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TOPIC: Bradford Millenium Way

Bradford Millenium Way 4 years 4 months ago #61

  • Dave Burdon
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Sue as I explained to you on Tuesday night I have emailed both you and Suzy with each other's contact numbers etc earlier in the week. If you have not received this, then can I suggest you check what e mail address is lodged with John Marshall as this is the one I used and I have not received a delivery failure notification.
Regards not wishing to run leg 1 next time can you please remind me nearer the time as I am sure you will appreciate it is not always possible to meet everybody's personal preferences and I don't always remember what may have been said some time ago. As an example of this, The number of people who prefer to run leg 3 on Leeds Country Way usually exceeds the number of runners I need to actually run that leg.
I will always try to accommodate people's requests but have to balance this with matching compatible runners and picking the strongest team. You being one of the stronger runners usually make it a natural practice to put you on a key leg such as leg 1.

In the meantime can you please check your facebook account and I will private e mail you Suzy's number. If this does not work then ring me on my mobile 0791 812 1778.
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Bradford Millenium Way 4 years 4 months ago #62

  • Susan Ransome
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my email has never changed - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
thanks for numbers for Suzy - will let you know when I have contacted her.
Re Leeds Country Way - any leg but 2 or 3 please as already run these.
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Bradford Millenium Way 4 years 4 months ago #63

  • Dave Burdon
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Hello all.

Final (hopefully) update/briefing on Bradford Millenium Way.

Some of this information was provided on an earlier thread but it wont harm to repeat and I have now some further information (many thanks to Darryl for taking the time to pull together previous timings in order to help us plan the logistics).

Talking of logistics, car parking is often a sensitive issue especially where space it is at a premium and it is important that we do not upset local residents as this makes it difficult for the organisers when planning future races. Try to car share where possible and also allow sufficient time on your journey if you are having to leave a car at the end of your leg as well as the start.

In the case of timings I find it better to assume our runners are faster than they probably are and that way you save from stressing yourself worrying about being there in time for the handover. Better to arrive and be relaxed and ready to go (bear in mind you also need to pick your number when you arrive and present yourself at the handover point).

A reminder that the team numbers are: -

Men's A team = 51
Men's B team = 52
Men's Vets team = 53
Ladies team = 54

Timings as provided by Darryl: - ( please remember the handover times for leg 1 and 2 in previous years would have been based on handover at Marsh, the new handover point is at least 0.5 miles further.)

Cut Offs / Mass Start Time
Start L2 10:00
Start L3 11:15
Start L4 12:30
Start L5 13:45


L1/2 handover A Team 9:15 B Team 9:39 Ladies Team 9:54

L2/3 handover A Team 10:30 B 11:18 Ladies Team 11:54 (after cut off)

L3/4 handover A Team 11:36 B Team 12:40 Ladies Team 13:27 (after cut off)

L4/5 handover A Team 12:56 B team 14:10 Ladies Team 15:21 (after cut off)


L1/2 handover (Marsh) A team -9:26 B team 9:28 C team 9:41 D team 9:46

L2/L3 handover (Laycock) A team 10:42 B team 11:07 C team 11:14 D team 11:30 (after cut off)

L3/L4 handover (Silsden) A team 11:46 B team 12:15 C team 12:27 D team 12:52 (after cut off)

L4/L5 handover (Ilkley) A team 12:58 B team 13:42 C team 13:58 (after cut off) D team 14:16 (after cut off)

A reminder of final teams ( I shall be e mailing this information to Saltaire no later than Friday pm).

Men's A Team (TEAM NUMBER = 51)
Leg 1 Gary Bailey /James Clark
Leg 2 Paul Gaille/Adam Graves
Leg 3 Sam Hurrell/Simon Coughlan
Leg 4 Leigh Hinchcliffe/Robert Samuels
Leg 5 Richard Allen/Sam Cook

Men's B Team (TEAM NUMBER = 52)
Leg 1 Mark Nolan/Shaun Denham
Leg 2 Steve Pattison/David Hudson
Leg 3 Mark Pawson/David Nunn
Leg 4 Chris Smith/Dave Magee
Leg 5 Neil Wallace/William Overton

Men's Vets Team (TEAM NUMBER = 53)
Leg 1 Nigel Armitage/Jim Cantwell
Leg 2 Vince Bussingham/Dave Cooper
Leg 3 John Marshall/Mark Smith
Leg 4 Darryl Stead/David Kirk
Leg 5 Dave Burdon/Dave Butler

David Owen
Andrew Baker.

