if we can get more members trying out these races!

Bunny Run update. Race 2 took place on Tuesday 11 April in blustery and cool conditions, hopping in first was Darryl Stead 21:57, Peter Covey 25:16 and Tim Ayres 27:51. Race 3 took place in better conditions and saw Tim Ayres improving on his previous week’s performance with 27:19.

At Stockton Sprint Duathlon   first timer Emma Young was pleased with her efforts completing the 5k run, 20k bike ride and 2.5k run as 43rd female in a time of 1:22:00. She was clearly inspired by the fact that this was a world qualifying race!




Weekly News 18 April 2017


A couple of seasonal races to kick start off the Easter weekend. First off the Epworth Easter Egg 10k trail race. According to the website   “A Cracking race following a new route taking bridleways, tracks and woodland on the local Turburry”. A couple of our members scrambled their way around the course with Arthur Creek in 15th position in 42.36 and Brad Strutt 50.33. It was Easter eggs and Hot Cross Buns all around at the finish line!

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