Ladies (TEAM NUMBER = 54)
Leg 1 Sue Ransome/Suzy Beck
Leg 2 Karen Pickles/Michelle Tenwick
Leg 3 Sarah Booth /Sarah Turner
Leg 4 Jenny Cooper/Joy Warman
Leg 5 Loretta Robson/ Sally Corbin-Smith

Sarah Dutson
Joy Good
Mel Cairns

Here is some important information.

1.The race will start on Beckfoot Lane, Bingley and will finish at the Bradford and Bingley Rugby Club.

2.Registration will be at the Bradford and Bingley Rugby Club, Wagon Lane, Bingley from 7am. All clubs must provide a list of runners for all legs and their telephone numbers prior to the start of the event. (I shall deal with this and be at the start to deal with any unforeseen circumstances).

3. Leg 1 runners - Please note it is a 5 minute jog to the start of the race and involves crossing a major road. Also Leg 1 runners be aware of the route alterations previously mentioned.

4.Numbers will be distributed at the start of each leg. Please arrange to be there in plenty of time to register. (As I am running on Leg 5 I am unlikely to get to Leg 3 and definitely will not be going to Leg 4 however in the event of any problem you can't deal with I can be contacted on my mobile 0791 812 1778)

5.Drinks will be available at the end of each leg, clubs must provide/carry their own drinks if they think they will be required en route.

6.The race will follow the route as described in the booklet Bradford’s Millennium Way available from Bradford Information Centres. Route descriptions and maps for each leg along with suggested parking areas are included. (Hopefully you have all reccied your routes, please ensure you stick to the instructed routes as time penalties could apply if you don't)

7.There are major road and rail crossings on the course. They must be treated with great care. There will be warning signs on the approach to these crossings.

8.Please obey the Countryside Code and ensure that all gates are left in the state they were in when you arrived. Please respect the landowners and their property.

9.Please stick to the suggested car parking arrangements and please ensure that your vehicle is not causing an obstruction in any way.

10.The organisers will not be able to provide any transport of people or equipment around the route except in an emergency.

11.Recceing of the course is highly recommended but please follow the footpaths and do not cut corners particularly over private land. The race will only succeed with the goodwill of landowners.

12.There will be first aid kits available at the end of each leg. Please ask a marshall if you require assistance.

13.Please ensure you carry appropriate clothing and food or drink dependent on the weather.

14.Route descriptions are available from the www.saltairestriders.org.uk web site.

Finally, I hope you all enjoy your run and above all enjoy the day, who knows what the weather will bring but whatever it does the event itself makes for a great day out. Results and presentations are carried out at the Bingley Rugby and cricket Club on Wagon Lane when the event ends. If you have run an earlier leg and want to see how it all pans out why not come along. Similarly if you are not running for whatever reason but wish to support the event why not come along and watch the day unfold, the runners are always grateful for any support they can get. Any new members wondering what this is all about then again why not come along and watch, you never know you might get the taste for it and want to be involved in the next one.

That's it for now have a good one, any problems let me know.
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Bradford Millenium Way 4 years 4 months ago #64

  • Nigel Armitage
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That farmer stepped backwards right into my path last year. Built like a brick farmhouse, so he was...
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Bradford Millenium Way 4 years 4 months ago #65

  • Andrew Baker
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Unfortunately I am unable to attend now (don't worry I am only on the reserve list)

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Bradford Millenium Way 4 years 4 months ago #66

  • Dave Burdon
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Breaking News - Our Vets team (Team No 53) has won the first vets team trophy at todays Bradford Millenium Way relay. This is a first for our club. Well done to Nigel Armitage James Cantwell Vincent Bussingham David Cooper John Marshall Mark Smith Darryl Stead Dave Kirk Dave Butler and David John Burdon. Some vouchers and a nice memento each and a lovely trophy for the Pacers Trophy Cabinet. Well pleased with this. All our teams have done well today I hope you have all enjoyed the day. I have not got the official results yet, I know the A team were 6th overall and the vets team were 10th. Official results to follow, in the meantime many thanks to all our runners from 4 fantastic teams..
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